Video: Kobe Bryant Vacations In Italy, Interviews With AC Milan

Video: Kobe Bryant Vacations In Italy, Interviews With AC Milan


KobeCamp 7.10.13-3Kobe Bryant is known for his offseason excursions. Each summer he takes a trip to the Philippines and/or China, promoting basketball and his global brand. This summer has been especially difficult for Bryant due to the fact that he’s rehabbing from an Achilles injury that could keep him sidelined for the beginning of next season.

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Bryant was recently in Italy and did an interview with AC Milan, and talked about his love for the squad and mentioned what he believes being a champion is all about.

“It takes a lot of hard work to become a champion. When you wake up in the morning you must start working like it was the last day in your life.”

For Laker fans, this mentality isn’t surprising. It’s one of the things that made Los Angeles (and fans around the world) fall in love with Bryant in the first place. Still, Bryant is rehabbing each day with the hopes to come back strong and lead the Lakers to prominence once again.

Below is the complete Kobe interview (translation is in the video), so you get to hear Kobe test out his Italian while reading the subtitles. Enjoy.

(h/t Lakers Reddit)


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  • Jim213

    Heard it from Kobe’s mouth… he expects to be back around Nov or Dec.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Kobe is one of the most positive minded player has ever played, PERIOD! He played thru devastating injuries like no other, and while players with the same injury milk their team, seating on benches wearing suits and ties, he taped himself, suits up and adopt, finding ways to win or contribute (in grande’ style) and be competitive, serve as inspiration to his team. What amazes me the most is his dedications, his work ethics and after 17years of grinding, thru blood, scars, aches and pains, his desires and hunger for winnings never waver. It is about the same as when he was first drafted, playing from the bench and being second fiddler, and finding his way to stupid Del Harris rotation.
    With his injury now, we can see he is ready to step up and take the challenge like he always does, though most of the players will retire with the same injury he has, he focus and motivates himself to work harder, separating himself from being good (is not) enough.. With all his money, accomplishments and accolades, one can just ask and wonder if there will be a time someday, if someone close enough, can come out of the wood works, with the work ethics, dedication and desire, much so with intensity and humongous hunger for WINNINGS as he does. mi2cents

    • Jim213

      The Greats… but in simpler terms “what you out into it is what you’ll get out of it.”