VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Takes Over In Game 4 Of The 2000 NBA...

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Takes Over In Game 4 Of The 2000 NBA Finals


The Lakers were in search of their first NBA title in 12 years and the only team standing in their way was the Indiana Pacers. The Lakers won the first two games in Los Angeles, taking care of their home court. When the series shifted to Indiana, the Pacers were able to win Game 3 and went into Game 4 with a lot of confidence.

Bryant was not able to play in Game 3 because he sprained his ankle in Game 2 and although he was not 100 percent, he was set on playing in Game 4. The Lakers started the game slow and the Pacers would quickly grab the lead. It was apparent that the ankle injury was slowing Bryant down. as he only scored six points in the first half.

Although both Bryant and O’Neal were dealing with foul trouble, the Lakers would climb back into the game in the second half. The game was close in the fourth quarter and 48 minutes was not enough to determine a winner. The game went into overtime and the Lakers started fast, but with 2:33 left, O’Neal fouled out and the Lakers would have to close the deal without the reining NBA MVP.

Bryant would quickly assure his teammates that he had it all under control. With O’Neal watching from the sidelines,¬†Bryant would go on to hit some clutch shots down the stretch and give the Lakers a 120-118 victory.
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  • json307

    people often forget how good kobe was during these days.

  • Ico

    shaq fouled out with 36 points 21 rebounds, Dwight who? superman what?!

  • Jason Decker

    Shaq got most of the credit for these three championships mainly because he was so imposing down low and had dominating numbers. Kobe was just coming into his own during this time and really blossomed, but he was really good. I think people forget overall that to win a championship everything has to click and you have to have a team that can win. Lakers would not have won without numerous players who played. The knock on Phil is that he had all these great players, but only Shaq was able to win without Phil and he had Riley who was also a championship coach. EVERYTHING HAS TO CLICK!

  • Gregory Choa

    I remember that game very clearly…almost like it was yesterday…and thinking to myself and then turning to my friend and saying, “This is the best player I think I have ever seen!”

  • AB

    Shaq was the most dominate player in the 90’s, early/mid ’00’s, everyone knows that. But what people forget is, Kobe closed out games. Phil Jackson did NOT want the ball in shaq’s hands because they would intentionally foul him. Kobe used to kill the Spurs, Kings, Blazers in the 4th in BIG PLAYOFF games. And he was 20,21,22,23 years old. Yes, Kobe had to mature into a better all-round player and he did that during their 3-peat and after. For all the haters that say Kobe is a ballhog, Nobody could deliver the ball to shaq in scoring postion like Kobe could, and thats just a fact. Shaq played with Penny, Dwade and they don’t even come close. Kobe took shaq to another level and shaq did the same to a young Bryant.