VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Sprints And Shoots Before Lakers Game In China

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Sprints And Shoots Before Lakers Game In China


When Kobe Bryant ruptured his Achilles tendon back in April, many wondered whether he would come back. For many, especially at his age, a torn Achilles would mean the end of a career. Once it was set that Bryant would return, it became a matter of when he’d be back. Throughout the summer, we had read stories about Bryant obliterating the normal return time, but we hadn’t really seen evidence outside of the occasional video of him on the anti-gravity treadmill.

However, before the Lakers sixth preseason, Bryant was running some sprints on the sidelines and shooting jump shots. Both videos are relatively short, but it’s great to finally see Bryant doing what he does best. Check the videos below.

P.S.: He doesn’t miss any of the four shots that he takes in the video.

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  • Golteb

    Damn Kobe! Running and shooting already? Take it easy, man, you make LeBron, Pierce and Rose look like wimps! Go Super Vino!

  • Chyeah

    So awesome to see Kobe out on the field. But please Kobe don’t rush your recovery, nothing would be more pleasing then for you to come out 100% and ready for action. Oh and by the way to see Kobe not missing a shot is really exciting, expect the mamba to come out in MVP form

  • haaay

    yeaaaahhhhh! no 25? prove em wrong black mamba!

  • Akin

    This is when I start to get super excited yo.. Don’t rush it though Kobe, I wanna see you come back and dominate again, but your looking good and sharp so far… 4 of 4 .. Go MVP!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Best news this year.

  • lakers_824

    Whats the NBA without KOBE?

  • Rob

    no 25? Kobe like “Don’t make me angry, You don’t like me when I’m angry”

  • richard

    I would be lying if I told I wasn’t surprised by what I see in this video… Go Lakers!!! Go Kobe!!!

  • vdogg

    this is very good to see.. but where is the video of him sprinting?

  • Jim213

    I’ll put money on it and say that this will make Sports Center. But fan reaction was pretty loud for Kobe’s warmup. However, he does appear to have slight trouble when shooting (stiffness/tightness) he’s brought this up too.

    Kobe should’ve done some serious stair exercises while in China. However, I’d still expect him to return around December. IMO

  • Daryl Peek

    “Mama there goes that Man!”

    AWSOME!! But lets not get ahead of ourselves. We need a fully healed Kobe to make doubters eat crow. #LakeShow

  • Daryl Peek

    Mike Trudell ‏@LakersReporter2h
    1/2 – Asked @kobebryant about his Achilles: “I can’t quite push all the way through yet, but it’s coming along fine. It feels all right.”

  • karlo manuel

    Get ready for mamback….