VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Scores 21 To Lead Lakers In Victory Over Bobcats

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Scores 21 To Lead Lakers In Victory Over Bobcats


In his fourth game back from a torn Achilles tendon, Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard Kobe Bryant scored 21 points in an 88-85 win over the Charlotte Bobcats on the road.

The Lakers outscored the Bobcats by seven points in the fourth quarter to overcome a three-point deficit heading into the final quarter. Bryant hit two free throws with 37 seconds left to give the team a lead they would not relinquish. Jordan Hill and Pau Gasol added 15 points apiece, and Nick Young added 13 more off the bench. Gasol also had four blocks and seven rebounds to aid in the victory.

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At the half, the Lakers had a 44-43 lead, but were outscored 25-20 in the third quarter to lose their lead. Bryant and Young scored 12 of the team’s 24 points in the fourth quarter to put the Lakers on top.

It was the Lakers’ first win since the return of Bryant and came against a team they have struggled with historically. The win improved their record to 11-12 on the season.
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    >The CELTICS will draft JABARI PARKER and the LA LAKERS will draft ANDREW WIGGINS to make a new rivalry ala LAKERS magic johnson/ CELTICS LARRY BIRD..

    the Celtics are in perfect situation to carry the team with JABARI PARKER as a rivalry of Andrew Wiggins and..

    the Lakers are in a perfect situation to help Bryant finish his career on a high note and lay down the building blocks for the future. With Wiggins looking like more than just an ordinary teenager, the Lakers may be in position for a grand comeback season next year.

    “Still, the Lakers have had their share of luck and the situation is perfect for them. As Kobe prepares to play his last few years, Wiggins arrives to carry on the legacy. It’s a story made for Hollywood, and the Lakers play only a few miles from there,” wrote Hubbard.

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      I’d prefer Parker, myself. But either one would be an amazing pick.