VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Says He Preferred Playing With ‘Shaq’ Over Dwight Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/Za1daojFaAs Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant has been in the public eye quite a bit over the last week or so while in Brazil for the 2014 Worl http://youtu.be/Za1daojFaAs Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant has been in the public eye quite a bit over the last week or so while in Brazil for the 2014 Worl Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Says He Preferred Playing With ‘Shaq’ Over Dwight

Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant has been in the public eye quite a bit over the last week or so while in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Kobe’s most recent interview was telling to say the least in terms of his toxic relationships with Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard.

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Kobe was interviewed by a Brazilian reporter and asked who he preferred to play with, Shaquille O’Neal or Dwight Howard. Kobe’s response isn’t all that surprising, according to Mark Medina of L.A. Daily News:

The most hilarious bit entails Bryant incredulous look and tone when asked if he prefers playing with Shaquille O’Neal or Dwight Howard.

“Shaq,” Bryant said somewhat dismissively. Other than that, Bryant showed off his playful side regarding questions he rarely fields during the NBA season.

With Kobe winning three titles alongside Shaq, it’s no surprise he’d pick the future Hall of Famer over Dwight, whom he played with for just one disappointing season in Los Angeles.
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  • knezpedja

    No way O.o He was better playing with superstar-monster-player than with pumped up princess? Who would guess so…

  • iEATcelticBabies

    Who’s dwight howard?

  • Zimmeredge

    Well at least,he looks fit… More fit than rob sacre

    • Al Haldie

      Yea but SACRE – is a team player – and fun to watch…

      • Zimmeredge

        I’ll give him that he is a fun living type of player. But, isńt he supposed to take care of his body? Isńt he supposed to be part of a summer league to improve his game. I’m not satin that he should stay nba/game fit all year long, just to watch his nutrition a bit more. He is professionnal player. I love the guy he is a good locker room guy and He’s not meant to be a hakeem or kareem but just take care about his body.

      • Nalin Shukla

        Sacre is awesome!! Love the wide open miss dunks and the automatic turnovers..it’s like watching a light skinned bald headed kwame..he makes javale McGee look like the 2nd coming of Hakeem

  • cyborgspider

    Why is the #24 unlucky in Brazil?

    • MarkArona

      It’s considered a gay numb here… I don’t know why…

    • Bira Deodato

      This one is a no brainer, here in Brazil there is a gambling game where each number represents a different animal. 24 is the gazelle, the gazelle in Brazil is a synonym for fa..got.

      • jt3z

        Why is it considered gay?

  • Andy L

    Ouch! :-D

  • Lakers Fan

    Of course he would rather play with Shaq. Thats an easy choice to make. They were arguably the most dominant duo in NBA history. Its not everyday you run across a player to put up the type of numbers Shaq did.

  • VillainKing

    Dwight Coward Sucks!!

  • Ken Cheng

    Shaq was a much better player, on both ends, than Dwight. Shaq and Kobe had tensions and conflicts, but they also shared some good times. With Dwight, it seemed that he and Kobe barely even knew each other.

    • Tune

      I don’t think Howard got a good feel of LA or a fair shot honestly. He was injured half the season, Nash was gone, then Kobe went down in postseason.

      • Ken Cheng

        Dwight never wanted to be in LA, unlike Shaq, who loved it until he didn’t anymore. By that time, however, he and Kobe and taken the Lakers to four Finals and three championships.

        • Tune

          I never heard anything about that, I only remember Dwight expecting to play under Phil and being disappointed when Dantoni happened.

          • Ken Cheng

            Dwight came knowing that he would be playing under Mike BROWN. That didn’t last long, but neither Phil nor D’Antoni was on the radar when Dwight inked that Lakers contract.

          • Tune

            Don’t know why my post got deleted, but look up Dwight Howard asked Lakers for Phil Jackson.

          • Ken Cheng

            So did Kobe, most likely, but one of the late Dr. Jerry Buss’s last decisions before he passed was to hire D’Antoni. Dr. Buss always wanted to revive the uptempo Showtime ball of the 1980s, but what he overlooked was that the team didn’t have the right personnel for it. For starters (no pun intended), it didn’t have Magic Johnson.

          • Tune

            I know all about that, which is exactly why I don’t see the ‘Dwight never wanted to be in LA’. He did, but then it got ruined. Does Shaq stay if Phil isn’t here?

          • Ken Cheng

            When Shaq left, the main issue of contention was that Dr. Buss didn’t want to pay him the money that Shaq wanted to stay. Dr. Buss saw that Shaq was nearing the end of his prime, and while still an elite player at the time, didn’t justify the money that he was asking to stay (pretty much a new max contract). Phil and Kobe were factors to consider, but ultimately, it was $$$ that made the difference. If Dr. Buss had paid what Shaq wanted, he would have sucked it up and stayed (though Kobe might have left).

          • Tune

            I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about would Shaq stay in LA if the coach wasn’t Phil given the choice before the 3 peat? Put Shaq in Dwight’s shoes and he wouldn’t stay.

          • Ken Cheng

            Only Shaq knows, and even he would have to put himself back in his position ten years ago.

            Coaches are important, and Phil might have been the greatest one of the past quarter century (though Popovich certainly merits consideration at this point), but it’s still possible to way overestimate a coach’s importance. Obviously, there will be a huge difference if Phil or Pop coach a team than if, say, D’Antoni or Mike Brown coach one, but I’m not sure I like/agree with the mentality that players *need* a certain coach to win. Consider Magic: he won titles with Paul Westhead and Pat Riley, and an untimely James Worthy ankle injury and Byron Scott shooting slump aside, might have won one more with Mike Dunleavy as his coach.

          • Tune

            Kobe developed into the player he is today due to Phil’s coaching philosophies. Watch documentaries about Kobe and you’ll see that.

          • Ken Cheng

            OK, but what about guys like Magic, Kareem, and Bird, who won titles with different coaches? For that matter, Shaq won one without Phil in Miami (though Pat Riley was obviously not much of a step down). Hakeem Olajuwon and Lebron have at least gotten teams into the Finals under different coaches.

            Coaches MATTER. I get that, but great players should be able to transcend the coaching and win with different leaders.

          • Tune

            If the coach can work with your personnel, sure. D’antoni didn’t adapt his coaching for his personal. Why is one of the oldest starting teams trying to run fast-paced ball? Why was Gasol being misused for so long? Look at this season, why was Kaman benched so much? I thought Kaman was garbage until everybody went down and he had to start.

          • Ken Cheng

            That’s where Dr. Buss made a bad gamble. Mike D’Antoni can do a reasonably good job with the right personnel (like he did in Phoenix), but that Lakers team wasn’t built for a D’Antoni running game. Moreover, defense wins championships, and D’Antoni had no ability/desire to coach any.

          • Tune

            I do blame Dr Buss more than anything, but that doesn’t mean D’antoni can’t make a better effort at changing the playstyle. He should’ve been able to look at his roster and say ‘ok, this isn’t phoenix’.

          • Ken Cheng

            That’s the only way D’Antoni knows how to coach. He’s either insanely stubborn, or simply a one-trick pony that has no other techniques up his sleeve. Either way, he wasn’t the man for that Lakers team, and his arrival on that team is on Dr. Buss (it’s more fashionable to blame his son, Jim, but it was the old man who went for D’Antoni, not Jim and not Mitch Kupchak).

          • Tune

            That’s something I don’t think people realize. The son didn’t make what was potentially a franchise breaking decision.

          • Ken Cheng

            Jim has yet to prove that he’s capable, but at the same time, he’s prematurely blamed for things that aren’t his fault.

            Getting back to our original topic: Dwight. D’Antoni wasn’t the right coach for him, but really…who would be? It’s easy to say Phil, and maybe Phil would have finally gotten through to him, but it’s hard to support a guy who couldn’t get it done with Stan Van Gundy in Orlando or Kevin McHale in Houston as well as with D’Antoni here in L.A. At some point, you really need to wonder: is it really a *coaching* problem?

          • Tune

            I think if he can get Kobe and Shaq to work together then Dwight and Kobe can be possible as well. Phil was good when it came to managing team relationships and keeping egos in check. It’s not like either of them played poorly, it was just the way they were put together that went bad. Gasol was out of his comfort zone, Howard and Kobe both demanding the ball. Even then, I think you could argue the team was too crowded. We didn’t really need Howard and Gasol together, would’ve been better having a Lamar Odom type role player.

          • Ken Cheng

            Shaq + Kobe was an easier deal to work with because though they clashed, at least they BOTH had winner’s mentalities. I’m not convinced that Dwight has a winner’s mentality, and if he lacks that, there’s only so much that even Phil could do.

          • Tune

            That’s another misconception I disagree with, Dwight does have a winner mentality. That’s where Kobe and him clash, they have different personalities, but the same goal of winning. People got mad at Dwight for always smiling even in losses, but I can relate since I’m the same way. I don’t walk around with my head down in shame, I laugh it off and try to win next time. In the playoffs this year Dwight played well, but Harden choked. Howard always puts up great numbers and is capable of dominating a game. You can argue he maybe isn’t as focused as Kobe, but I don’t think you can deny he wants to win. They didn’t have enough time to prove what they can do with all the injuries, but I think having another season would be much better.

          • Ken Cheng

            I think Dwight is a decent, nice guy who likes to be liked by other people. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when he’s out there competing for a championship, he needs to go into “search and destroy” mode and crush whoever stands in his way. All the big winners in NBA history were like that, and Dwight needs to become that if he wants to win the ultimate prize.

          • Tune

            And that’s what he does and why they clash. They both want the ball in big moments to take over the game. Dwight didn’t like how much more often Kobe got the ball over him.

          • Ken Cheng

            I don’t trust Dwight’s offensive game very much. He doesn’t have a history of being clutch, and his offensive repertoire is very limited. It’s not so hard for defenders to shut down Dwight’s offensive game (compared to Shaq or Kobe).

            And then, there’s Dwight’s horrendous free throw percentage…which Shaq can match, but with Shaq, it’s more likely to be a bonus one free throw that he misses rather than two to avoid a scoreless possession.

          • Tune

            Dwight does have limited skillset, but he has so much room to grow. He needs a coach that meshes with him well enough to assist him in developing properly. I think at this stage in his career he’s bashed so much and looked down so much that it affects his game. Like it was showed before, he shot around 81% I believe in practice with a high amount of free throws attempted, but it went down drastically in-game. People expect him to miss which causes him to expect to miss. People think he’s lazy and doesn’t practice, but the numbers don’t lie in this case. He’s a fine free throw shooter. I think he’d benefit better from sitting down with a therapist and other big men who went through the same thing and overcame it.

          • Ken Cheng

            There’s that exact lack of mental toughness I was alluding to. If Dwight wants to win, he needs to do what Kobe does…take the criticism and use that as fuel to become better. If you look at the greats…the MJs, the Magics, the Kobes…they all have that quality. Talking crap about them just inspires them to do even better.

          • Tune

            To be fair, look at his postseason stats this year. 62% from the free throw is an improvement. He hit a lot of clutch free throws too from what I remember. All while putting up 26 and 14 with 2.8 blocks. His last time in Orlando he hit them at 68%.

          • PimpSav

            Your a fuckin joke

          • Tune

            Hard to take anybody who doesn’t know difference between you’re and your while also having the need to curse in a 4 word statement seriously.

          • Adam

            He didn’t sign there he was traded to the lakers and glad he is gone.

      • Al Haldie

        Did KOBE AND NASH hide the ball from him — you still get paid to play not cry about it….Howard needs more help if he is going to get a ring-he will never do anything on his own-he needs everyone else to win it for him…

        • Tune

          Win it for him? Not exactly, he’s one of the best centers in the league. He went to the Rockets expecting Harden and him to be the next Shaq and Kobe since they have solid role players. Dwight put up 17.1ppg on 58% shooting, 12.4 rpg, 2.4 bpg, and 1.1 spg. I don’t see how that’s not good. If they had Phil, they would have flourished. Not sure how he cried, all he did was leave LA.

  • Brandon Leong

    We need to get Drew Goudelock back next year! #Lakersnation

  • oldschoolc

    Dwight likes playing with underage girls

  • Al Haldie

    No fun playing with a cry babe——-

  • Patrick Jackson

    ha ha that was fun.

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