VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Responds To Jim Brown, “I’ve Never Even Met Him” Reviewed by Momizat on . Ex-NFL star Jim Brown's comments made headlines yesterday when he questioned Kobe Bryant's understanding of African-American culture on The Arsenio Hall Show, g Ex-NFL star Jim Brown's comments made headlines yesterday when he questioned Kobe Bryant's understanding of African-American culture on The Arsenio Hall Show, g Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Responds To Jim Brown, “I’ve Never Even Met Him”

Ex-NFL star Jim Brown’s comments made headlines yesterday when he questioned Kobe Bryant’s understanding of African-American culture on The Arsenio Hall Show, going as far as to say that Bryant was “confused about culture because he was brought up in a different country.” This afternoon, Bryant addressed the situation with the media, saying that he’s never even met Jim Brown and what surprised him the most about Brown’s comments were that they “came out of left field.”

“It came out of left field. But I do think it’s a great opportunity to have this conversation, to have this discussion. No matter where you come from, whether you come from Italy, whether you come from Inglewood, whether you come from London, it doesn’t matter. Ultimately the conversation is that it doesn’t matter what color skin you are to begin with.”

Bryant explained this afternoon that he felt Brown’s comments were a “major issue,” involving the “perception of racial equality,” which is why he felt the need to address Brown’s statements publicly on his Twitter account Thursday morning:

Would Bryant welcome the opportunity to talk to Brown about his comments? Hardly.

“There’s nothing to talk about. We have different perceptions and different views on that, clearly,” Bryant said confidently Thursday afternoon. “He and I, there’s no reason for us to try to have a conversation. We’re on opposite sides of the spectrum. I’m an old dog, but he’s a much older dog and a lot more set in his ways than I am.”

Being in the spotlight, Bryant is used to criticism, but it generally surrounds his play. This time, Brown dug a little too deep and Bryant felt it was important enough to respond.

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  • J24

    Random question out of left field, what do the symbols on the Lakersnation emblem mean? I can guess 2 out of the four, the refrigerator and the head set, Chick Hearn of course. But what the heck are the other two and their meaning?

    • Jim213

      Possible 16 stars = Lakers rings? the top right seems like a flag displaying the purple and gold colors. The bottom left hand side is the location of Staples arena or LN?.. being fwy access/location. Bottom right seems like it relates to media or a possible acknowledgement to Chick Hearn?

      • J24

        Oh sh*t I see it, bottom right is what puzzled me. I’m like wth is that. I agree wit you on the rest as well. Good observations. Thanks.

  • Edward Nestor

    Jim Brown to talk about anything is totally insane. He was jealous of Franco Harris while he was a very old man and challenged him to a some atheletical events and Franco beat him at everything. Jim remembers the old days when the Browns always won, well folks we know what has happened on the mistake on the lake. Next Jim threw a women out of a Holiday Inn in Cleveland during his playing days on and off the field. Jim is a racist and very proud of it. Anyone that would support the Browns shows you he’s a loser. Kolbe don’t even address this moron that should have been dead ten years ago.

  • ra

    I don’t get it. Does Jim Brown miss being relevant, or something? All those 70s movies weren’t enough? I don’t think the Twitter Generation has any idea who he is. He was a great player in his prime, and could have kept playing for years but may have retired early.

    So, he’s not relevant now.

    Why is he calling out Kobe? That is utterly confusing. Of all people. Everyone around the world loves Kobe – China, Japan, Africa – you name the place, they love him. And don’t forget America. Kobe fills stadiums around the country when he plays there. The 2006 Celtic fans called out Kobe, remember? M..V..P.. — remember that? The CELTICs?? Everyone knows.

    Even with all that, why Kobe?? ESPN and TNT put Kobe down constantly. Why? Because he’s great. ESPN was putting Tiger down, during the rough years after the incident with his wife. Michael Vick – Mike Tyson, you name it. Great African American players go through this horrible ‘right of passage’ here in America, at the behest of the ‘real’ powers that be in this country (yes, old white men). Even Clarence Thomas went through difficult time before his Supreme Court appointment.

    People love Kobe, but he also has haters around the world. If Jim Brown were ‘really’ racially conscious, he wouldn’t have attacked Kobe like that. He would have made statements ‘years ago’ when Kobe was going through his difficult time, and made statements about how great African American players are targeted and messed with, to try to break them.

    Now, recall that time, everyone, in 2003-2004, and remember how Kobe used to fly out to Colorado, fly back to LA for a game and play exceptional basketball. Fly to other cities to play basketball. Recall how Kobe put up with some of his teammates turning their backs on him (yes … Shaq … did not approve … your OWN friggin’ teammate? Shaq let Kobe down during that time, but did it phase Kobe? NO WAY). Kobe stood like a MAN through all that. He withstood ALL that and still played Superstar Basketball without flinching.

    Where was Jim Brown during that? Was he paying attention? Was he backing his brother? No, he was hiding. What a punk-a$$.

    Add Jim Brown to the list of Kobe haters – who only hate ‘greatness’.

    I swear, years from now, ALL THESE haters will look back, and see that they missed an opportunity to stand behind one of the greatest athletes, if not the greatest basketball player ever. (my comments on how great a player Kobe is NOW will come later). Kobe is greater than MJ, because ‘almost everybody’ loved MJ, and backed him. Kobe has put up with so much garbage, does he really need more of this from ….. Jim Brown????? It’s almost funny.

    Stick your head in the sand, Jim Brown. Yes, you were a great player. You blew it by calling out Kobe like that. Big Mistake.

    • jake mendez

      forgive my ignorance but how did shaq did not approved kobe?

  • Max Silver

    This talk about race thing must stop. ‘C’mon, we shouldn’t be living in the past. Old ways may seem relevant only to some extent but we’re living in the 21st century & already have the 1st black president. We must live in the present & move forward not backwards. We’ve learned from the past now it’s time to move on. We’re all humans anyways…

    • ra

      Maybe some have learned from the past, but many have not, and there is still racial profiling today. It is certainly not ‘being human’ to continue to discriminate and differentiate. It is not over for millions of people in this country today who are still experiencing racism.

      Hopefully, it’s getting better, and people like you who want to move forward and see everyone as equal are a blessing.

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