VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Playing Street Soccer During World Cup In Brazil Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/I-CmHij3Rko Kobe Bryant has always been a huge soccer fan. Growing up in Italy surely had its role in shaping young Kobe's love for soccer and h http://youtu.be/I-CmHij3Rko Kobe Bryant has always been a huge soccer fan. Growing up in Italy surely had its role in shaping young Kobe's love for soccer and h Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Playing Street Soccer During World Cup In Brazil

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Kobe Bryant has always been a huge soccer fan. Growing up in Italy surely had its role in shaping young Kobe’s love for soccer and his love for the game has continued.

With the World Cup kicking off last week, Bryant has been seen in Brazil enjoying the spectacle of the most popular sporting event in the world. Bryant let it be known who he believes will win it all, and has tweeted out pictures of himself at games.

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Now, courtesy of Ruptly TV, there is some video of Bryant taking place in a street soccer game in Brazil. Bryant looks good running around the court and seems to show no ill-effects of the injuries he has dealt with over the past year.

While Bryant is obviously having fun, it is good to see Bryant moving normally. It leaves no doubt that Bryant will be ready to go, in peak shape, when the season kicks off in October.

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  • Lavine

    Kobe Bryant was interviewed on ESPN yesterday and he said he like Soccer more than Basketball.That was my WTF moment of the day lol ha ha ha.More power to him though and he should do what he likes and enjoys in life.Soccer is boring to me and the NBA is super fun and addicting also very exciting.Oh well some like Soccer.

    • Andy

      I used to watch only soccer (played it too), then I fell in love with the game of basketball and the NBA. I haven’t watched a soccer game for like 8 months, only the World Cup games. Even though I’m European lol.

    • LAL

      Golf & baseball are boring. Soccer (or the real name – football) is not boring.

      • Zimmeredge

        I like golf, not my favourite sport but Ryder cup is one of my best souvenir as a fan.

    • lakers_824

      Futball aka soccer is just amazing sport….so much passion and excitment…..its all about real madrid and brazilllll

      • Prince Cyrill

        Real Madrid is a club and Brazil is a country.

    • Zimmeredge

      Remember that he lives his early years in europe. Grew up as a fan of ac milan.

    • Jim213

      Agree and disagree, no diss to US world football but it’s like watching division 3 play within the NCAA. Not much talent (soccer wise) from the US. Can’t blame them though given the other major sports that are played here and appeal more to fans and kids. However, the same can be said about basketball being it also boring (NBA).

      Look at many team’s from the Eastern Conference who at best can manage to play 500.avg ball. Boring to watch given the lack of competitiveness from those franchises. For myself basketball appeals more but the World Cup is not far off as it appeals more out of all the major sport tournaments given it’s played every 4 years.

      IMO, tho world football is the #1 global sport many of those fans (50%?) also enjoy watching basketball. Why the NBA hasn’t capitalized on that don’t know but Kobe being in Brazil and getting major publicity from the world media is a clear indication.

      • Jan Rey

        just because the eastern conference have mediocre teams doesnt make the NBA boring.

        • Jim213

          Your opinion, it’s about quality play. Don’t recall constant bottom dwellers getting too much national tv appearances.

    • sean

      Idk dude Kobe use to watch basketball tapes of the Lakers that were sent by his grandfather. He studied the game and loved it. Also, I can’t find that interview.

    • jack black

      Makes sense. Michael Jordan’s favorite sport was always baseball. lol. Remember when he tried to play for the White Sox. #fail lol

  • Kevin

    Kobe can become the new Pele.


    Now Kobe listen here, you better be careful with your old fragile ass lol. We need at least 20 points outta him next season.

    • lakers72

      if anything i’d be more concerned about nash playing soccer in the offseason then kobe… lol

      • DKWTTY

        lol Nash is going to sit his old ass down on the bench and teach these new boys we sign and draft how to shoot like him in training camp. That’s all we need him to do.

  • Yeahso

    Basketball and soccer the most exciting sports to me. Still like soccer more though.

  • Matt Williams

    He looks great. No doubt he’ll be ready by October.


    I used to dislike Kobe .. but when I discovered he loves THE WORLD’S MOT POPULAR GAE..THE BEAUTIFUL GAME … I really like him … FORZA KOBE! :)

  • Red Tuazon

    He was barely moving.

  • Bucky Gilmore

    Go ivory coast all da way

  • VillainKing

    Kobe your sixth ring is waiting for you next season..

  • Prince Cyrill

    Kobe Bryant is a Barcelona fan! <3

  • errndog errndog

    u gonna get hurt Kobe! sit down!!!

  • iEATcelticBabies

    As Conqueror of the world, Master Kobe can say whatever the hell he wants, you will still kneel or suffer great calamity….

  • Diggi

    The guy @ :28 LMAO

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