VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Discusses His ‘Healthy Competition’ With LeBron

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Discusses His ‘Healthy Competition’ With LeBron


Kobe Bryant was voted as an All-Star for the 16th time this season, but had to sit out due to his fractured knee. Instead, Kobe Bryant joined commentators Marv Albert and Reggie Miller for an in-game interview during Sunday’s battle between the East and the West.

Kobe showed his excitement about seeing his fellow NBA stars play, admitting he always looks forward to watching Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook play.

Miller and Albert also talked NBA Mount Rushmore with Bryant, in which Bryant said he would not be bothered a bit if Lebron was on there and he was not. He further commented on what he would refer to as the “healthy competition” between the two and describe the intensity of their defensive match up.

The interview concluded with jokes between Miller and Bryant regarding their fight in 2002. The 4-time MVP admitted to having no idea as to what even started the fight in the first place which drew laughter from the commentators. Kobe still maintained to draw much attention in an All-Star game he would not be able to play in.

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  • ra

    That’s great that Kobe wouldn’t mind if LeBron was on the Mount Rushmore 4, and he (Kobe) wasn’t. Because basically, whose Mount Rushmore would it be? There are 1000s of ideas on who would be on the Mount Rushmore, players, writers, coaches, etc. all have different ideas. Even President Obama has a different idea.

    So who would have the final word? Nobody. No-one past, present, or future has the last word on the 4.

    Top 10? Even that would generate different ideas but we would start to be able to include more people, including Kobe, LeBron, the whole gang! They would also have to add Wilt, Kareem, Big O, Jerry West others. I would add Pistol Pete Maravich, but I’m sure many would disagree.

    • lakers_824

      Top 10 (10 years from now)
      1. Jordan
      2. Russel
      3. Magic
      4. Kobe
      5. Kareem
      6. Wilt
      7. Lebron
      8. Bird
      9. KD
      10. Duncan, Shaq, or Hakeem

  • Jay Brodes

    kobe should take the season off and take coach k up on his offer and play for team usa to get ready for the season..last stand!!