VIDEO: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan’s Identical Plays

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan’s Identical Plays


To most basketball fans, Michael Jordan is considered the greatest player of all time. Many have been compared to him through the decades, but the only player who has been able to earn those comparisons is obviously Lakers’ very own, Kobe Bryant.

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We’ve all heard all the comparisons between the two legends, but one thing is for certain — they are eerily similar in their playing styles and mannerisms on the court.

Here are videos that show how similar Kobe is to Jordan, courtesy of Youssef Hannoun:

There are fans who weren’t old enough to watch Jordan and the Bulls in the early 90s, but the basketball world still has Kobe Bryant, who is easily the closest thing to the legend. Bryant still plans on playing a couple more years, so enjoy Jordan’s mirror image while it lasts.


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  • 3339

    Kobe and Jordan are both incredible competitors and don’t tolerate excuses. When the game reaches its most critical point they both get a similar look on their face that shows their killer instinct.

  • Joe ThePothead

    this is incredible

  • Jim213

    Kobe’s style does mirror MJ’s to an extent but he’s also learned and incorporated other styles like J West’s too during those clutch fake shots as well as from E Baylor helping him to navigate better in tight plays.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Kareem semi hook and Hakeem’s post up If I may add. Jordan was never guarded by as many as Kobe was. He never take difficult shots that Kobe does and never made as many game winners. He also invented the board pass that Lebron traveled trying to emulate.

  • Jim213

    Good article… though HATERS GOING 2 HATE.

  • nestor

    No jordan all the way people #23

  • tara myricks