VIDEO: Kevin Love Asked By Kids At E3 About Joining The Lakers

VIDEO: Kevin Love Asked By Kids At E3 About Joining The Lakers


Superstar Kevin Love did the rounds at E3 Convention in Los Angeles this week and was asked more than once about the prospect of being traded to or signing with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2015.

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During an interview with hilarious Skylanders E3 Kid Reporters, Sophie and Stellan, Love was asked a few different questions. The hilarious and surprising confident Sophie and Stellan asked Love about the Lakers and which player he’d like to “trap” and put on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Love mentioned LeBron James as a player he’d like to “trap” and took the easy route when asked about the Lakers.

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Love has been linked to the Lakers for quite some time with most believing the three-time All-Star eventually wants to end up in Los Angeles. Although a lot of other teams around the league seem to have a better chance at landing Love, the rumors continue to swirl about the Lakers having a shot to bring him in due to his rumored desire to play in Los Angeles once again.
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  • Phil

    Kevin Love is a bigger pipe dream than LeBron James since he is not a free agent until 2015 and we got only the #7 pick to trade and Wolves will laugh us off.

    • Lakers Realist

      How on earth is he a pipe dream? He’s not going to sign an extension with a team that he doesn’t want to. If the Wolves trade him, it will be Dwight Howard all over again for whatever team agrees to take on the risk of having him just for one season. He’ll go wherever he wants to next summer.

      • JohnSmith00

        Exactly, as it stands Carmelo would be a tough sell and Lebron is unknown though I’m sure it doesn’t matter as most Lakers fan like myself don’t want anything to do with that man child. But if Love isn’t traded to a contender and the Lakers don’t use their cap.

        Not only could they make a serious run at Love but another top free agent in 2015 or better yet in 2016 when Kevin Durant could be a free agent. Truly it’s a game of chance when it comes to basketball operations, and as fans all we can do is be patient and have faith.

        • BernieBastinaly

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      • Cassandra Marino

        i wouldn’t mind love ,hes an amazing offensive player and rebounder and shooter but he’s not very built,buff im more of a big boy kind of guy like Zach Randolph, roy hibbert etc.. he doesn’t seem like a guy that has a big ego and he’s not great defender cause we need good defenders. best case scenario is that if we make the playoffs next sea he would be huge for us he would help us a lot going deeper in the playoffs cuz his soring ablilty but the key is LIONEL HOLLINS and ofcourse kobe has to stay health, but im not really siched on love maybe

      • L.A. Kings

        Congrats to my L.A. Kings they just won the Stanley Cup!Champs.Next Lakers will get all the bad ass players and they will be the next L.A. team to win a championship in a major sport.Woot woot.GO KINGS GO!HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY!!!!!!

  • Bruce

    I think the Wolves will be listening to offers for Love, they cannot afford to let him walk and get nothing in return in 2015. Best case scenario is he goes to a team via trade and pulls a D12 and walk away next year anyways as a free agent, then Lakers signs him lol !!

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    KLove Wanted To Say The Lakers

  • Jamar

    Kevin Love’s priority is to go to an immediate contender. The Lakers are nowhere near that. He will have to wait and see what the FO does this offseason and next, and if he’s not confident in the direction of the team, I see him having no issues going somewhere else even if the Lakers are his first choice as has been thrown around for years now.

    • jim

      The Lakers will not be a destination until Kobe and Nash are off of the payroll then I can see what is needed may develop.

  • Lakers4Life

    Love would be nice, but we can pick him up next year. Right now our focus is on LeBron and what comes out of the draft and I know all Laker fans including myself just can’t wait to see what happens.

  • hoperhetoric

    Forget about love! I believe most teams will copy the spurs system… If all love can offer is offense, he is not worth it. Bosh is better than him +in mobility & still they cant beat spurs. Love will be so slow to rotate! He doesnt have playoff experience too. Boozer is fine for the bulls because they have noah, deng, gibson. So if lakers really want love, we need to invest first to atleast 2 solid frontline defenders!!!
    Hill & deng or hill & ariza then +love. Or hill & aaron gordon + deng/ariza!!!
    Swaggy & kobe can carry the offense so we only need defense & rebounding!!!!


    Stop playing with our emotions. I’m tired of hearing about Kevin Love, thanks to our incompetent management we have no assets to get him and we probably won’t have anything in 2015 either. Just think if we had kept those picks that were used on Steve Nash. I mean Derek Fisher was still playing while Nash was hobbled on the sidelines. A waste.

  • Karl

    lol i’d hire those little kids to recruit players to the Lakers. How can you say no to little kids?