VIDEO: John Salley Says Clippers Should Change Name To ‘The Almost Lakers’

VIDEO: John Salley Says Clippers Should Change Name To ‘The Almost Lakers’


Former Laker John Salley was spotted by TMZ while in Los Angeles recently and asked about the Los Angeles Clippers selling for such a large amount. Salley believes the sale is a good thing for the NBA as it will increase the value of NBA teams across the board.

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Salley also went on to say the Clippers will be the best team in Los Angeles for the next five years. Despite dubbing Chris Paul and company as the top team in the city, Salley took a shot at the franchise saying they should change the team name to, “The Almost Lakers.”

If all goes according to plan, the Clippers will officially sell for a record-breaking $2 billion to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

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With the Clippers on the verge of new ownership, it is possible that drastic changes could be on the horizon. A possible change could be the name of the franchise in order to start with a clean slate under Ballmer.
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  • lakers72

    the almost lakers… thats giving them too much credit…

  • Tune

    Lakers’ younger sister

    • Alphonso Covington


      • Tune

        The younger step-sister that everybody looks at funny during family reunions.

  • Mt. Rushmore

    nah nah nah. They should be the almost sparks. The Clippers can’t even get on the same level on just conference titles with the sparks and don’t even have as many championships at the sparks. So till they beat them out, then maybe they can be in the same building as the Lakers.

  • Tibor Robert Petho

    almost lakers? best team in LA for the next 5 years? I think the LA Kings are and have been the best team in LA for the last few years. I’ll be surprised if they (clippers) stay together past next season. Lets see how many championships they win and THAN we can talk about almost Lakers. May be

  • AZ

    Almost D-fenders