VIDEO: Jeanie Buss Talks Jim Buss And Phil Jackson “What-Ifs”

VIDEO: Jeanie Buss Talks Jim Buss And Phil Jackson “What-Ifs”


Jeanie BussJeanie Buss stunned at a Time Warner Cable Media event Wednesday night, in which she would accept a leadership award on behalf of her father, the late Dr. Jerry Buss. She was arm and arm with her fiance, Phil Jackson, and as both the matriarch of the Lakers organization and a supporter of Jackson, was candidly honest about her unhappiness with the Lakers head coaching process.

“I was not happy with how things happened,” Jeanie said at the “View From The Top” upfront TWC Media event. “I just think it was a difficult process to go through. So ya,  I was disappointed, but I’m biased. I don’t think anybody would judge me to say (Phil) is the best coach in the entire world. That’s my prerogative to feel that way. They had their reasons for doing what they did but I kind of have that what if. What if he had coached.”

Spoken like a true fan, Jeanie expressed the sentiments that much of Lakers Nation has felt at one time or another. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak, who also attended the event, said that he didn’t feel there were any hard feelings between himself and Phil, despite the surprising nature of a middle of the night phone call, in which Phil was told Mike D’Antoni was a better fit for this team. As a matter of fact, Kupchak said the he has chatted with Phil quite a bit since November and even called him a “consultant, of sorts.”

Has all of this affected Jeanie’s relationship with her brother, Jim Buss, the Executive Vice President of Player Personnel? Take a look in our video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

  • 3339

    Pat Riley was a mentor to Eric Spoelstra, and Spoelstra has managed the Heat extremely well. Almost like having Pat Riley still coaching the team.

    Phil Jackson was attempting the same with Brian Shaw, but the self centered Lakers management (except Jeanie) destroyed Phil’s plan to further help the Lakers win. Brian Shaw would’ve been excellent as the Lakers head coach. But now we have a guy that is making a mess of our team. dantoni goes against everything the Lakers are built on. The Lakers have won titles around great big men and dantoni can’t coach bigs.

  • borsalino12

    First thing, first. Replace Jimmy with Jeanie.
    Second: Replace Mitch Kupchak with Phil Jackson.
    Third: Replace M.D’Antoni with Brian Show.
    Fourth:Sign Dw. Howard to a max contract.
    Fifth: Try to download as much salary as you can.Amnesty MWP and waive
    Ch.Duhon. Trade Nash,Gasol, Meeks ,Ebanks and our pic # 48 for
    younger player or first round pics in the future.Sign 2-3 free agents
    for the positions we need help – 2 and 3.Play out the season by downloading more salary at the December trade window. Get ready for 2014/15 season. DO NOT take LeBron or Carmelo. Look for younger talents, who can play for this team for 8 – 10 years.