VIDEO Interview: Lakers Guard Xavier Henry Reviewed by Momizat on . Serena Winters: First of all, how does it feel to be in this building on media day looking around at all the banners your first time here? Xavier Henry: It's fu Serena Winters: First of all, how does it feel to be in this building on media day looking around at all the banners your first time here? Xavier Henry: It's fu Rating:
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VIDEO Interview: Lakers Guard Xavier Henry

Serena Winters: First of all, how does it feel to be in this building on media day looking around at all the banners your first time here?

Xavier Henry: It’s fun, its definitely different than the media days I’ve been a part of before and with the group of guys we have, we have a lot of fun guys, so it’s definitely a good experience.

SW: How long have you actually been practicing in this facility since you were signed?

XH: Since the beginning of this month, I’ve been in here pretty much everyday. We’ve all been in here working hard and getting ready for the season.

SW: What parts of your game have you been working on?

XH: I’ve been working a lot on my shooting and just the overall game. I’m pretty easy on defense and I know a lot about getting to the rim so I’ve been concentrating on my shooting, and just the overall game as much.

SW: What do you feel you can bring to this team that isn’t there already?

XH: I think they have pretty much everything already, but for me to contribute. I’m a guy that gets to the rim. We got a lot of scorers. I like to score as well but we all do it in different way — that’s something about this team, we all score in different ways so I get to the rim, I play defense, and just overall I play hard. I have a pretty good motor on me.

SW: Ready for some this or that questions? Kobe… which nickname do you like better? Do you like Vino or do you like Black Mamba?

XH: I like both, but I’ll say Vino.

SW: What about Steve Nash? Do you like Nashty or Great Gatsby?

XH: Great Gatsby

SW: Kanye West of Jay Z?

XH: Jay Z

SW: Cupcakes or ice cream?

XH: That’s a tough one. I like both, but I’ll say ice cream

SW: If you had to choose purple or gold which one would you choose?

XH: Gold

Did you see our behind the scenes video at Lakers media day? If not, check it out here and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

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  • The Rock

    Great interview Serena Winters thank you for posting it.Xavier Henry seems like a pretty cool dude.I expected he would be a much better NBA player,he was highly touted at Kansas.2010 Draft i remember he was a lottery pick and he did a interview back then saying all the right stuff.He has a lot to prove because so far he has done nothing yet.Hopefully he makes the team.If he makes the team he could become a long term prospect that Lakers develop.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      He could be the defensive stopper in MDA system at the wing ala Raja Bell… with more upside.

      • hirschmead321

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      • The Rock

        The kid has a Entourage already from what i heard.He is living the LA lifestyle to a tee.Now you say possibly another Raja i say he could be far better since he gets to the rim at will and he draws fouls when he goes to the rim also he is one of the best players at getting to the free throw line in the NBA.

        That is a huge asset to the Lakers to have a player that can draw contact and he gets the calls from the refs

        .He has one big problem he is a bad free throw shooter and all that getting to the free throw line doesn’t amount to anything since he misses his free throws sadly.I say if he makes 75-80% of his free throws and he gets like 26 minutes a game he could become another stud we got.Fingers crossed that he pans out and reaches his full potential and we start to see the maturing from him.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          couldn’t agree more… I think he will reach his potential here in la… he will see first hand how the Mamba works, he will learn from the Man himself…

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Serena Winters is a hot hot hot…

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