VIDEO: Dwight Howard Says He Left LA Because ‘He Wants To Win’

VIDEO: Dwight Howard Says He Left LA Because ‘He Wants To Win’


Kobe Bryant and Dwight HowardAfter pulling the trigger on the blockbuster trade to acquire superstar center Dwight Howard, the consensus was that the team had brought in the future face of the franchise in the twilight of the Kobe Bryant era.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, the front office was unable to convince Dwight to stay in Los Angeles and the perennial All-Star’s reasoning is because he simply wanted to win via

“The biggest part was leaving a storied franchise and also leaving a lot of money on the table, but in order to win you’ve got to sacrifice something. It would have been great to have that stuff, the money and all that stuff, but I want to win.”

Although Dwight is in an ideal position in Houston playing alongside James Harden, the fact that the veteran center would willingly leave the Lakers, a storied franchise known for winning championships, is a bit puzzling.

Dwight clearly struggled to fit in during his time in Los Angeles. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year faced a level of scrutiny, pressure and backlash from the fans he had yet to experience in his career. Many believe that is what ultimately led to his departure, but he still maintains it was for a better chance to win.


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  • LAL918

    First of, it was ultimately Jeanie’s idea to put up those goddamn ridiculous boards because clearly she doesn’t have half of her dad’s “convincing” abilities to get a player to stay in Los Angeles. Second, I was one of the very few fans from last year who NEVER wanted him to come to the Lakers because of his ability to fuck up team chemistry (which I was correct of) and that he never showed any effort despite playing with a surgically fixed back and fucked up shoulder. Now that he’s with the Rockets, all I can really say for him and those fans is: good luck with a player who tries to demand a coach to suit his style and when they try to do it, they end up short. Good luck for the Rockets trying to be like the Orlando Magic of the West, a circus that never seems to end.

  • Paul C

    Can we please make this the final “Dwight” article on LakersNation. Whatever he says is irrelevant to us now. We have no reason to care what he says or does.

    • Jim213

      Certain writers don’t care, it’s all repost stuff but…

  • vdogg

    who has more of a history of winning — the lakers or the rockets? lol.. just sayin’. i am so glad dwight left. the guy has no “dog” in him whatsoever. he wants to be the first option on a title team? won’t happen. when you can’t hit free throws in crunch time, you can’t close games. it’s a simple as that. good riddance.

    • Paytc

      great points vdogg !

  • tonybravo

    He left not just because he wants to win, but because he wants to be the REASON for the winning, which wont happen playing with Kobe, Pau and Nash. But good luck getting that Rockets team past the Lakers.

    • richard

      He left because he just want to giggle, laugh and have fun… that’s all he wants… it was not about winning… as long as Kobe is around he can’t do clowning around… that’s all he is a big clown…

      • Jim213

        Agree, but he’s never had the work ethic to take advantage of his potential which today only includes athleticism.

  • guss’to!!

    Why are we speaking on this?? He was never a true laker..come on laker nation no more dwight on L.N.

  • carlos

    thnx for wat u did bcz kobe is capable of doing it alone and he is known for that
    his name is kobe incredible bryant
    he has won 5 championships n u said dat u left bcz u wanted to win lol clean ur ass

    • richard

      you forgot that basketball is a team game… hope not…

      • Isa777

        That’s what I’m saying. I’m starting to think that our team captain Kobe Bryant sold us out last season as much as the Buss’ did because he knew that he would want more money when it was time to renegotiate and he knew it would be hard with Dwight on the payroll. See, that is the fixed politics that ruin professional sports. It just means Kobe Bryant loves money more than winning and Dwight Howard saw through that and went some where that he felt that they were as hungry to win as he was. I mean think about it. Why wouldn’t Kobe tell them that he felt like the team would be better and play better under Phil Jackson? Last season’s team had the potential of any of the Bull’s championship teams. They just needed Phil with the right system to motivate them. It still not too late if we can manage to get back Odom and Bynum we might be able to save Pau Gasol’s legs and make it all the way to the NBA Championship this season. Kobe should be hungry by then and really missing the game of Basketball.

        • vdogg

          your thoughts are misguided. kobe DID talk about how excited he was at the prospect of having phil back. in the end, the organization is going to hire who they want to hire. lest you forget, the lakers hired mike brown without even asking kobe what he thought. and as far as money goes, don’t get it twisted — kobe said that when negotiations start, you begin by asking for the most money you can get.. and then the numbers go back and forth from there. kobe is paid a lot of money and is obviously not hurting financially. but you also need to remember that kobe is box office gold.. he is the face of the league’s glamour team. he has probably made the lakers hundreds of millions of dollars off the court during his career in the purple and gold. bryant is one of the main reasons that the lakers can afford to go into the luxury tax to start with, so he has more leverage than most when it comes to financial negotiations. the bigger issue, in my opinion, is that dwight and kobe had differing viewpoints on how to win. shaq was a jokester, too. but when it came time to do business, shaq was ALL business. i don’t get that feeling from dwight.

          • Paytc


            You are making some very good points ! Of course it’s hard for anyone on the opposite side of greatness to accept truth like that,but thanks for giving it to them anyway. Kobe’s fast and full return is our focus. This year not last years old news.

            Go Lakers !

        • richard

          you are gravely mistaken, sir… please read this carefully… this is taken from Mitch interview…

          “He’ll be the focal point of our play in the paint,” Kupchak said. “He’ll be able to post up and he’ll be on the move whether it’s a pick and roll or pick and (pop). He’ll be able to hit (the outside shot). He won’t
          really have to share that much space. Much of what we did last year was an adjustment and deferring and trying to figure out how Dwight Howard would fit in, and try to get the best out of him. Pau Gasol made a lot of sacrifices last year. I think he’s looking forward to playing this year.” –

          You see, it was all about placating Howard. Everyone made sacrifices, including Kobe. And when the losses started piling up. Who did you think stepped up and saved it? Right, Kobe and secondly, PAu Gasol.

  • richard

    He wants to win? And he thinks he can win in Houston? LEt’s see….

  • Aditya Sriram

    Dwight you are WRONG. lakers will be a great this season or i will be extremely and and a championship contending team if we play great defense and great offense

    • Jim213

      We know and if they aren’t you’ll be extremely MAD…

  • Rarthadys

    Houston got a younger group that fits his goofiness. Everyone will laugh when he makes a naive joke, because that’s his click, he fits right in. The truth is Dwight thinks the Lakers players don’t understand his humor, that’s why he couldn’t become the leader of the pack. Houston is a obvious choice. James Harden, Chandler Parson, definitely liked his leadership, they all agree on having fun while playing ball. Maybe if loosing is also fun, they can get past it, but if not, when one loss came and the fun goes away, what’s going to happen?

    • Jim213

      The reason DH left was b/c the team wouldn’t buy into his leadership role belief aside of his antics. Although, the Rocketees may seem more competitive now, 2 to 3 years down the line he’ll likely be talking about leaving H -Town for a competitive team b/c they failed to build a contending team around him, it’ll happen remember this down the line.

      • cj

        agreed howard strikes me as a title chaser. he will more then likely play out this new contract as a rocket and look to sign else were in 4 years.

        • Jim213

          IMO, Harden and DH won’t be enough to win a title for the Rockettes. Lin is good but hasn’t proven his worth come contention (playoff) time. If rumors are flying that he may be traded it’s b/c management may not be fully sold on him though he’s getting a good salary for his possible prospective worth.

          It’ll be interesting to observe who receives the blame if they don’t at least make the conference finals next season given that H-Town fans are expecting a title in the next few yrs with DH around. He’ll probably divert the blame to others when he really doesn’t bring anything to the table offensively than his athleticism and big man presence though defense is his true strength.

          If the Rockettes don’t reach their so called goal while DH is around his options will be minimal in 2017s FA if he doesn’t develop his game more as he’ll be close to his mid 30’s while starting to experience a decline in athleticism.

          • cj

            I see houston as a first or second round out leaning to first. they just are not as good as many think they will be.

          • Jim213

            The advantage for the Rockettes is Harden who has solid playoff experience (OKC). It still remains to be seen if the rest of the crew can rise up to championship level form which I doubt.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    He wants to Win and Win Big? He does it when he decided to get two technicals, being ejected on the most crucial game of the season. What a damned ass winning move from a mentally unstable, too weak of a person.

    • Paytc

      We know what’s up…. but please keep it on the under before Houston finds out.
      Let them buy into being satisfied with only getting to the doorsteps of a championship, and not winning when it really counts. We want players here that want to scrap and battle their way to another Laker’s NBA Championship.

      Go Lakers !

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    soooo he wants to win, so he leaves lakers and went to rockets lol lmao time to make a meme for this guy

  • Isa777

    All of you Lakers fans out there sound like a bunch of whiny bleacher riding bitches. Dwight Howard came here and worked his ass off. Nuff Said. His leaving had nothing to do with his work ethic, or his teams talent (past or future). When he says he wanted to win, it is because he knew that Jim Buss and his sister fucked us last year when they didn’t hire Phil Jackson back. Mike D’Antoni hasn’t done or won SHIT in the NBA. Howard didn’t want to play for that loser anymore and it is as simple as that. It’s just like Nelly said. They kiss Kobe’s ass in L.A. no matter what he does. He’s the team Captain thinking its all about him and forgetting that it is a team sport. Just ask him, and he’ll tell you “It’s MY team”. So his ass can go out there and lose without Dwight Howard on HIS team. This isn’t new either. The GM hasn’t been screwing the fans and the team for years. Remember right after the 09 Championship? We lost Ariza, then after the 2010 Championship we couldn’t buy a damn three point shot after we lost Jordan Farmer and Shannon Brown. Last Season we lost Derrick Fischer too. Now we could have lucked up last season and improved if they had brought Phil in (Who is still dating Jerry Buss’ daughter by the way), but like Nelly said, they want to prove they can do it without Phil. They are bleacher riding buffoons who want to be more important to the organization than they are in terms of going out and winning. It is a team effort, so as soon as they stop gassing Kobe up, and then take a break to pat Dwight on the back after he busted his ass with a hurt back and worked harder than Kobe all season long he is supposed to stay and give them another chance??? Bullshit. He saw through that and left, and I commend him for it. And yes, I’m still a Lakers fan but I also know to give credit where credit is due. I look forward to us facing Dwight Howard in the future and hope to see him get back to the level he was at in Orlando again so that hopefully we can beat his team again. =) However, I commend him for being smart enough to leave a fucked up situation before it got any worse for him. And you can listen to that hypocrite Ice Cube all you want because when he was with NWA if anybody would have told him to stay in that fucked up situation he would have probably shot their asses or hit them with a baseball bat. lol

    • cj

      ok were to start………….

      1. howard did not and i repeat did not work harder then kobe. kobe changed his own roll on this team 4-5 times last year to try to find a way to let howard and pau be happy.

      2. we had shanon the year we lost to the mavs it was sasha we lost.

      3.if jennie had her way phil would be the coach right now.

      4. it is kobes team he has earned it howard has never lead a team past the ECF.

      5. kobe leads all sg in apg every year he is a team player he just never kissed howards ass.

      6. arzia wanted an 8-10 mill deal the lakers offered him 6 he turned us down and signed for less in houston.

      7. his leaving did have to do with work ethic he did not want to earn being the next great laker he wanted it handed to him. no one would hand over the team with out him proving himself.

      8. howard never busted his ass. he was allways giving 80% if u were a real laker fan and watched games you would know this.

      9. he was not smart for leaving us. he was a coward who could not handel a team, a fanbase, and its players not bending over and kissing his ass wile he took all the credit for wins and none of the blame for losses.

      howard is still one of the best players in the nba but he is not a franchise player, and he is not a go to guy. no go to guy or hard worker misses 5 strait free throws and blame the defence in a game you lose by 1. he refuses to take any blame and he checked out the moment he relized he had to back up being a great player in la.

    • Jim213

      lol… Ariza brought needed athleticism and he didn’t resign with the team given he went for higher pay. Don’t know why a lot of solid depth players got traded but Jim was running things to some extent then but DWIGHT AIN’T WON NOTHING TOO. He can’t even carry a team himself, the clown can’t shoot or make free throws (brick central).

      THANKS KB24 FOR HELPING US TO ATTAIN ANOTHER 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS. DH wanted KB24 amnestied?… he must be doing some serious drugs to think the team would comply with his stupid request. The Lakers would’ve likely gone deeper in the playoffs if Phil was around but Jim ain’t gonna let that happen given Phil’s strife’s with Dr. Buss.

      Dwight was good at D for sure but that was it. This fool can’t win like franchise players can b/c he isn’t a franchise player. Harden of the Rockettes will likely be the reason that they POSSIBLY win a ring b/c he’s a better player and can SHOOT THE BALL TOO.

      F… Dwight, never wanted them to go after him given he doesn’t match the work ethics that have kept us competitive throughout the years. Franchise players will always be lured to play for the Lakers. It’s just a matter of management being able to close the deal while attracting talent which all the back and forth drama ain’t helping and just adds to the negative stigma.

      • cj

        I agree with most of what you said but I disagree with phil. when mike took over the team was ok its once pau, hill, and blake went down that we flat lined. phil does not stop hills injury or blakes or paus. even with phil we would still have only had 7-8 solid nba level players who could play at any given time. that season was doomed from the time nash went down. that lakers team was not built to handel injurys to main players and we started the season with two.

        • Jim213

          I see your point but we’ve seriously argued about this in the past. I’m not saying that Phil would’ve = a title. I just believe Phil would’ve made better use of the players available that would’ve likely carried us deeper in the playoffs.

          KB24 got injured b/c he was trying to do too much as the team lacked depth and chemistry which progressed better towards the end of the season. But it appeared to be insufficient to assure a playoff spot to which Kobe’s extended minutes aside of him trying to take over given the lack of team play led to his injury.

          But I agree with your view that Phil wouldn’t have mattered if we’re talking about the NBA Finals given that without team depth and key players the team may have been a player or two away from reaching the Finals or possibly winning another ring.

          • cj

            ok then we agree. some argue that phil would have made us champs i just cant see that with the freak injurys we had.

          • Paytc

            Kobe got inured because the other so call superstars waited until the team was backed up facing elimination before “STEPPING UP” their efforts. Had Howard and Gasol “STEPPED UP ” sooner the Lakers would have locked down at least a 5 or 6 seed instead of battling Utah and the Rockets for one of the two last spots. Nash had more of an excuse because he never healed enough plus his age with the injury made him less effective. But of course excuse makers will say Howard and Gasol were not healthy. Kobe plays less than 100 % at times year after year. If they were so injured or unhealthy it appeared they got miraculously healed once reality set in and had the Lakers facing elimination. Then and only then did I see them put on the proper game faces and give an all out effort.

            That is why I’m calling everyone on the team out. “STEP UP “or get out of the way of someone who will STEP UP ! Don’t step on the court if you are not planning to give an all out effort.Just sit on the sideline until you are ready to give it your best IMO .

            And PJ may or may not have made a difference. I will say one of the best things PJ does is get players to somewhat check their egos enough to play well together. But the injuries,coaching shifts,egos,immaturity,and lack of hunger for a championship may have still hurt the team chemistry.

            Team defense can always be played, because it just requires hustling and max effort. So any excuse about not getting the ball doesn’t bail you out for why you did’nt play defense.

            Players have to “STEP UP ” especially every “so call ” superstar player.


            GO LAKERS !

          • Jim213

            So it sounds like you also believe KB24 was trying to do too much to hold the fort down while others failed to step up.

    • vdogg

      i give dwight credit for playing through some injuries last season, but to say that he “worked harder than Kobe all season long” is plain stupid. kobe put that team on his back last year, playing more minutes than he should have simply to give the lakers a chance in the postseason. and yes, mike d’antoni hasn’t won anything as yet.. but neither has keven mchale (as a coach). does dwight really want to be coached, anyway? nash offered to help dwight with his FTs, and dwight said ‘no thanks, i’ll continue to do it my way.’ the lakers probably lost 6 or 7 games because of dwight’s inept charity stripe performances. as i said, i give dwight credit for coming back from his surgery and playing before most expected that he would. but the picture you’re painting is a caricature. in the end, i am happy dwight left. to me, he doesn’t have the IT factor to be the next face of the los angeles lakers. he says he wants to win.. ok, i buy that. but i don’t feel like he hates to lose. the greats of the game — magic, bird, jordan, kobe — they all hate to lose as much as they love to win. to be honest, up until last year i didn’t think that lebron hated to lose. you say you don’t blame dwight for leaving a “fucked up situation”. in my eyes, the “fucked up situation” was a pouty center with no post moves who is excellent defensively and can’t hit a FT. i am glad that it’s now in houston.

      • Paytc

        I’m not sure just how injured Howard was? Did he play through pain? Perhaps he did? But it appeared to me as though he only “STEPPED UP” if and when he wanted to pain or no pain. I say if you are injured enough to hamper the team don’t play.

        Obviously Howard, and the team doctors thought he was ready and able to play at a high level. That is if he was pleased with the way things were centered around him. He did’nt realize that Shaq had already used the superman motto.So that over inflated ego needed to stay in check IMO.

        vdogg, I do like the point you make about “hating to lose” It’s Howard’s “care less” attitude that he needs to improve on. But let Houston deal with him on that. If being around Kobe Bryant does’nt spark a fire under you….. I not sure what will?

        Go Lakers!

    • Eddie Lazaro

      He wants to Win and Win Big? He does it when he decided to get two
      technicals, being ejected on the most crucial game of the season. What a
      damned ass winning move from a retard, unstable child, too mentally weak of a person who tried to undermine Kobe and wants the franchise to his name, are you fucking kidding me? Who fucked who now? you sound like an Angry Troll listening to what you hear, not at all looking at the facts and Bitching how good howard is.

      He is not a franchise player as he mentally has shown, he is a cry baby and not a leader and can not handle the bright lights & the pressure of LA. he is all hype and not a superstar category and definitely a Whiner, not a Winner!

      If you are not happy with the Lakers, you can join him in the dessert where he set a tent for his New Circus gig. Can’t wait to see his old form like in Orlando where he had his mouth full being shoved, yet again by the dunking Lakers youth like Kobe did!, We’ll see.

  • Isa777

    And another thing. Why do you think ALL of the star players on the team were out fucked up and out with injuries towards the end of last season? Because Mike D’Antoni doesn’t know shit about coaching a Professional Basketball team or winning an NBA Champioship. He is a slave driver period. He is one of those hard nosed asshole coaches he over conditions his players until they’re drained at the end of the season and all banged up. Dwight didn’t want another year of that bullshit when he could have had Phil Jackson and they balked on the deal. Phil Jackson is a player’s coach. He knows how hard a season of Pro Basketball can be on the body and knows how to adequately rest his players through out the regular season so that they are fresh by the Playoffs. Name one Phil Jackson team that ended the season and exited the playoffs as quickly as we did last year on the count of injuries to all of the best players? IT NEVER HAPPENED. Not to the Bulls and certainly not to a Lakers team that He coached. Nope, that is a Mike Da’Antoni original. He is about a quarter of an inch better than Mike Brown as a Coach. Maybe they need to stop hiring guys named Mike. =) lol

    • Isa777

      But of course some of you less knowledgeable asses out there are still going to think that it was just rotten luck. Bullshit!

      • Jim213

        LOL… UMAD? Dumbtoni’s 8 player rotation didn’t help the team last season and especially towards the end. Many don’t like the coach too ain’t got a choice now unless he goes out like Mike Brown did this past season. We’ll see what takes place this coming season since the coach intends to play with an 11 man roster.

    • cj

      1. I can name you two. the 04 lakers lost to the pistons due to injury and the 10 lakers lost to the mavs due to injury. thouse are phil coached teams that due to overplaying stars lost in series they could and should have won.

      2. mike d has won in the nba. no he has never won a title but the current heat team are running his 7 sec or less offence. a great argument can be made that the nba screwed him of a title with the suns when the suspended amare and marion in the wcf.

      3. yes he is know for over using his starters but last season was not his fault. nash went down which moved blake into a starting role. that put more strain on kobe and blake. howard was not 100% so that put more strain on pau and hill. the lakers came in as a 10 man rotation. nash went down howard has not 100% and ebanks was stupid that took us from 10 to 7.5 real fast. the strain got to blake, pau, and hill at one point we had only 5-6 players who could play so we had to go to moris, godlock, clark, and dhoun. of that 4 only clark turned out ok but at that point we were to hurt. phil would not have helped that team in fact it might have been worse because phil would have called out howard.

      leave mike alone he is still a great coach.

      • Isa777

        BULL!!! No pun intended, but the 04 Lakers had more personal reasons for losing even though we had those ringers on our team that year. They thought they could pull a Meta World Peace. lol The 10 loss was when we had lost too many players that Phil needed to make the triangle offense work. The triangle offense is guard and small forward oriented. That means that we have to have three point shooters in order for it to work most effectively. The Buss’ got rid of some of our best three point shooters with Ariza and Farmer. Farmer, Fischer, and Kobe worked the triangle to perfection, and when they came out Shannon Brown, Gasol, and Odom could manage to keep the momentum. Last year’s team could have been a championship team, but without the right coach to coach them they were just worn and disoriented by the end of the season. Mke D’Antoni couldn’t coach his way to a championship in the West if he had wheels and a horse attached. Dantoni’s offense would never have beaten our 08 team. Now Mike Dantoni’s resume doesn’t come close to Phil’s. !2-0. But it doesn’t end there. How many championships did Michael Jordan win with out Phil Jackson? 0 How many championships did Kobe win without Phil Jackson? 0 How many championships did Phil Jackson win without Michael Jordan? 5 How many did he win without Kobe? 6. Face it, Kobe only became the NBA champion Kobe Bryant as often as he did because he was playing in Phil’s system. Outside of Phil’s system, Jordan proved useless. Kobe will be just as useless until the Buss’ get their overgrown egos and the humongous heads out of their tightwad asses.

  • Laker fan forever

    the one thing you never understood Dwight is that this is Kobenation, no one compares to our Kobe no one so keep on trucking, talk all you want we have our man (Kobe) he is all we need, he might be hurt right now, but he will come back stronger then ever, we have our mamba, you will still be singing the blues.

  • DWIGHT#1

    i wish Dwight the best, he leaves it on the floor everynight especially in the defensive end, he’s definitely going to be missed. everything happens for a reason and his departure is whats makes him happy im all up for it. I think with his leaving it made the Lakers a much better team from last season with our new players. its up to coach to limit and manage the playing minutes of the older guys and everybody in the team to avoid any injuries next year.
    i hope Dantoni doesnt over practice these guys and plays everybody in the team especially when we have the back to back games.
    some of the laker fans are haters and dont appreciate players that wants whats best for him. i speak for dwight, good luck big homie!!!
    if laker fans were more supportive and loving i think dwight may have stayed in town but L.A. being one of the capital “hater” fanbase of the world he jetted out!
    one love the the real Superman!!!

    • Jim213

      He made the best choice for himself, I myself didn’t see the benefit of having him in the long run. But if he leaned to keep his mouth shut or not address certain questions that are intended to drive hype we wouldn’t be talking about this today as well as avoided LN from reposting the same type of article over and over.

      • Paytc


        I don’t think D12 made the best choice for himself (IMO). I think he made the easiest choice, because there will be no one holding him accountable in Houston. He will also not have as high expectations placed on his weak back and shoulders. The weight of being measured along side Kareem,Wilt,Shaq etc… in a major market, with such a storied franchise, can be a lot of burden for most.

        I do hope D12 matures physically and mentally so he can be proud when he looks back on his accomplishments,with no regrets. Good luck to him as long as it does’nt prevent the Lakers from winning many more championships in the next 1-7 years :)

        Go Lakers !

        • Paytc

          It’s really kind of funny. The way some of today’s generation views winning is not to battle for it ,but find the easiest path?

          To jump ship on their teammates at any given time. Where is the loyalty? How is the character being shaped? Can you be successful and content knowing you ran from every challenging situation. I know it’s a business and players have to do what they feel is in their best interest. But life will always present challenges even if you change zip codes. Good luck escaping through life without any challenges.

          Go Lakers !

          • Jim213

            He made the best choice for himself given that not everyone can handle the pressure and role of playing for a successful business. This is why I never wanted DH as a Lakers given his inability to evolve and lead a team to the promise land.

  • The Rock

    Who in the blue hell are you?
    Finally…The Rock…has come back to Los Angeles
    The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!
    It doesn’t matter what you think.
    The Rock is without a doubt THE most electrifying man in sports entertainment today!
    Who is this roody-poo?
    It doesn’t matter what your name is!
    Just bring it!
    Hey Jabronie.Who are you two popcorn farts?
    The Rock says…
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    Do you smell That the Rock is Cook’n..
    If you smeellllll….what the Rock…Is…COOKING!
    Kobe Bryant is going to lay the smackdown on your candyass!

  • 3339

    Think about it this way. We go from having a guy in Dwight thats loaded with talent but expects everything handed to him to a solid vet that will work his ass off for us. thats an improvement.

  • Sammy D

    What was the hardest part of the whole process?

    I wanted to be top dog but Mitch wouldn’t let me
    I wanted to goof around but Kobe wouldn’t let me
    I wanted to jump higher but my hurting back wouldn’t let me
    I wanted to win close games but my free throw skills wouldn’t let me
    I wanted to get mad but the ref wouldn’t let me

    that’s why I left….because LA wouldn’t let me be me