VIDEO: Donald Sterling Bashes Magic Johnson On Anderson Cooper 360

VIDEO: Donald Sterling Bashes Magic Johnson On Anderson Cooper 360


Donald Sterling is at the center of one of the biggest controversies in the history of the NBA, and is likely to be forced out of the NBA because of it.

Many people spoke out against Sterling, and one of the biggest names was Lakers legend Magic Johnson. Magic claimed that he would never go to a Clippers game as long as Sterling is owner.

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Sterling gave his first interview since the scandal broke, to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and he did not hold back in his words to Magic:

These words are sure to draw the ire of a number of people and Sterling just seems like he is digging a deeper hole for himself.

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Sterling also said that Johnson isn’t a good role model for the children in the Los Angeles area. This controversy may stick around for a while longer with these comments.
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Clippers Owner Donald Sterling For LIFE

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  • Jim213

    Watched AC360, Sterling feels betrayed. Given his comments he feels threatened by Magic and the likelihood that he’d be the next Clippers owner. Magic’s done more for the community which goes for minorities than Sterling has done to his belief. Offering loans to people with business aspirations isn’t helping the community as much as setting up businesses to support those local communities as Magic’s done.

    Sterling needs help given he sees V. Stiviano without fault for the recordings yet Magic is seen as the bad guy?#% While Mrs. Sterling say’s that she doesn’t support her husband in any way shape or form yet recent and past actions say otherwise as the media and TMZ have shown.

    AC (CNN) should post the unedited version of the interview on his site given Sterling supporters (douches) would believe he was set up for some reason. It appears that those who disagree with the league ousting Sterling as owner of the Clippers want him to fight for what they believe is rightfully his own. Sterling is a franchisee owner of one of the league’s teams.

    The NBA is the one/main COMPANY (the franchiser) similar to owning a Subway or McDonald’s as all businesses/teams operate under the main brand they represent. Thus, this isn’t an independent business more so team owner’s must abide by strict guidelines that also relate to moral ethics today more so than in the past thanks to globalization and given today’s times with technology and the media.

    So the Sterling’s don’t have a shot in keeping the Clippers given they’ve negatively affected the overall well being of the business. However, he isn’t the only owner who feels this way especially when it applies to overall sports in general. Agree w/Spike too.

    • Marcus

      Dude is a dumbass loser.FUCK THE CLIPPERS!

  • kobe

    That is a wonderful verdict Mr. Silver. There is no room for that filth in any sport. I stand in solidarity with the Clippers and die a loyal LAKERS fan. #MAMBA REIGNS SUPREME!

  • $20509373

    I saw the interview and clearly Sterling has gone senile and has lost all grips on reality. Shelly Sterling said that he’s in the beginning stages of dementia in her interview; and after that circus on CNN I believe her. Ousting him is going to be easy now.

    • limdog

      I agree. His comments are all over the map as they were in the V. taping. They are hard to follow. He’s losing it.

  • purp& goldpride

    As a long time Lakers fan, there is something very slimy about magic.

    My opinion had already started to change about him, and him potentially owning the clips will further that sentiment. He should get soundly booed at the next Lakers game he attends. Riding with the emeny. Screw magic Johnson

  • purp& goldpride

    Too coincidental if he owns that team……his name has been involved since the story broke

  • Lakers4Life

    While there should be no racism allowed anywhere in the world today, I’m not sure if Sterling is a pure victim here.
    I sense a conspiracy deep behind the scenes, one that involves Magic and his powerful supporters pulling the strings on obtaining the tape and taking advantage of Sterling’s condition (if you listen to his interview he obviously doesn’t sound very logical and has some issues making sense of himself) in order to get hold of the Clippers ownership. This may be a lot more political than we think on the outside.

    • jdiggie

      What outside? He the one who made the remarks

    • Michael Lorta

      I agree, ive known great people you wouldn’t think would hurt a fly and loved everyone. when they came down with their sickness of alzhiemers and some with dementia the words that came out were bad and awful but we knew it was the sickness. maybe that is their true feeling but knowing how to keep your thoughts to yourself is the key they couldn’t help it or contain it once the sickness kicked in.

  • Marcus

    Clippers and Lakers it’s all the same shit.Magic Johnson is the head of the Clippers.Yes i agree the Clippers are the biggest enemy the Lakers have right now and that’s a fact.The biggest hated rival the Lakers have is the Clippers.So i just don’t get all this Magic Johnson is going to own the Clippers it’s just foolish.

  • Marcus

    Head Cheerleader Magic Johnson loves the Clippers.Lakers are getting kicked to the curb for the Clippers.That’s our team one team we are one.It’s our team.
    We love our players.Blah Blah Blah these Clippers bandwagon fans are pretty foolish and gullible.

  • tam

    Why can’t magic own the fucking clippers?? He would be a way better owner then sterling. Clippers will be more attractive for players, fans, sponsers. It would be a great vibe around staples. Quit fucking hating.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    That Fool really needs to leave and be striped of his ownership oh btw STILL FUCK FLOP CITY SELFIES!!!!!!! hope they lose in grand fashion!

  • Alan Fournier

    This whole fiasco slays me. Of course Stirlings’ a racist who exploits and dehumanizes his players. But is the league, or for that matter the media, much better?

    Last week I listened to Elgin Baylor, former Clipper GM, on Anderson 360. He was talking of the players anger, at how Stirling would saunter into the showers with his entourage of men and women to show off “his” naked players “beautiful black bodies”. Later all the media types on the show were aghast that this could happen. Yet the colleagues of those same media types do exactly the same thing to the players all the time, with the leagues blessing. It’s the same throughout pro-sport. As one player put it, how would you like to come out of the shower stark naked and have dozens of men and women standing there gawking at your junk?

  • richidaas

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