VIDEO: Derek Fisher’s Favorite Teammates, Where Does Kobe Bryant Rank? Reviewed by Momizat on . Current Oklahoma City guard and former Lakers fan favorite Derek Fisher has not changed his plans to retire after this season, although several of his teammates Current Oklahoma City guard and former Lakers fan favorite Derek Fisher has not changed his plans to retire after this season, although several of his teammates Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Derek Fisher’s Favorite Teammates, Where Does Kobe Bryant Rank?

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Current Oklahoma City guard and former Lakers fan favorite Derek Fisher has not changed his plans to retire after this season, although several of his teammates, including Kevin Durant, suggested they may attempt to convince him to extend his career. With that in mind, Sunday likely marked Fisher’s last game at Staples Center, and Lakers fans gave him a much deserved warm welcome. The memories of five NBA championships, the unforgettable 0.4 shot, and a bond between Fisher and Kobe Bryant, that no other teammate has been able to surpass, has left a mark on the history of the franchise and will forever be imprinted in the hearts of Lakers fans around the globe.

That imprint will also live on through through Bryant and Fisher, whose mutual appreciation for one another has taken it’s highest form.

This past September, in an an interview with a Yahoo! affiliate in Dubai, Bryant said Derek Fisher has always been his “all-time favorite teammate.” Does Derek Fisher feel the same way? Fisher explained that he has separate “compartments” when evaluating his relationships with teammates over the years. There’s a compartment in which personal and social relationships come into play, but Bryant definitely ranks number one in the basketball compartment.

“Kobe, by far is my favorite teammate from a basketball perspective, in terms of what we were able to accomplish,” Fisher told LakersNation.com. “It would be a disservice to guys like Devean George, Luke Walton, Horace Grant, guys that I really got close to over the years in terms of being friends to automatically put Kobe at the top of that list. We definitely shared some special years and I miss him everyday, and I just want him to get healthy and get back on the court as soon as possible.”

Fisher also smiled when he described his Laker career along Bryant as simply, a “lifetime.” Fisher did not hesitate to state that he knows Bryant will be back at his best, very soon. As for Fisher, he wasn’t yet ready to reflect on his Lakers career, but he did say that it was a great feeling to know he’d accomplished a few things with the Lakers that very few teams in the history of the NBA have accomplished.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Moment In Boston Garden, Involved Derek Fisher

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  • DCCifer

    thats my nigga

    • Mr. White

      Yeah thats my nigga

      • fakerstolakers

        I like this one.

  • APrince66

    Nothing but respect. Flopping or not, no one would take a charge like Fish

  • fakerstolakers

    It is shame that Mitch booted him out in 2004, and booted him out again.
    This sums up Mitch’s ability to be a GM. Can’t not even be close to Pat Riley and Jerry West.
    Derek did not even ask a lot of money. He even took a pay cut to come back the after Utah.

    Lakers won all their last five championships with Derek.

    And, here they spend money on Nash, et. al.

    • lakesho

      You do know Fish left the first time for more money and playing time, right? He didn’t want to come off the bench behind GP.

      • Kay Carter

        he’s a faker….so he didnt know that lol

        • falkerstolakers

          Read. Get some education.

          I know the school are not teaching much in LA but it does not hurt to read on your own.

          • Kay Carter

            obviously you need the education, because you are assuming I’m in “L.A.” which i am not lol nd you should have put “schools” not school…..also it’s L.A. not LA since LA is abbreviation for Louisiana :/ i guess you need to read more and get yourself an education, so you will know that next time lol

      • falkerstolakers

        Fish did not ask a lot. He went to GS. And GP was gone in 2004 so he could have stayed.

        He was only asking 3M/year and worth every single penny.

        I hope now you know.

        And he cancelled his 3 years 21 M with Utah to come to the Lakers for 3/14M.

        Got it.

        • Murkinator

          All I gotta say is, look at Rondo PPG in the Finals where FISHER guarded him. That with his low assists and points per game…..fisher had to go…but not for Nash.

          • fakerstolakers

            Fish was near the end of he career. Rondo, was young, Fish still has values coming off the bench. Better than, Farmar et al.

            In a tight one point game, Fish can handle the pressure and make the right pass and Swish a basket.

            I have seen Nash many a times, with Phoenix in his days in the playoffs, choke in the last two minutes.

            I am sick of Nash this and Nash that..He has not done anything in this league.

            He is no Isaiah Thomas, J. Stockton, Magic Johnson, Dennis Johnson, yes, and even Fisher, Fisher has five rings…

          • Paytc

            I’m with you on that ! Fisher was the man. The Lakers have not been the same without him. But Magic is in a level much higher than Isaiah,Stockton,and DJ.
            And yes, Nash was a good player, but over rated IMO.

          • Paytc

            Derek Fisher was a road dog with toughness,veteran leadership ,and respect in the locker room.

          • fakerstolakers

            Even Gary Payton was a playoffs warrior. 3 trip to the finals and one ring.
            Nash did a good job in the regular season with the Suns. But in the NBA you win or go home. And Nash has done a plenty of that.

        • Kay Carter

          stop trolling, Fish only came back to us bkuz his daughter need surgery, only in L.A. she was able to get the type of surgery needed done….

          Got it?

          • fakerstolakers

            Disagree! He left $7 million on the table. He could have hired a private jet to fly his daughter.

            Why are you so anti fish. Kobe have zero rings without him. Clearly he was one of the key ingredients. No Fish No Ring for Kobe.

            And I did not go to school in LA, so you can see how I spell. Right.

          • fakerstolakers

            Ok Mr. Kay, your own medicine.
            Mr. English professor.
            What is “bkuz”

            “Needed surgery”

            “Needed to be performed”

            Mr. Kay, this is for you!!

          • Kay Carter

            im not anti-fish, we needed Fish in almost all those playoff games with his buzzer beaters, and against orlando and boston (him and Gasol helped us alot) did you see any of my post go against FIsh??? nd not an English professor MR FALKER OR FAKER LOL i just pointed out how can some1 say they need an education when you yourself have misspelled words :/ it’s pretty hypocritical nd where did i write “needed to be performed” at?

            “see how i spell. Right.” lol shouldn’t it be see how i spelled it right…..

            Mr.Faker, this is for you!!!!!!!

          • fakerstolakers

            Mr. Kay. Peace to you for real. We are good. If this is my last day, I apologize to you for any hard feelings.

            Peace Brother Sir Kay.

  • Jimmy

    I want to live in LA so bad #beautiful

    Joel Embiid tweeted that.Top prospect in the NCAA right now.Come on Lakers draft Joel Embiid.He is begging to play for the Lakers his favorite team.Do it Mitch!

    • michael

      how? tanking? please no

      • Kwame Bust

        Exactly these people think Tanking is the answer.That is asinine for Jimmy to suggest to Mitch Kupchak to draft Joel Embiid.Honestly back in the day guys like Kevin Garnett,Kobe Bryant,T-Mac,Amare Stoudemire,LeBron James all would all come straight from High School to the NBA and they were all great in the NBA but nowadays these college freshman want to be coddled by their coaches and the media exposes their weakness and they crumble under prime time expectations.

        Joel Embiid is a good young player but no way should any team tank for him or any player for that matter.Tanking is useless since no guarantee the player drafted will be the next Kobe or Shaq.
        Just saying.

  • Kwame Bust

    Derek Swisher is the man.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    D-Fish will always be a Laker no matter what team he on!

    • Paytc

      I’m witcha on that !

  • Marty Susman

    He needs/will be an asst. to Byron next year….

  • Yusuf Al-Quran Ali

    no matter what i loved dfish and i still love him

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