VIDEO: Dennis Rodman Doesn’t Understand Lamar Odom’s Decisions

VIDEO: Dennis Rodman Doesn’t Understand Lamar Odom’s Decisions


Rodman 73With Lamar Odom’s DUI in the news this morning on the heels of his alleged drug abuse, he’s been a topic of discussion for a little over a week now. Today, Dennis Rodman entered the conversation in an interview with the Huffington Post.

Rodman was plugging his new vodka, Bad Boy Vodka, and discussing various aspects of his career, family, and lifestyle. While talking about him being heavily involved in the party scene, Rodman was asked about the recent stories about Odom.

“I just don’t understand when you have so much money that you’re that bored that you really have to go to that extreme,” said Rodman in the interview with Huffington Post. “The sad thing about it is the fact that he’s not a bad guy. He used to come to my restaurants, clubs in Newport Beach a lot. He’s a good guy.”


“I don’t understand why he’s hiding in a hotel. You have a great life, you’re making so much money, you have a beautiful house, a beautiful family,” Rodman continued. “Don’t go backwards in life, especially when you worked so hard to get there.”

It’s kind of ironic hearing Rodman talking about the personal life and decisions of another ball player considering the lifestyle he employed during the course of his career, but everyone has an opinion on Odom right now. You can watch the interview below.


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  • Jim213


    • Eddie Lazaro

      Syria is next.

  • GodlyRebel

    I hate the fact that he was attacking him on his prospective on whats going on. Its obvious that he just does what he does live his life. Nothing more he doesnt care about those things he just hope as life progresses theres world peace

  • Ray Washington

    Come on Dennis Rodman??? Giving advice!!!! ha ha ha he said, “Don’t go backwards in life, especially when you worked so hard to get there.” Next he will give instructions on how to hold the shotgun to your head in a parking lot when your women leaves you!!!! like he did in Detroit.

  • SpringBreakers

    Dennis Rodman is a sell out not real he act white.He a fake.Tom Tom.Rodman is not supposed to speak on dis LO situation it’s not his bizz.he knows nothing about a real G like Lamar Odom.Their is a war out there with Syria and dis fool Uncle Rodman wants to talk down on LO???Just like 2Pac says in his song Tradin War Stories We tradin war stories, we Outlawz on the riseJealous niggaz I despise, look in my eyes.

  • Paytc

    Rodman has been there and done that, and has met Lamar….

    He’s had success in the NBA winning championships etc…. and he has made his share of mistakes off the court. So hopefully Lamar can grasp a little value from Rodman trying to reach out and help.

    Lamar has a lot of love, and good reasons to continue to live, and improve his life.
    I hope he will gain strength from those who reach out and have love and support for him.

    Lamar, we still believe you have the skill and some work to do in the NBA. I for one am looking forward to your return.

  • Bryan

    Very good interview. Thought it would have been 33 minutes of wasted time but was actually entertaining.