VIDEO: Dennis Rodman Blasts Kobe Bryant On Stage In Hollywood Reviewed by Momizat on . Over the past few months, Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has been doing the rounds and very publicly loosing his mind in the process. As if the trip to North Korea Over the past few months, Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has been doing the rounds and very publicly loosing his mind in the process. As if the trip to North Korea Rating:
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VIDEO: Dennis Rodman Blasts Kobe Bryant On Stage In Hollywood

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GTY_dennis_rodman_jt_130909_16x9_992Over the past few months, Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has been doing the rounds and very publicly loosing his mind in the process.

As if the trip to North Korea didn’t raise enough eyebrows for Rodman, the five-time NBA champion blasted a former teammate in a very public fashion recently. Not only did Rodman blast a former teammate, but that teammate was none other than Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rodman made an appearance at the W hotel in Hollywood recently and was either interrupting a band on stage or performing with them. The outspoken Rodman held back nothing getting the crowd excited mentioning Kobe’s name and then dropping the f-bomb a few times.

The former Laker played alongside Kobe and Shaquille O’Neal back in 1999, but his stay in Los Angeles was short-lived playing only 23 games with the Lakers before being released by the team.

(Warning: Not Safe For Work. Foul Language.)

H/T to Deadspin

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  • lakerfan

    Go Suck on Kim Jong Un Dick Pussy ass Faggot.

  • Golteb

    IMO it makes more sense if they say that to you since you are clearly the ass in that statement…

    • Badeng

      LOL! Sooo true! Between Kobe and Dennis “Rodthing,” the -F*ck you- statement makes more sense if said to that weird ass Dennis

      • Tina Moran

        Have nothing against cross-dressing but Dennis is just plain weird. There is nothing beautiful or artistic with what he’s doing. It’s just…yuck!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Message to Dennis Rodman below.

  • Jim213

    Haters gonna hate.

    • Badeng

      Definitely, but there is a difference. Kobe haters are just envious of him. Dennis haters just hate him. hahaha

  • Gregory Choa

    Hey LN, this is not news…by crafting a post about this piece of trash, you’re kinda giving credence to something where none should exist. I would like to issue a cease and desist order to this thread …

  • ra

    Really??? Rodman was ‘formerly’ the kind of person that really couldn’t be upset, or phased by anyone. Not even Washington D.C., or Obama, who didn’t like Rodman conversing with the head of Korea, could budge Rodman.

    He is outrageous, and shows off, and nobody can say anything that seems to bother him.

    But … Kobe? You know, this means that Kobe “must be” the greatest – because apparently Kobe ‘unnerves’ Rodman. Wow!!! And Rodman played with MJ too, and never said anything like that about MJ.

    So, strangely, this actually bespeaks of the greatness of one “Kobe Bryant”. Thanks, Rodman!

  • Elcid Martinez

    I’m a Laker fan since I was a kid. Rodman obviously made some offensive, stupid and disrespectful statements. However, I happen to be gay and the homo/fag statements are just as offensive and ignorant. Grow up. I expected more of my fellow laker brothers and sisters. Smh.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      IGnorant of what? That people considers something wrong as right, and right wrong?

      • Elcid Martinez

        Ignorant of definitions Richard. Homo/fag are not synonyms for stupid/lame or bad. Being gay is a sexuality. Also, you lost me with the wrong/right/right/wrong thing lol huh!? xD your the riddler lol

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          you really shouldnt use this message board as a forum for your believes – this is about basketball – or at least it should be

          • Elcid Martinez

            Then why didnt you tell the other people stating their beliefs the same thing? Hmm.. The topic being discussed is Rodman’s personal statements, not really a basketball topic. People gave their opinions by saying things like homo/fag and so I defended my beliefs. They have a right to post anything they want. As do you. However, you have no right to tell me that I can’t do what others are doing as well.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            BC they are all directed towards DENNIS RODMAN – aka what the article is about – I didnt say you couldnt do anything – it was just an advisory statement – if you feel the need to engage anonymous people on this personal subject you probably arent completely chill with yourself – i have gay friends from west hollywood and they dont trip on self-righteous bullshit like this

  • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

    just because no one cares about Rodman now, more and more people are forgetting him. it’s easy to understand if we want to make others notice us, the best way is to challenge the famous man.

    so he went to North Korea too. Just want others to remember him.

  • lakersfan247/sirlaker

    man hes trippin LOL

  • vdogg

    is this moron EVER going to grow up? come on, dennis. you’re in your 50s now.. stop acting like a complete loon in public. it’s hilarious how he makes a complete ass of himself one minute only to expect everyone to feel sorry for him the next. remember his HOF speech in which he started crying, talking about how bad of a father he had been? well whose fault is that, dennis? you’re pathetic and old now, dennis. you’re barely relevant anymore. just try and let your public persona die with a little dignity, if that’s even possible. like everyone else, i am sure kobe is laughing at you.

  • jeff

    I’m pretty sure Dennis is PERMAFRIED, as in drug brain damaged.

  • Super Girl

    The old Fart just needs attention which he has not been given for a long time!!! go KOBE go LAKERS!!!

  • Mike D

    Fire your editor…yet another typo…it’s “losing his mind” not “loosing his mind.” You guys can’t write articles with correct spelling for shit!

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