VIDEO: Clippers Hang Red And White Balloons On Lakers Statues

VIDEO: Clippers Hang Red And White Balloons On Lakers Statues


The Los Angeles Clippers will play host to the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series on Monday night.

According to Mark Medina’s Tout account, the Clippers have tied red and blue balloons to every single Lakers statue outside of Staples Center. Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West and Chick Hearn’s statues are all decorated with Clipper balloons.

While the Clippers had the better season, all-star point guard Chris Paul acknowledged that Los Angeles is still a Lakers town.
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  • Joe Haeberle


    • A Fan

      Agreed. The Lakers didn’t put those statues out there just because they wanted to. They EARNED the right to do so with all those championships. This makes me even more pissed off that Stern screwed us out of CP3 and it makes me really wanna root for the Warriors

      • Joe Haeberle

        To be honest I’m already rooting for the Warriors. I don’t mind the fans that are bandwagon fans but when they start doing something like this it just goes to show how intelligent some are. And seriously Chick’s statue? Really? Some people shouldn’t be aloud to breed anymore.

      • Jim213

        Per Mark Heisler (OC),

        “The Lakers will certainly make the offer; the Timberwolves might even go for it if Love, who’s widely suspected of wanting to join the Lakes, tells the Wolves that he’ll walk when his contract runs out in 2015, otherwise.”

        if they can’t acquire WIGGINS, EXUM, EMBIID, OR PARKER then it should be an option but thinking about it now I’d may be best to go after K Irving as the 1 is the weakest position for this team.

      • Lakers4Life

        Amen to that. The Flippers need to get their ugly stuff off of my Lakers memorials.

  • FuCcErryThanG

    wtf??? clippers fans have no respect…

    • Karla Cook Slaterblair

      they never have and never will

    • ClippersOne

      Last time I checked thousands of Laker fans were booing Chris Paul and his son at the Dodger game. I guarantee Laker fans will come in droves to hate if the Clippers ever won a championship and had a parade. Now let’s compare that to the couple of dumb kids who put those balloons up. Your team is in the dumps. Get over it already and find a different hobby.

      • missy

        Well I guess since they can’t hang a championship banner, than why not hang a balloon.

      • FuCcErryThanG


      • Jeff

        Boohoo. Chris Paul a clipper got booed by laker fans at a dodger game… What a Greek tradegy!

        The clippers will never win a championship so you don’t have to worry about the hate.

        Lakers are in the dumps and the clippers are in their golden age and so far the farthest they’ve gotten is the 2nd round where they were wooped. You better find a new hobby because when this current window closes you won’t have stern to gift you another star.

  • craig martin

    I think its time they got there own arena

    • karasoon4

      IN their own CITY!

      • Rod Milton

        Anaheim. It would make perfect sense.

    • Karla Cook Slaterblair

      i agree 100 percent

    • Lakers4Life

      I think a perfect place for their arena would be in Hell.

  • Shannon

    Fuck the Clippers as a staff, basketball team and as a mothafucking crew. They need to get their own arena already. That just looks stupid and ridiculous.

    • vdogg


  • Chris Gutierrez

    They need to take that shit down! I know it was doc rivers idea to do that shit! They don’t like the statues out front then get your own damn building!

  • Amontoy Cuts

    Tenant never ruled Los Angeles! PACK THEM!

  • BitterAmerican

    just cut it.

  • Thomas Mitchell

    evict they bums to Anahiem

  • kookiebuger

    Lets get revenge and do this to one of their statues… oh wait.

  • $20509373

    It’s disrespectful, but currently we don’t warrant any respect.

    • purp& goldpride

      It’s doc rivers…an ex Celtic’re damn right he hates the Lakers and its cheap & pity. The clippers haven’t warranted respect either in the grand scheme of things. ESPECIALLY INLOS ANGELES

    • Shannon

      Excuse you? Those men played hard throughout their careers and deserve all the accolades including the statues. They are the ones who DESERVE the respect.

  • purp& goldpride

    MOVE…Donald stop being cheap and get your team their own home arena, home fan base, and a place to play to where they don’t have to cover LAKERS greatness. Retired jersey of magic, west, kareem etc covered by Crawford & barnes…please

  • Laker Town

    If I knew about this earlier, I would’ve gladly took the train to staples and cut those balloons down. This is why I hate the clippers franchise. Go back to San Diego!

  • independentbynature

    The air will soon be out of those balloons and they still won’t have any banners.

  • FKtheClips

    That’s just disrespectful. Clippers, get your own arena if you have such a hard time dealing with all the statues and banners.

  • independentbynature

    Lets cover up all those clippers championship banners in the rafters.Oh,wait……

  • SD

    I could somewhat understand the banners being covered, but not the statues. These greats aren’t just Lakers greats…they are NBA greats and hall of famers. They deserve more respect than that. They built Staples and the NBA. smfh

  • Pearson Posumah

    I propose to any true Lakers fan who live in the Figueroa St/LA area, who would hastily go to a Lakers championship parade, to wear their beautiful Purple and Gold jersey or t-shirt proudly, bring scissors and cut these ridiculous display of disrespectfulness should the no class Clippers do this bull again in their next “home” game. Please my fellow brothers and sisters of Lakers Nation who live near our team LAKERS’,that’s right, LAKERS’ Staples Center. Please! Do it for Magic! Do it for Chick Hearn! #onlyonechampinLA #Lakers #clippersdisrespectful

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time.They pulled this crap last year.This is just ridiculous and the Lakers must stop them by beating them down every time we play them.But reality is they are stacked with 57 wins and we are a lottery team with 27 wins.Things must change fast for the Lakers and that starts by firing D’Antoni bros and everyone else that needs to be fired.Lakers can get back at them somehow.

  • Chris S

    I can’t wait to see the Clippers get this ass kicked out the playoffs and then be the laugh of the town. Have some respect you bunch of losers and starts with their coach Doc Rivers who thinks he’s Hollywood because he’s coaching an LA team. If he was given a choice he would be coaching the Lakers instead.

  • J Lee

    Clips will make the play off every year while Chris Paul is here. After he left they will go back to the old Clips. Let them enjoy the moment bc they will not get a championship ring anytime soon. They are too loud right now but haven’t actually win anything yet.

  • Rod Milton

    It’s all good. Clippers won’t win the ship this year anyways. The Clippers are gonna be like the Phoenix Suns from 05-07. They have an high powered offense, but come playoff time they won’t make it all the way. They’ll make it to the Western Conference finals, but that’s as far as it’ll go. They won’t beat San Antonio and they def won’t beat OKC. And if they do manage to make it to the finals…they’re not getting by Miami.

  • Rod Milton

    And let’s get something straight Laker fans. The Clippers don’t need to move anywhere. The Lakers are the ones who need to move…BACK TO THE FORUM. It’ll just need renovating.

    • Brian Paul Andaya

      Man, what are even talking about? First and foremost, the Clippers are the ones who should move, the Lakers’ practically OWN Staples Center, whenever someone mentions Staples Center, most or not all people would immediately think of the Lakers while the Clippers are just some wannabe Lakers team renting the place, they should just move back to San Diego. Second, the Lakers ARE the original Los Angeles team, they moved to LA long before the Clippers were even recognized as an NBA team. Now tell me again who should move out of Staples

  • Laker Fan

    Completely disrespectful. Clippers should get their own arena in their own city. Seattle would be a good place for yall. LA will always be Lakers town no matter what.

  • Moveonout

    I guess I am the only one, but I do not think this is disrespectful. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that two nba franchises share a home court. This is clear evidence that they need to have their own place, preferably in a different city! But with that said, they want to represent their team and get excited about the playoffs. If the Lakers were in it, or were playing them it would be VERY disrespectful. Time for them to get evicted!

  • comrade24

    Fuera de Staples! Go back to San Diego!

  • quickster007

    Now, that Gasol soon to be an ex-Laker. The Lakers would have 19 millions of cap space. The Lakers should not trade their draft pick. They should use that pick for Dante Exum as their future point guard. The salary cap has been raise from 58 to 63 millions per season. The Lakers can go after a center like Greg Monroe whose making 3 millions a season. The Lakers can offer him 5 millions a season. Also, the Lakers can sign Luol Deng at the small forward position. He is asking 14 millions a season. At the end of the 2015 season, Nash contract will be over and that’s 9 millions a season. There will be a lot of free agents available and one of them is Kevin Love. The Lakers can offer Love 15 millions a season. The Lakers might have to over the salary cap for one season. The Lakers starting five should be Dante Exum, Kobe Bryant, Luol Deng, Kevin Love, Greg Monroe. After 2016, when Kobe leaves and that’s 24 millions of cap space. the Lakers can go after Klay Thompson and pay him 7 millions a season. He is only making 3 millions with the Warriors. Ow, one more thing the Lakers should have a banner that says we only hang championship banners not the team starting five pictures.

    • Kookiebuger

      Monroe will want more then 5 million, he will probably want 8-13 million. Why should the Lakers over spend for Deng he is not worth 14 million he is honestly worth 7-11 million but he turnt down 12.5 with the Bulls so the Lakers should stay away from him.

    • Frank Williams

      INTERESTING quickster007!!!

  • Charles Pree

    i’ve said since they built that arena, that the Flippers” will never belong there! get ur own damn arena you jerks! leave the Championship” Laker statues and banners alone! earn your own. L.A. is and always will be Laker Nation”.

  • Can’t All Be Zingers

    What were they supposed to do? Hang them on the statue of Danny Manning? Oh wait?

  • lakerforever

    Why don’t the Clippers have their own gym. If they don’t like the Forum don’t disgrace someone who allows you to use there house so can have somewhere to play and then show NO RESPECT I’m glad stern ass is out because he is an dumbass

  • lakerforever

    * u

  • Walter Harrell

    No class .. childish dumd bruts that . Will never win a championship in LA.

  • Lakers4Life

    I would like to see Kareem, Magic, and West go down to Staples and personally cut the balloons off of their own statues and then make a guest appearance during the game at halftime to embarrass the stupid Flippers by letting them no that they have disrespected the most storied and successful franchise in sports history and are a disgrace to the NBA and Los Angeles alike.

  • LakerTool

    Yeah, get your own arena LA Kings!

  • Memo Parra

    those balloons will fade n so will Clippers n there fans the statues will remain intact forever n the LAKERS Legacy will continue with more championships…!!!

  • Neil

    It’s time the clippers get out of staples and find their own arena, they have no right to be sharing a stadium with the Lakers. If they want to play at staples, they need to show the Lakers respect because they were there first!

  • Aaron Rice

    Funny how you guys are upset about being “disrespected” by Cilpper fans, and then promptly get on the message board and disrespect the Clipper fans… The Lakers are an amazing franchise. I think you do them a disservice when you get upset about some balloons.

  • Lakers suck.

    If Kobe Cryant had a statue I’d hang a rape whistle from it, ha ha ha.