VIDEO: Chris Kaman Promises That Lakers Are Not Tanking For Picks

VIDEO: Chris Kaman Promises That Lakers Are Not Tanking For Picks


After the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night, the Lakers dropped to 18-34, allowing the Jazz to pass the Lakers in the Western Conference Standings. The Lakers currently stand at 14th place in the Western Conference, and the Sacramento Kings are just one game behind.

As expected, Laker frustrations ran high on Tuesday night, even Mike D’Antoni received his first technical of the season. At just 18 wins in 52 games, many Lakers fans have taken a ‘Team Tank’ approach and rooting for the Lakers to lose with hopes that the Lakers are in a better position for draft picks come June. However, Chris Kaman assured fans Tuesday night that chasing picks is absolutely not the approach of this team.

Everybody knows we want to win. It’s not like we are out here trying to chase picks, that’s not what we’re doing at all, I promise. I don’t think anybody thinks that way. It’s frustrating, the team that’s trying to go for picks, and when they (Utah) beat us by 20.”

No offense to Utah but they’re just about as bad this year as we’ve been, with the exception that we have some injuries, and so it’s frustrating to lose by 20 like that.”

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has insisted that the Lakers will not tank this season. Kupchak’s right. In this scenario, to tank insinuates that a team intentionally loses games in order to chase picks. This isn’t intentional. The Lakers may find themselves in a decent position on NBA Draft Day, but it’s truly because this current Lakers roster, just isn’t any good.


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  • Jonathan Ly

    Of course no one is going to say the team is tanking, and in fact, if everyone was healthy, we’d be chasing the 9th/8th seed in the west.

    They are professionals, regardless of the position, no one wants to go out and stink it up for 82 games. Kaman certainly doesn’t want to be known as some guy who comes out and goes through the motions, nor do any of the other Lakers.

    Its a tough situation. Given the current position, it makes sense to hold out until guys are completely health. 30 games left. Kobe coming back only makes sense if he’s going to play 20-25 minutes to get practice. He needs the game time, but he shouldn’t be killing himself in this lost season.

  • Green

    If we were healthy we would be much better than 8 or 9. This team has good players who fight like the mamba. Starting line up of Nash, Kobe, X, Hill and Gasol with Swaggy P, Farmar, Blake, Meeks, and Kaman coming off the bench. I would not be frightened by any team that might stop in on the Lakers. We will be back. Now tank it and let’s get the next one.

    • TS

      Nothing against the lake show at all, but I disagree. Even if we have our full squad, this year, the west is SUPER deep. 1-8 right now is playing well. even t teams that aren’t even top 8 are very good teams. Memphis, Denver, and Minnesota all have deep squads. Shoot healthy Pelicans even. Howard was a mistake. Signing Nash was a mistake, he’s done nothing but destroy the team. Love the guy, but it was what it is. Any PG gets by Nash easily. Pau isn’t a 20-10 guy with other scorers on the court. So all we really have is Kobe, and two other guys that hustle. That’s not gonna do it. Luckily, we’re only one game in front of the Kings (who should be better than they are) and are chances for the lottery will go up. Any Top 3 pick will be great. And hoping we can get a big pick up in the off season, if not this year, than 2 big ones the following year. This definitely isn’t the same type of team I grew up watching.

      • Daryl Peek

        10-9 on an upward tick at the time. Green is absolutely right. We’d be better if fully healthy and not with all the constant roster fluctuation. Team Chemistry was there at the time and team character was gaining momentum. Character is why they haven’t thrown in the towel completely. Even the purple and gold pride is not enough to overcome all of this injury carnage. 5 of our top 6 scorers out?!? No team, not even the Heat or Spurs survives that.