Video: Charles Barkley Thinks Lakers Should Shut Down Kobe Bryant

Video: Charles Barkley Thinks Lakers Should Shut Down Kobe Bryant


After news broke that Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant fractured his lateral tibial plateau of his left knee and will miss six weeks, several “experts” weighed in on whether or not he should come back this season.

When he returned from his torn Achilles, the Lakers went 2-4 in the six games he started as it was clear that he was continuing to shake off the rust from missing eight months of game action. Bryant had issues adjusting to the slightly up-tempo Lakers offense as the ball stuck when he was on the court and had issues hanging onto the ball, averaging 5.7 turnovers per game.

One of the Lakers biggest critics, Charles Barkley of Inside the NBA on TNT, weighed in on whether or not Bryant should play again this season on the heals of another significant injury. It was Barkley who recently said the Lakers “will stink” with our without the 35-year-old veteran guard and voiced his opinion that he shouldn’t play again this season.

While Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal believe the five-time champion will be back in six weeks, Barkley took things a step further, even referring to Bryant as a “garden snake”.

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(h/t Sports Illustrated)
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  • Jose

    As much of an idiot as Chuck sounds sometimes I actually agree with that statement this time. I have posted that before. This season is a wash and you have some young kids that need to play and develop. Let them play and bring the healthy mamba back at the start of next season. I know Kobe won’t let that happen but hey we can only hope.

  • meep

    it wouldnt be a bad idea to think about shutting kobe down if Lakers show no chance of playoffs. there would be no reason for kobe to play and risk another injury

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe should be back in 5 weeks or so.Hopefully by February.SMH at Chuckster.

  • 3339

    Just gonna tell it like it is. If the Lakers somehow make the playoffs they play OKC, San Antonio, Portland, or even those Clippers. They don’t beat any of them in a 7 game series.
    Kobe should take his time to recover for next year and not waste his effort this year.
    By then the Lakers should have a better team, better coach, and better opportunity for Kobe at this stage in his career.

  • Gregory Choa

    First of all, and speaking of shutting things down, Charles Barkley needs to learn how to shut his pie-hole down…because right now, it’s flappin’ wayyy too often.
    As for Kobe, and the prospect of him returning this season – presumably as early as Feb. 6th – I think this’ll ultimately boil down to a “wait-and-see” approach. Yes, the Young Guns still need to benefit from the full range of minutes sans Kobe, but make no mistake…if the Lakers can somehow play .500-.600 ball over these next 6 wks, and there is a chance that the Lakers can get into the postseason, Kobe will be coming back. There is no way this team deliverately misses a chance to be in the playoffs, no matter what the seed and no matter what their prospects may be. Competing in the playoffs fulfills many expectations of this team, no matter how far it goes.
    And I don’t care how the “experts” handicap the playoff picture, if the Lakers are in, and Kobe & Pau are healthy, and they have at least two of their 3 legit point guards ready to go, this will be a dangerous playoff team.

    • jake mendez

      I hear u!!!

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Lets get real – Kobe is going to do what he wants – Nobody is going to decide to shut him down except Kobe himself.

    And why anybody quotes or listens to Gnarles Barkwheat is beyond my scope of comprehension.

  • alias

    change the coach, tempo offense would not fit to kobe

  • TomK

    Saying that he won’t or shouldn’t come back is one thing, calling him a garder snake is another, it’s no secret that Chuck has never liked Kobe or the Lakers.

  • Andrew Shalat

    How many rings does Barkley have again?

    • TomK

      Why do you think he hate’s him so much?

      • richard

        He is paid to stir conversations and up the TV rating.. that’s why.

  • TomK

    Charles Barkley , Kobe motivatier to the max, he WILL be healthy again Chuck, and he will have plenty to prove, I pity the fool that bets against him.

  • matthew dimataga

    fuck chuck!

    • Claudia Davis

      charles not have the job.kobe well be back

      • Claudia Davis

        charles he is a would like to be talk about.

  • Z

    How many rings you got on those fat fingers Chucky the Chump?

  • ra

    Problem with headline: Charles Barkley thinks ….. THINKS, right? When was the last time Charles Barkley ‘thought’, or had a ‘thought’. What Charles Barkley ‘barks’ out is totally unrelated to ‘thinking’ or ‘thought’.

    Charles Barkley runs off instinct alone. The only thing running through what could be mistaken as being a mind, is “No rings. Hate Kobe”. Just like what runs through a lion’s mind when they see a zebra straying from the pack is, “Easy to catch. Eat Zebra”. Or more like, “Roar. Food”.

    Charles is entertaining, though, which is why he is still on TNT. What will Charles say next? How will Charles morph his hatred of Kobe into a ‘fake intelligent’ comment on anything Laker or Kobe related?

  • vcm

    barkley shut-up!!! kobe will return. your just jealous coz u dnt have a throphy.

    • Currently Depressed

      Chuck called Kobe a “Garden Snake”. How aweful is that. He is always hating on Kobe. Why??????

  • Johnny

    Jim Buss really screwed the Lakers future signing Kobe again. I hope I’m wrong , but I think Kobe will be long gone before the Lakers contend again.

  • Kevin

    Well, in the great words of one Shaquille Oneal, ” us people with championships don’t respect people WITHOUT ehem.. championships.. ehem

  • Claudia Stewart

    Did Charles make 48 million in his whole damn career? No rings. Could it be envy?

  • Mike

    Charles Barkley needs to shut the hell up.. Thats what he should do..

  • Jerry

    Big Mouth Chuck is at it again! I guess that’s why he NEVER to any rings because he TALKS TOO MUCH!

  • dimes

    coming from guy who is bankrupt and the only thing to do is kiss the ass of lebron

  • Thomas Dease