VIDEO: Charles Barkley Blasts Lakers, Praises Dwight Howard for Decision Reviewed by Momizat on . Former NBA star and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley has no problem expressing his opinion. Barkley says whatever comes to mind at any given moment and has a Former NBA star and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley has no problem expressing his opinion. Barkley says whatever comes to mind at any given moment and has a Rating:
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VIDEO: Charles Barkley Blasts Lakers, Praises Dwight Howard for Decision

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NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles LakersFormer NBA star and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley has no problem expressing his opinion. Barkley says whatever comes to mind at any given moment and has a career after basketball as a result of being entertaining for his antics and outspoken personality.

Although Barkley has been able to extend his career in the spotlight after basketball for being outspoken, the Hall of Famer has always seemed to have it out for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. There’s no doubt Barkley respects the five-time NBA champion and the storied NBA franchise, but he’s always been quick to say Kobe’s career is over while criticizing the Lakers franchise for moves made.

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During an interview with ESPN recently, Barkley talked about Dwight Howard signing with the Houston Rockets over the Lakers. Barkley believed it was the right move and even if he didn’t sign with Houston that the Golden State Warriors would’ve been the better option over the aging Lakers.

Along with basically saying that Dwight didn’t have a future in Los Angeles as a perennial title contender, Barkley also blasted the storied franchise for no longer being a contender with the window of opportunity “boarded up” preparing for a hurricane as he put it.

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  • seitu ford

    Thanx charlie.keep adding fuel to the MAMBA FIRE!!

  • lakers_824

    Funny thing is that lakers are gonn have a better record then last year with all the new pieces.

    • Stan Kromfols

      With Phil now in the background hopefully he and Jeannie can overcome the stupidity of her brother

  • ra

    Barkley is a Laker hater, and Kobe hater. But let’s look at totals: Kobe: 5 Barkley: 0.

    And while we’re at it: Shaq: 4 Barkley: 0. Kenny the Jet: 2 Barkley: 0. Ernie Johnson: 0 Barkley: 0.

    One more: Mark Madsen: 2 Barkley: 0

    Wait, one more: Lakers: 16 titles Barkley: 0

    • jt3z

      Adam Morrison: 2 Barkley: 0

    • Ty

      Slava Medvedenko: 2 Barkley: 0

      • bob


    • Paytc

      I agree with you,but you forgot……. ” D12″ The guy Barkley is supporting in this case, has zero NBA championships as well.

  • richard

    I love Barkely when He was a player.. but as an analyst he just stinks big time. Him saying the Lakers are finish for next year is him not knowing a lot about players like Kobe and MJ… those guys, they are not the ones who just roll over.. they fight every single inch on the floor. And this is where Charles is wrong about the Lakers and Kobe.

    Lakers play for Championships!!!!

  • ra

    Barkley is a typical ‘after the fact’ reporter / commentator.

    Great at telling people that ‘the sun came up’ only after it comes up, like every ESPN reporter (none of whom ‘really’ had an idea who would win the NBA championship this year, until after it was over). Lousy at predicting, so can’t trust anything he says about the future ….. ‘ever’.

    In fact …. generally, it’s a good idea to take the ‘opposite’ of what he says (as a prediction) to be true.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    I am very happy the clown was gone with the circus in his tow. not a fan in Orlando, not even here and a lot less now. No Ferris wheels, no more Huggies, no more Bibs and no more Binky to wash.. we can all breath now, (sigh) much better. What else do you think STINKY Chuck is going to say. He is just another second fiddler like the clown whose popularity was padded and hyped by the ass kissing “Expert” broadcasters and sportswriter. Moving from team to team chasing the title, who now knows everything? Keep it up chuck, maybe one of these days, Kobe will let you rub his Golden Buddha before you play Black Jack again and loose your Championship rings…. Ooops, my bad, forgot you did not get one! NOT EVEN STINKING ONE?

  • Jim213

    How opinions vary greatly!… when you share your DOB with the Bark Man. Yeah also heard him talk smack about us on ESPN while golfing a few days ago. But we’re better than that…


    • Jim213


  • Islesteelr

    Hmmm, When was the last time I valued Charles Barkley’s opinion……. OHH, that’s right , Nevurrrr….

  • Elijah Rocmond Russell

    Barkley’s Ringless

  • Kobe


  • Jeff Spike Wong

    As a diehard Lakers fan I have to say Dwight made the best choice for him. when you look at the team & last season, he had every right to look else where for his future. Kobe isn’t ready to step down, D’Antoni’s system is a fkn joke. Nash tries to be the good buddy instead of demanding the ball & run the show…there were so many things that should have been done differently. As long as Jim Buss & D’Antoni are pals and in charge, we are looking forward to another disappointing season. So Chuck is right, Dwight needed to leave and the Rockets are the best for him.

    • Jim213

      Agree, I’m thankful that DH left given that it would’ve turned out to be a bad investment. He couldn’t handle the stress and spotlight of playing in a franchise that demands hard work and effort. I’m also pretty sure that the team will use this as motivation and given that Charles is a former player and top 50 at that I respect his opinion but strongly disagree with its point.

  • Chuck is a hater

    “Kevin McHale is the best player i’ve played against” <— great Chucky you just contradicted your own argument due to your stupidity.

  • FuckBarkley!

    Keep yo mouth shut BARKLEY! Obviously a hater. You once doubt that last season the Lakers will not make it to the playoffs. Shame on you dickhead!

  • TJ

    Damn the Laker hate don’t stop first Nelly now this guy we all know CB been a Kobe hater and a Lakers hater but damn

  • 3339

    Chuck….Houston will only provide better coaching right now.The lakers ( meaning jim buss, b/c he makes every decision) can’t possibly be this stupid with their love of dantoni. The guy needs to be fired. When he is, they need to hire someone that can really connect with the players. Then the lakers become the best place for any player that wants to win

  • kobe_brian

    good that Charles predicted that the Lakers will stink next year…because last time he made a prediction of Yao Ming not scoring more than 20 points, he kissed Kenny’s ass…

  • Super Girl


  • just geoh.

    Everybody knows next season is gonna be the same or worst than last year.
    I’m a Laker fan and have been all my life but you’re in denial if you think the Lakers are gonna be close to winning a championship this upcoming season.

    Lakers are old, no bench, horrible coaching, and NO MONEY! C’mon now.
    Still gonna watch the games and support no matter what though!

    • Eddie Lazaro

      The Championships, maybe not. One thing though, they have better pieces this year. Kobe coming to training camp 90%, will get the indication of how the team will be positioned in the west. Everyone is counting us out, but I like our chances. A LOT! The addition of these young players complements the team. Thing that excites me is, we never had these many outside shooters since 2000 Champioships team (Horry, Fox, Rice, Shaw, Harper, etc). They can lit downtown with those guys. If they gel in the training camp like I think they will. They will be so FUN to watch and Dangerous. There’s a lot of positives in this roster, the only thing missing are a couple of big bodies to help on boards and step on D. We have the speed to run, perimeter shooters, Pick n Roll and penetrate since we have good ball handlers. Farmar and Johnson are not slouch on D and major plus for the price. Young will back Kobe on S/G having limited minutes while recovering. Pau will be on his natural position where he flourished before. Hill will be Hill, controlling the boards and put backs. I just hope D’Antoni will give these kids enough playing time to gain confidence and limit the minutes of our aging citizens.

  • Richard Padilla

    he said before that Kobe is the greatest of all time during 2009 NBA finals, now he hates Kobe, this Barkley don’t think before he says a word, surely only strength but no brain …

  • ersliva

    the lakers can be considered a joke now with coach d’ahole acting like a coach and little jimmy buss calling the shots and acting like the teams president….lets face it….with those two characters in said spots now….the lakers are a joke….
    so please kobe save them….lol….



  • Paytc

    It’s a fact….. Haters always hate what they can’t be.Barkley is a Kobe/Laker hater.

    Neither Barkley or Howard have what it takes to be a Laker champion.
    They clearly know their not good enough to measure up to the best in NBA history.
    I think somehow Barkley made the so call top 50 NBA list.Things like that were the motivation behind my new book.There clearly needs to be more than one voice of authority.

    Barkley was a pretty good player. He was better than Dwight Howard at this point.
    But I can name at least 20 present and ex-Lakers that are better than both Howard and Barkley.

    I liked Barkley the player, and I like D12.They both at this point go down as good players.I don’t consider either of them great players.I thought Barkley played big and had great moments.I don’t have a problem if Barkley is considered great by others.He was pretty close to great.D12 is a great defender.D12 is still playing and could be a great player,but he has quite a bit to work on.If I were advising D12, I would suggest he start with a checkup from the neck up.A mature and more dedicated ,Howard could be a force on both ends of the floor ,and the foul line as well.

    Personally,I’m glad Howard followed his heart.If his heart’s not in it to be a Laker champion,he didn’t waste the Laker’s time or money.Good luck to him the rest of the way.

  • Crystal

    I refuse to entertain this man’s ignorance.

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