VIDEO: Byron Scott Predicts Kobe’s Stats For Next Season Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/2I55KFYg2JI Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is heading into a season filled with uncertainty. Kobe is coming off a knee injury that ended his http://youtu.be/2I55KFYg2JI Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is heading into a season filled with uncertainty. Kobe is coming off a knee injury that ended his Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Byron Scott Predicts Kobe’s Stats For Next Season

Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is heading into a season filled with uncertainty. Kobe is coming off a knee injury that ended his season last December potentially threatening his career heading into his 19th NBA season.

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Fortunately, head coach Byron Scott is confident that even if Kobe isn’t back to an elite level or “playing on one leg” as he put it, the future Hall of Famer can still put up the numbers. Scott was interviewed by Yahoo Sports’ The Post Game recently and said the following about what Kobe can provide next season:

“Kobe, even probably with one leg, can average 20 something points a game. And I think that’s very realistic. And I think he’ll do something like that probably five rebounds and five assists a night as well.

“So, I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people. He’s so driven. You know, when people start to write him off that makes him even more driven.

“It’s good to coach a team that has a Kobe Bryant that is a driven Kobe Bryant.”

Kobe signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension back in November of last year securing his short-term future in purple and gold. Although the Lakers brass have bought into having Kobe around for at least two more years, the superstar will turn 36 later this month (Aug. 23) and there’s no telling how much he may have left in the tank.

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Obviously, Scott remains confident that his star player will produce next season. Kobe has also expressed an eagerness to get back on the floor as well as being supremely confident he’ll get back to form as one of the best in the game.

On Oct. 28, Kobe will get his chance to shine with the Lakers set to open their season against Dwight Howard’s Houston Rockets. As if proving all his doubters wrong wasn’t enough motivation to start the 2014-15 campaign, Kobe will get a chance to hand Dwight his first loss of the season.

Interview: Lakers Coach Byron Scott Talks Nick Young, Kobe, Defense

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  • Realistic Laker Fan

    I’ll pray for him.

    • Jim213

      Still here?…

      • Realistic Laker Fan

        Bruh you expect a 36 year old man who’s been out for basically a year in the half with 2 injuries to suddenly come back and dominate? Especially with as much mileage as Kobe from the regular season, playoffs, practice, all star games, and the Olympics? That is highly unlikely.

        • Jim213

          Nah homie, expect Kobe to contribute 20+ pts a night just as Scott has mentioned. However, given father time he won’t dominate as during his prime. Kobe’s strength is his shooting so he’ll be alright. Thanks to the excessive minutes played with Donetoni (=AT) and given the many minutes played upon his short comeback return he suffered a second injury.

          He’s had a full off season (regular yearly routine) to condition/ prepare his body for another long NBA grind but he’ll be alright. Said this last summer too being not to expect the kobe of old given he has a way of preparing (yearly routine).

          After he was cleared for basketball activities (AT injury) he returned close to 3 wks later. So three weeks to expect him to return to the Kobe of old tho during the off season he spends months conditioning his body for the long upcoming season. More worried about the non defenders on the team than #24.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            That’s easier is said then done we have to wait and see how he plays, father time is undefeated look at Nash he keeps fighting to return and not go out the way he is but his body just can handle it anymore.

          • Jim213

            No diss to nash but different minds which goes for preparedness but time will tell. However, optimistic about things as opposed to being pessimistic which goes for the coach, roster, etc. (yourself).

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            lol how am I pessimistic? I’m saying to wait before making ridiculous claims this team is better then last year but that really isn’t saying much they finished 14th in the West last year, hoping one player coming off of injury can be elite and force this team full of average-role players to the playoffs is kind of sad.

          • Jim213


            Your mouth… lol

            “…this roster for the most part is the same to last year they just added Davis,Boozer,Lin, and two unproven rookies in Randle and Clarkson.

            “The lost of Gasol and the success of the season relying on Kobe’s health and if he still capable of playing at a high level isn’t exactly the most calming thing to read.”

            “You realize Scott got fired from the Nets and Hornets from losing the locker room, right? I wouldn’t exactly call that a “strength” per say.”

            Let me know if you require more of your self made comments lol.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            What’s your point, I know what I said and still stand by them. The front office only goal seems to be free agency, the teams success relies on Kobe’s health, this is practically the same team 2 rookies and 3 average players won’t really be moving the needle, Scott fired twice with the Nets and Hornets because he lost everybody in the locker room expect for Paul,Irving, and maybe Kidd who wanted to keep him.

          • Jim213

            Rest my case lol (PESSIMISM). Last year’s team 27-55 and you somehow expect the same with a healthy #24 returning and a better roster that doesn’t include close to half coming from the D league. Different coach who’s stated DEFENSE will be #1 priority next season. No hustle on the defensive end plenty of cheering time on the bench for them.

            At best (if things click) a 500 team tho if they expect to exceed expectations then defense will be the main concern which goes for rebounding. I’d prefer if they acquired another 5 to complete the roster before training camp.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            This team isn’t filled with great defensive players you act like Scott will turn this team to a Pacers/Bulls type of defensive team over night. You’re assuming Kobe can come back and be a top 3 player and stay healthy just because he is Kobe, age gets the best of all athletes and it naturally happens I thank him for all the memories and the 5 titles but he might be done. Without Kobe this team won’t make the playoffs, with a shell of himself Kobe they won’t make the playoffs, with an allstar Kobe it would be close, no guaranteed spot when most of the other fringe worthy playoff teams improved.

          • Jim213

            (“You act like Scott will turn this team to a Pacers/Bulls type of defensive team over night”). At best (if things click) a 500 team, smh. (” You’re assuming Kobe can come back and be a top 3 player and stay healthy just because he is Kobe”).

            More so be the primary scorer via shooting. Don’t care if Kobe walks up the court and hits a jumper as long as it goes in as he’ll likely see no more than 32 minutes a night IMO.Scott’s a thinker so he’ll manage #24 as he seems it best fit.

            Top contenders next season IMO, Spurs/OKC/Clippers (tho haven’t improved from last season)/ and the Blazers (possibly). Mavs are gonna be in the middle with the GSW (who didn’t improve inside (weakness)) and the Rockettes who’ll be buying for a lower seeded playoff spot.

            Aside of that injuries happening so barring any of those team’s succuming to injuries from the top players they’d likely be falling down too. Suns will be good but given Bledsoe and Dragic may be out in 2015 they best make the most of this upcoming season. The lakers will have to play consistent D to be considered as a favorite to buy for a mid (possibly) or lower level playoff spot.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            “Don’t care if Kobe walks up the court and hits a jumper as long as it goes i” So you wouldn’t care if he doesn’t play defense and just shoots the ball? Okay. Kobe’s minutes will be restricted for the first couple games since he is returning from injury like Rondo’s was last year. You’re over looking the Suns who added some minor depth on their young team, the Nuggets who had Galarni, Robinson,McGee and Lawson ( a few games) out with injuries, they also managed to add Afflao and Gary Harris (some depth), and the Pelicans Jrue was out most of the year due to injury along with Anderson (nearly averaged 20 ppg last year), a young talented Davis coming off a 21ppg,10rpg,1spg,nearly 3 bpg year and the addition of Asik who can protect the rim and get rebounds who exceeds in the pick n roll like Davis. Getting a playoff spot won’t be easy unless an injury occurs to one of their key pieces.

          • Jim213

            You’re view is that you believe he’s to old to run up the court and hit jumpers?! (same as shooting the ball, smh). So as long as he keeps making shots it’s all good. Also you seem to believe that he’s done playing defense? No, he’ll need help if they put him up against a younger quicker guard but he’ll give you a good effort and results but will/may sometimes struggle against the younger quicker top players.

            Not overlooking anyone, know the West is stacked but I’ll take one of the best all time players who’s capable of making shots while knowing the ropes over inexperienced youth who have yet to learn the ropes in the league & who lack the experience and knowledge to bring it night in and out as #24 will which may likely go for the coach too given they’ll expect hustle/effort from the squad to which they don’t hen plenty of time on the bench for those who don’t put their best foor forward. But IMO best to acquire a SOLID 5 to increase the odds of success.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            They way you worded it was weird so I didn’t what you were saying outside of “Don’t care if Kobe walks up the court and hits a jumper as long as it goes in”. This season can go either way since we depend heavily on Kobe.

          • Jim213

            Difference between run and walk but it’s cool.

          • Steve Chavez

            Yeah… under the circumstances the 5 spot is the only thing that really sucks IMO…

          • fred

            I don’t mean to jump in you guys mix and I hate to break this to you bro, but the Lakers have no shot at being a mid playoff seed or even making the playoffs in the loaded West, this ain’t the Eastern Conference man. Just to make the 8th seed in the West a team will probably have to win 47-48 games and the Lakers are nowhere near that good.

          • Kenneth Simkins

            We really dont know what team we will see until we start playing the games! I think we can win anywhere between 30 to 50 games and it Envolves a lot of things falling into place or falling apart! I think our on our roster we have a lot of hungry players with a chip on their shoulders! I feel; we are under rated but before we count them in or out lets let them start playing the season and thats what will tell the story! I like it when people predict that Lakers arent that good because it just adds fuel to the fire!

          • Jordan Kellogg Wallace

            I know it’s irrational to assume kobe will be fine just because it’s kobe, but I’d only say that for kobe because if there is one thing that has always been consistent about him is his determination and pride. If not for his pride I’d be unsure but kobe has said himself, he would retire before he stuck around to be an average player. So the fact that he signed a 2 year deal, I’m sure he has dominated in a few scrimmages and is ready for gametime.

          • Alfred Luna

            Kobe doesnt have to be a top 3 player for this team to be better. Better players on this roster. Oh yeah and way better coaching

          • Jarriq Darrius ThaGreat

            Scott doesnt need to turn this team into the pacers or bulls. I think alot of you are over thinking the lakers defensive issues. Team defense team rebounding goes a long way. Last year portland and dallas played were bottom half of the league in defensive efficiency. No one is bagging them and they had no injuries and were just incapable of defense. Top 10 in offensive efficiency offsets lack luster defense. We got a team to crash the boards and make us a top 5 rebounding team in the league. Slower pace offense will save us.

          • Al Haldie

            All of this is just bull shit , until the games have been played your saying the same things that have been said 50 times over…

          • Jim213

            ,?! If you’d bother to read what’s being said it’s that at best a 500. team not that they’ll stink as bad as last season.This roster is better than last season but looks like you’re expecting them to win less than 30 games. Different coach, better players aside of expecting Scott to change the aura of the Lakers environment being to not settle for mediocrity like you have Al along with Donetoni.

          • Al Haldie

            That is not what I said – If you look and read most of this stuff , know won knows what is going to happen this yr till the games have been played , there is no sence to keep repeating what others have SAID – ITS LIKE MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO…

          • Jim213

            No, saying what I believe not what others have said or stated. But no use in being pessimistic about things as opposed to having new life with a better roster and coach. Donetoni still could’ve been coach this season except he chose to step down (resign) when FO refused to pick up his 4th yr option.

          • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

            We Have Julius, Hill, Carlos, Rob& Even Wesley, Rebounding Is The Least Of OUR Concern. lol

          • Jim213

            ? Had Gasol last year too (avg close to double-doubles and they still had problems with rebounding when he was on and of the floor. It caused them some games too given they gave up second chance opportunities even with the injuries.

          • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

            No. Not Even Pratically The Same. Wow!

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            Kobe,Young, Nash,Wes,Hill,Sacre,Kelly,Henry with 5 new players, 2 being unexperienced rookies with 3 average players. It’s practically the same with the same issues asking if Kobe can still play at an elite level and defense still being an issue.

          • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

            Of Course This Team Is Better Than Last Year…On Paper.But IM Sure They’re Better Than Last Year On Court As Well. Well Have To Wait And See Though!

          • Tommy Young

            Kobe only played 6 games last season and every starter from guard to center missed substantial games due to injuries..Kobe having had a complete season to get completely healthy and in shape plus the additions of Lin, Boozer and a coach who understands defense, the Lakers will win 40+ games next season and could get in the play-offs

          • frank

            Everyone body reacts differebt . kobe his a machine. Let’s sit tight and enjoy a great season. Let’s be realistic and positive.

        • Alfred Luna

          I quess you don’t realize we are talking about The Black Mamba and not lebronny abd his cramps lol

        • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

          Yea, But How Long Has He Had To Rest, AND Train? Who Gives A Fuck About Age! And He Didn’t ”Suddenly” Back Because He Hasnt Played Since December 13th If Im Correct. Who Said Anything About Dominating?

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            So can Jordan still play at a high level since we don’t care about age? He also is very competitive with a great work ethic. Kobe Bryant is just entering his 19th season with over 50,000 minutes played and over 1,500 games played coming off of injuries, lol, that’s nothing.

          • Jarriq Darrius ThaGreat

            Ur rationale for doubting kobe is ridiculous and i just want you to know it.

            Dirk 21 and 6rb last season.
            vince carter 11pts
            tim duncan 15 and 9
            manu ginobili 12,4,3

            to think that a healthy kobe wont be able to put up dirk numbers is ridiculous as heck. All of those guys are in the same age group.

        • Faceda59

          Yeah,I do.The fire that this guy has burning is as bright as ever.He can’t wait to prove he’s still top 5 in the league.A healthy Kobe Bryant at 36 is still better then a James harden,D Wade,Carmello Antony,and most of your favorite players.

        • Real Lakers Fan

          “That is highly unlikely.” Right there you sound like ESPN. Because yes if you go by “odds” and what it looks like then yeah its highly unlikely. Except, Kobe Bryant isn’t just any 36 yr old basketball player. Go ahead and join the doubters who were giving the Lakers odds to win the 14’15 Nba Finals 60 to 1 WITHOUT even a full roster or a head coach.

  • KOBEmomo

    oh mann, kobe got alot on his shouldersssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Stevo

    Breaking news: Kobe got bite by a black mamba and after 6 grueling days, the snack has been pronounced dead! LOL

    • Stevo




        • Stevo

          Look who’s talking dip shit!!

    • nash screwed the lakers

      uh that was’t funny dude.

      And it’s got bit by, not got bite by. Dude.

      • Kishan

        OMG FIRST time u didn’t say anything bout Steve Nash … i like it

      • Stevo

        Suck these nuts!

        • Linkdeville

          That was funny! Great rebound dude.

  • Kb24

    Lol i see the lakers schedule, will be a 45-61 win team,espn sucks…my pred for bryant is delusional sicne yall call me that…..26.5pts per game-6.3ast-5.7eb-1.2stls

    • Lakershow

      Look, kobe ave 13.1 pts 6.3ast and 5plus reb last yr with UNCONDITIONED BODY, if you believe that is his 50% u worse than delusional

    • Kishan

      NBA season has 82 games ……. 45+61= 106 lol

      • Bruce

        maybe he meant winning 45 to 61 games lol

        • Kishan

          WOW 61 haha dats be a dream come true

  • Pete

    I can’t wait until the season starts. It’s easy to talk junk when a player is out injured. The media jargon about who the best is doesn’t influence real basketball fans.

  • Al Haldie

    Where is the rest of the COACHES STAFF ????

  • Ray-Marcus

    Jordan had 20 pts 6 dimes at 39, Kareem had 17pts and 7 boards and Malone had 20 and 8 at 39, and Duncan and Ginobili who have had their fair shair of injuries are still playing at very high levels at 37…..and you guys think 20 and 5 is too much for Kobe??? lol

    • Ray-Marcus

      Personally, I think he will get about 17-20 but will become more of a distributor and rack up about 7-9 dimes per game

    • Jarriq Darrius ThaGreat

      These dudes just trolls. Dirk put up 21 & 6 last season to say that kobe cant do it is just silly

  • Jon

    Kobe will still be top 5 scoring if healthy…if he can’t score anymore, he won’t play period…he said it himself, when he can’t do it anymore, he will hang it up, and I think he got a coupl years left, and will still be the best sg in the league when healthy

  • Bruce

    IMO, Kobe when 100% healthy and back to his original form, 25PPG, 5 RPG, 5 APG

    • vdogg


  • 24Rejie DC10

    Good luck Kobe…i hope you can bring at least 1 more ring to the lakers. We have faith in you.

  • oppitz

    I rather see him average 20/4/4 and playing 30 minutes a night than that 27/5/5 for 40 minutes a game… Even if he’s completely healthy, a 36 year old should not be playing than 30 minutes every game.

  • Dante

    You guys act like this is any other man we are talking about. We’ve seen this man go out on a court with broken bones fractured this torn that and still dominate. He made the playoffs with smush Parker!!! A man who took on a professional basketball team and scored 81 points on them. Y’all fans must be new because any fan who has watched kobe dominate for so long knows his mentality won’t allow the lakers to be average no matter what. Even if it breaks him to see it done he doesn’t care, that’s how much he loves our team and we should show him the same love. He’s no ordinary man that’s Kobe Bryant

  • johnny

    Ya, five assist next year.

  • Danny334

    Since this is about scoring points and not who is better the who, possibly Kobe can change his role to pass Karl Malone. Remember none the San Antonio big three were the MVP in the finals, it was Leonard. San Antonio got some great young players and a complete team to win the Championship this year. The big three now are quick scoring role players. So Kobe can be a starter the next two seasons as usual and if he can play most of the games have maybe 1.5 more years to surpass K. Malone. If he stays on a playoff contending team he could play a few minutes each of quarters 1 to 3. And, being an MVP scoring type play all or most of the fourth quarter. He will be rested and probably score up to 20 points, though at least 10 clutch points most of the time could help win the game. This way he can play at least 5 more years. And fans will have 5 more years to watch him play.

    • savi

      I like the sound of watching him play 5 more years, but I don’t think he has that kind of thing going on. He will retire after winning his sixth or part ways with Lakers and disappear. But wth?!! I just want to see him play this year.. it’s been so long

  • Dexter Brylle

    You’re alias gave me a good chuckle.

  • Matt

    Dude you’re pathetic.Where the heck were you when Kobe was winning championships?Or when Kobe won 2 finals MVP’S?Or the NBA MVP?Why did you not post on here when the Lakers were actually good?You waited until this season LOL?

  • Dexter Brylle


  • West

    Go to hell punk.Suck a big weenie.Don’t get caught slipping k.

  • Derek Clark

    Almost as selfish as thumbing up your own comments

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    One game. After months and months off the court. With a team he’d never played with before.

    How about Chris Paul in the playoffs a couple years ago? 10 points, 8 turnovers against the Spurs. I wonder why he’s never gotten past the second round…


    Funny thing about Kobes near double double (9 pts, 8 turnovers) is that it was his first game after he released his “Return of the Legend” video. Real legendary!!! Yeah CP3 doesn’t brag like Kobe

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    Real quick list of players who turn the ball over more than Kobe: Moses Malone, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Bernard King, LeBron James, Reggie Theus, Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson.

    I’d say Kobe’s in good company.

  • Derek Clark

    Not “likes” … “LIKE” … because no person with any sanity would thumb up your nonsensical trolling. Figured it had to be you.

  • AlaskaForever

    hahaha bragging only about that game?how about other games like the 81-point game vs. the same team you talking about? :) just accept the fact that LA belongs to Lakers. You can move to seattle to have your own state..:D

  • AlaskaForever

    i know that it was against raptors. So what if he had only two assists?his team that year never a had a scoring threat beside him. LOL

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