Video: Breaking News – Mike D’Antoni Hired As Lakers Head Coach

Video: Breaking News – Mike D’Antoni Hired As Lakers Head Coach


The Lakers have a new head coach in town, and it’s not Phil Jackson. In breaking news, as first reported by Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times and later confirmed by Lakers spokesman John Black, Mike D’Antoni has signed a 4-year deal with the Lakers. As rumors were flying that the team was very close to bringing back Phil Jackson, it appears that his asking price was just too high.

Several hours before the news broke, both Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant endorsed D’Antoni.

D’Antoni most recently coached the New York Knicks and acted as an assistant this summer for Team USA in the Olympics. He won NBA Coach of the year while in Phoenix after posting 33 more wins in 2004-2005, than in the previous season.

According to Bresnahan, he will officially take over the Lakers within a week or two, depending upon how quickly he recovers from knee surgery. Bernie Bickerstaff will remain the team’s interim coach.

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  • Terrence

    Wow, you got this video out quick. I think D’Antoni will do fine. Ironically, what he needs now is a defensive minded assistant coach. Mike Brown would fit that perfectly and the Lakers are already paying him, but it would just be too awkward.

  • lakers_824

    WTFF are u serious this guy couldnt handle new york how the **** he gonna
    handle this group, plus he has no Defense and has no experience of
    winning wow, even phil was surprised with this one

  • Rasheed

    @Serena Winters: Looking good as usual.
    Back to topic: Wow, what a way to start your morning like this.

    Loser: Power and money hungry Coach Phil Jackson (I wish he was coaching for Lakers, he is the best in NBA & perfect fit for Lakers)

    Winner: Lakers organization. They have managed to get away from Drama of Phil (Money, % in Lakers, assistant coaches, cannot attend all games and what not….)
    2nd best option is for Lakers Organization is Mike D’Antoni. (defense is my concern)

    I am happy for Steve Nash. I didn’t feel his game in Lakers land so far. But, that is going to change for sure. Sad for D12 as he was looking forward to ZenMaster.

    Lakers Organization did everything they could but it didn’t work out. Without Phil it is not the end of the world. We should move forward and work hard to achieve goals.