Video: Antawn Jamison is Hungry – For a Championship

Video: Antawn Jamison is Hungry – For a Championship


The Los Angeles Lakers introduced 36-year-old Antawn Jamison at Toyota Sports Center Wednesday afternoon. Besides impressing

us with an overall enthusiasm and confidence to be here, Jamison made it clear that he came to LA to put a ring on his finger.

“The one thing  that drives me is to have my name being associated with a champion.”

But he didn’t just speak for himself.

You have a lot of guys on this team that are hungry. Kobe wants that sixth one. Steve Nash wants that first one.”

It doesn’t sound like his eyes are bigger than his stomach, but you be the judge.



  • John Simu

    I hate the heat and i live in miami lakers for life and i hope jaminson can deliver now we just need mike redd and maybe jermaine oneil and that will b a nice bench

  • The Dark Knight

    Lets go lakers!!