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VIDEO: Andrew Bynum Wants To Return To The Los Angeles Lakers

One-time All-Star Andrew Bynum wants to return to the Los Angeles Lakers two years after being traded by the team for Dwight Howard. TMZ caught up with Bynum at the LAX airport recently and asked him what his plans were with the center becoming a free agent next month.

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Bynum was receptive to the idea of returning to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers.

Back in the summer of 2012, the Los Angeles Lakers pulled out all the stops by making trades left and right. GM Mitch Kupchak and company were able to pull off arguably the biggest trade in recent memory with a four-team deal that sent Andrew Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers and Dwight Howard to Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, the deal didn’t work out as planned for the Lakers with Dwight leaving one year later in free agency, but the team did dodge a bullet by not re-signing Bynum long-term. Bynum played in a total of 26 games over the past two years while bouncing around the league with the 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers.

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With only a handful of players under contract for next season, it’s possible the Lakers could consider signing Bynum to a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum if he’s deemed healthy. Bynum’s persistent knee problems have kept him off the floor over the past two seasons and many believe his career may be over altogether.
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  • Andy

    I don’t know about this…

    • LegendInMyMind

      Kinda like that ex that comes crawling back, eh?

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    • Jim213

      RIP, Bynum’s hair.

      • Woody

        Warriors pursuing Maccabi Tel Aviv coach David Blatt for Steve Kerr’s staff

        By Adrian Wojnarowski42 minutes agoYahoo Sports

        • Jim213

          Nuggets showing interest in trading higher for a pick or for a veteran, reports Chris Dempsey of The Denver Post.

  • lakers4life

    I would sign him for the min. Lakers need some rim protection and a rebounder.

    • Al Haldie

      Well that is sure not BYNUM -don’t waste the money on him – he will just fake he knees hurting and have to sit out….——NO GO

    • ra

      Agree, and here are the terms:

      The Lakers should sign him on a ‘per-game’ basis, if that’s possible. So, every game he plays (suits up), he gets paid a certain amount. If he gets injured, he doesn’t play, and receives some type of ‘stipend’ or injury minimum. His knees are already a liability, so it would reduce the risk.

      I’m sure that’s not possible, but if it were, that’s what I would do.

      • Derek Clark

        They should have done that with Nash … didn’t they have a thing where if Nash only played 10 games or less they can exercise some kind of option for him? But D’Antoni screwed that up for us …

        • ra

          Yes, you’re right. Nash was injured, and at less than 10 games at one point. They could have exercised some type of clause if he played less than 10 games. But I think he played just over 10, to prevent that. Not sure it was because of D’Antoni, but it’s too late now.

          In Bynum’s case, I think his injury (knees) can be more severe, and keep him from playing at all (Nash could play for 5 minutes, until his nerve pain gets bad). If Bynum plays a few games, and the knees go out, he’s done (again).

    • j.thekidd

      I agree

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Examine the hell out of those knees. Get a no-BS coach who works with bigs like Hollins, and give him a look as a role playing back up. If his knees can hold up, he’s a good player.

  • TJ Hooker

    Head case cancer, but if we do, sign at minimum for two years. Kobe will keep his ass in check.

  • purp& goldpride

    Maybe back with the Lakers will give him the spark he obviously hasn’t had since leaving. Only for the min & a good coach (hollins, Scott)

  • Lakers Fan

    Bynum’s issues are his knees and attitude. That being said, I think he could be a serviceable backup Center for the minimum(only if he is healthy). Not that I’m campaigning for Bynum or anything, but he is only 26 years old and with the right coach(Hollins) he could get his act together.

    • Al Haldie

      That’s right BYNUM is one big ACT — he just wants the money and sit out the games, oh my knees hurt – and how do u prove otherwise?????

      • Tune

        That’s right KOBE is one big ACT — he just wants the money and sit out the games, oh my knees hurt – and how do u prove otherwise????? See how ridiculous you sound? Injuries are injuries, I don’t fault Howard for staying out until his back was ready, I don’t fault D Rose for staying out until he was ready, I don’t fault D wade for resting until he was ready, I don’t blame Kobe for sitting out until he’s ready, and I refuse to fault Bynum for having bad knees like many in the NBA. Stop being selfish and looking at the short term when these players have many seasons ahead of them.

  • Tune

    I think people overreact about his attitude. He definitely plays hard and is great, he just has bad knees like many bigs are plagued with. Stupid to see all the “Bynum just wants free money” yet he obviously does what he can to play the game and is usually great. Just look at the game he played in Indiana. Do people already forget him playing through an injury when we got our 2010 championship? Only thing I’d do is sign him for the vet minimum for 2 years and he’s good to go. Worst case scenario, he plays as much as Nash and Kobe have been the past season.

    • Al Haldie


      • Tune

        Did you even read what I said? I said he’d be playing the same as them 2 this past SEASON, not seasonS. We’ve had many injuries the past 2 seasons so it’s not like people can make the excuse that he might get injured. Sure, he might get injured, or he could not.

        • hype107

          Yeah people seem to forget that his knee injury were lingering becuz he chose to play through it instead of shutting it down

  • Lakers4Life

    No thanks.

    • gem gem

      Yes thanks.

    • LAstory

      It looks like your the only one that has sense… I’m with you.. Hell No to him coming back… His knees are shot… and for everyone wanting him back, please google games played with the 76ers, Cavs and Indy…

      • LakersOverEverything

        Not taking sides, but surely people that want him back are assuming this is after passing all medical tests. Besides, is it a stretch to say he was “hurt” so much because he didn’t want to play for trash? I have no doubts he could’ve played in Philly if it wasn’t philly

        • LAstory

          I see that point, but Indy wasn’t trash and even though he was cleared to medically “play” when he played for the Cavs and Indy he could only go 8/10 minutes a game, every other game because he couldn’t play back to back games and they sat him out on extended road games in Indy… his knees are done…

          • LakersOverEverything

            Yeah, all I’m saying is it’s worth checking into at least. It can’t hurt anything to have him come in and be evaluated. And even if they ended up signing him, it’s not like they’d give anything over the minimum

          • LAstory

            Oh, I am sure the Lakers Brass will definitely will look into it, and if… their doctors say that he will be able to go; bring him in to training camp… maybe even summer league and see how his knees feel… I’m not saying Bynum can’t play, he is a beast.. it’s the knees that are keeping him, and his approach to the game that is holding him where he is.

        • Al Haldie

          so then u are saying he is a quitter – I agree..

          • Tune

            How is he a quitter? Is Kobe a quitter too?

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Tune, you are out of line… you can’t compare Bynum to Kobe… some of Bynums injury occur off the basketball court… remember bowling…?

          • Tune

            But people call Bynum a quitter just because he has injuries. Kobe has been out due to injury, doesn’t make him a quitter either. The bowling incident was bad luck, who honestly expects an injury while bowling? It’s a sport he enjoys like other basketball players. CP3 runs a celebrity bowling event, should he be outlawed from that as well since he had a shoulder injury?

          • Devon Samuels²⁴

            Remember Bowling requiring bending your knees playing with an much heavier ball and he knows his knees are not that healthy and cost him at least Kobe working real hard to get back on the floor next season other than Andrew sitting around collecting checks rather then working on his knees to get better and have a better NBA career & Kobe injury is much worst than Andrew I pass on him coming back

          • Tune

            Still, nobody expects to get injured bowling, especially an athlete. Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle pushups, doubt he thought he’d actually get injured. Bynum’s injury is worse than Kobe, just like D-Wade but there’s is their body breaking down. Kobe just has to wait to heal, they just get worse over time.

      • Pope Chuck Paul

        probably like 10 games altogether including preseason smh

  • gem gem

    Hell i have seen crazier things happen before maybe he took 2 full years off to rest his knees and ultimately he was going to return to the Lakers once he got completely healthy.I am a big Andrew Bynum fan and yes we need him worse than ever before a big man to control the paint.He is a big time talent.

    • Sanderson

      I love Bynum’s talent too, he’s the most skilled post player in the league. He’s got bad attitude but I’m all for it, this Laker team needs an attitude adjustment after playing like a bunch of sissies under D’Antoni. Every team was pushing the Lakers around, and nobody fought back except for Swaggy. Just remember Kendall Marshall standing at half court watching his teammate get ambushed and did nothing. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bynum get thrown out of few games, knock some players down driving to the hoop. Bad attitude and all, when he’s healthy, he’s a big time talent. I agree give him the minimum with incentive clause, if he plays over 70 games and averages 30 minutes per game then give him another million.

      • LAstory

        lol, “when he’s healthy” he’s never healthy 70 games!? he played 0 games for Philly, 3 games with the Cavs and 2 with Indy… even in the video he says he wont be the same guy… Mitch, Jeannie and Kobe are laughing their asses of right now…

      • Ryan Hossain

        no way in hell he plays 30 mpg. the dudes got BAD KNEES. like, real bad. Do not want. I doubt he can even give a consistent 12-15 min a game.

    • Al Haldie

      He and PAU played well togeather – if he came back and they brought PAU back that would be great-but Bynum will no longer carry his load….

  • sena-celik

    pg=eric bledsoe,sg=kobe bryant,sf=lance,pf=aaron gordon,center=andrew bynum i think this system fits for us.jordan hil said that he doesn’t want to be back up anymore.besides that there is much opportunity that we can sign centers available in free agency period.all that one can’t know how lakers act in this situtation.

    • gem gem

      Yes see i like it when a player says they want to play for the Lakers.It makes me proud to be a Lakers fan more than ever before.When they are good young players and they want to play for the Lakers it makes me feel good and i am happy about Andrew Bynum possibly returning to where he belongs with the Lakers.We should have never traded Bynum in the first place.But we did and now we might get him back and that is great.

      • Sanderson

        Well said. Look at how Dwight Howard spit on the Lakers then look at Bynum wanting to come back even after the Lakers traded him.

        • Al Haldie

          He knows that is his only hope – no one else wants him—he is a problem child…

        • spitfire

          Andrew Bynum is worth a try out and a make good contract.Guys Kobe makes $48.5 million dollars we need to get any help we can get for the Lakers.Not much money left to get a big man.Sacre i am not sold on at all.

        • Tune

          Laker fans give Howard too much crap, I don’t know a single person in the world that would come back in Howard’s situation at the time. Kobe torn his achilles, Laker fans blamed him for having an injury, Kobe’s personality didn’t mesh with Howard’s, and Rockets at the time seemed like a good deal. Rockets have a solid team, it’s just Harden shrinking in the playoffs and his 0 defense that’s the difference. Parsons, Asik, Beverly are all very solid players with Lin a solid player when used right.

    • Tune

      How do you figure Lance at SF? Switch him and Kobe around.

  • LakersOverEverything

    If Bynum could play like he did his last season with us, then I’d say snatch his ass up yesterday!

    • Pope Chuck Paul

      he played 5 games last season what is wrong with everyone lmao

      • LakersOverEverything

        Fuck is wrong with your reading comprehension?? I clearly said IF

        • Pope Chuck Paul

          ok genius i am talking in general. the majority of the posts are saying yea get him if hes healthy. fact of the matter is he isnt healthy. if he was he’d still be a laker, a cav or pacer. he is done.

          • Tune

            We don’t know how healthy he’ll be given more rest. With your logic we should get rid of Kobe and the Heat should get rid of D Wade.

          • jff

            Get rid of you tune your talking trash- Kobe played for 17 years without injury and D-Wade few years than Kobe but sold& consistence player for all those years except one or two season- Man think twice there is no comparison here.

          • Tune

            No, it is a comparison. People think Bynum is a quitter just because of injuries. He’s not a quitter, just bad knees.

          • LakersOverEverything

            That’s what the reply button is for. It signals that you are talking to me, otherwise you use the normal comment button, “genius.”

      • LAstory

        I’m with you bro… everyone is say “if” he was healthy.. “if” he was healthy 76 would have kept him; “if” he was healthy the Cavs, Indy would have kept him, the Lakers would have traded him… and Before he signed with Indy… Dwayne Wade laughed when ask if he thought the Heat should sign him…Bynum is looking for a pay check he isn’t getting it from the Lakers…

  • Pope Chuck Paul


  • LakersGetPG24

    Give him one last opportunity I say

  • brett

    Bynum is a good player all around way better than any other center right now. He can make free throws he can shoot the midrange he can block what else do you want.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Send Bynum to Germany to fix those knees.

    • karasoon4

      That procedure is successful post-injury or surgery scenarios, not for people with degenerative knee issues. I believe he has already tried it, but it didn’t help much for the long term, because his knees are going to degenerate regardless of what you do in the short term to fix it.

  • Saul

    I think when healthy and motivated Andrew Bynum is the best center in the NBA.Now lately he has been injured and out of action since he had the All Star year.If he is healthy and the Lakers hire a Post Offense Coach by the name of Lionel Hollins then yes sign Andrew Bynum and watch him thrive in a Coach Lionel Hollins offense.Yeah this is very intriguing to me.Bring back the big man Bynum.

  • Yoyo

    Injured Bynum >>> Roy Hibby during 2014 playoffs.

  • Mike Scott

    I’ll give him like the min. But lol he just said he doesn’t think he’ll be the Bynum of old. Like thats gonna make the FO wanna sign him.

  • hoperhetoric

    Depends on his progress he can be the third center next to sacre! I believe kobe can revive him! Just like how kobe yell at Gasol to put his big boy pants on!!! He is a Laker, our own draft & won two rings. Its a laker that started his knee problems, odom & kobe… I saw his few games at cleveland & its very possible to regain a third of his previous self! & Having nash as his tEammate will be awesome! He doesnt have to post up anymore, just dunks after dunks! Unlike sacre. He once called kobe, a kobenash…. Now its a dreAm come true to motivate him. Half of lakers have nothing against him or not wanting to trade him for dwight… Remember? Nothing to lose in giving him a second chance…. Kobe would say yes! Dominant rebounding pls…

  • Badazztj12

    I would just give him another chance but with min contract, plus put in the work. We all Laker fans in our hearts know we want him back, because I mean shit right now we don’t even have a roster.

  • jb0y91

    it would be great for him to return to the lakers, we exchange bynum for howard, not we need bynum back because if pau gasol is traded anytime soon, he can take over the center position. as long as we have a good coach, bynum should be good.

    • Jb0y91

      i meant that the word “not”, not the word “not”

      • abuc3665

        did you mean “NOW”, not the word “NOT”

  • Daryl Peek

    OK, lets break down the truth of the enigma know as Bynum. First off, he and Pau never truly played well together for any real significant stretch of time… Phil often staggered their minutes when Bynum was actually healthy, and often benched Drew for LO during money time in 4th quarters. The whole twin towers theme everyone often speaks of never really was for the Lakers as time on the court together.

    Next; Bynum’s attitude problem was born of immaturity coupled with a burning desire to have his own shine on a team he never truly was given post Shaq, Kobe. Drew was seething over not being given a chance by Phil and his immaturity boiled over often as not even Phil could keep him in line via fines for being late to games, ETC… In 10-11 Bynum finally got more shine under Phil and Pau’s game began to suffer in part due to that. Remember the meltdown of those playoffs? Bynum showed flashes of what was to come in 11-12 under Mike Brown in the form of elevated performance due to finally getting healthy but also showed his ego and attitude on full tilt as he was suspended for the JJ Barea punk move. Again, let me make this clear, as Bynum got more shine Pau fell off, regardless of who the HC was.

    07-08 was the first time we saw Bynum on beast mode as the Lakers were playing much better than most realize before the Gasol trade. I truly believe his injury that season crushed him and his already fragile mental make up. I’m not sure about bringing him back at this point, as his lack of motivation coupled with his buffoonery has only gotten worse everywhere else he’s been. Those who think Kobe will keep him in check need only to look no further than all I’ve detailed on how Phil couldn’t. Bringing him home is awfully tempting as he could be high reward low cost risk it seems but we cannot overlook the team chemistry factor… Philly; imploded after Bynum, Cleveland; imploded after Bynum, the Pacers; imploded after Bynum. I hate to paint this picture of him as a locker room cancer who’s all but destroyed three different teams chemistry make up but we all know the shenanigans he displayed along the way during those stops. It’s hard to pin all of that on just him solely but it’s is indeed interesting how he was present in the midst of every teams chemistry break down, Lakers included.

    Buyer beware…

    • Deon

      Bynum is a good player.Lakers need bigs and this makes sense.Sign AB.

    • independentbynature

      The Sixers,Cavs and Pacers implosions had absolutely nothing to do with Bynum.Their problems went way beyond Bynum and only the Sixers really expected to get anything out of him.The risk would be low for the Lakers.I say,if he checks out medically,roll the dice on him.You can always cut him loose and move on if it doesn’t work out.Bigs are too hard to get to pass on him.

      • Daryl Peek

        Bynum was jacking up shots as soon as he touched the ball in Cleveland. That means if he was passed the ball on the inbound’s he was likely to shoot from where he stood no matter how far from the hoop he was. This was reported. He also became disruptive and discontent with his role in Cleveland. In Indy Hibbert was effected by Bynum’s signing. Why did Drew never truly get a chance to play in Indy? Every other FA they signed got plenty of chances to show. In Philly Bunum was a complete disaster as his off the court shenanigans were well documented from the hair to the famous bowling incident? Everyone knew he was never gonna play in Philly and just wanted to cash a check. Until he shows other wise I cannot sugar coat his recent history.

        • independentbynature

          Irving,Waiters and a dysfunctional organization were the problem in Cleveland.Drew was never healthy in Indy,or pretty much anywhere else.No comment on the hair.LOL.Still,it’s a very low risk move.

    • jay

      take a look what he can still bring to the table, his stats against the Bulls, 8-14 FGM (20 Points), 4-4 FTM, 10 Rebounds (3 Offensive, 7 Defensive), 3 Assist, 1 Personal Foul, 1 Turnover, 5 Blocks in 30 minutes, and he put Noah on check that game! Can Bynum do this game in and game out like he use too? maybe not, but if a center with bad knees can put up numbers like these against a healthy/elite center in Noah, why not give him a shot and bring him in? just like people said about Lamar Odom, maybe all he needs is to be in purple and gold again.

    • jay

      and wasn’t Pau’s 10-11 playoff meltdown due to rumors about Kobe’s wife being the cause of Pau’s so called break up with his gf? how does Bynum play in this? just like Pau said it back then “I have to learn when something happens off the court, you have to keep it off the court” you can’t blame Bynum for Pau’s meltdown man, plus Pau also said it was due to tired legs.

      • Daryl Peek

        Bynum taking low post feature touches from Pau was part of the problem . Keep in mind I said “Pau’s game began to suffer in part due to that” that does not stipulate the only reason. Pau’s numbers suffered from that point (10-11 – present) on… His biggest complaint was being moved out of the post. In order for Bynum and Howard to shine, guess who had to move out of the post?

        • jay

          if Kobe adapts his game every year, how hard could it be for Gasol to adapt his? last season he was getting abused by other big men and played little to no defense, who’s to blame then? injuries? MDA? if Pau really wanted to be in the post/get post touches, he would’ve demanded for the ball, which we all wanted to see in Kobe’s absence, the aggressive Spaniard, yet he wants to go play with his brother, who’s going to be in the post in Memphis? Pau or Marc? that just isn’t a good excuse for me now, maybe back then but after couple of years, you’d expect to adapt his game by now, I have nothing against Gasol, but I’m just trying to point out that Bynum still has great basketball in him, even though he’s a knucklehead at times, but when he really wants to play, he’ll put up great numbers, just look at his stats against the Bulls, where not only did he played well, but he put Noah on check! with block after block, what!? a center with bad knees put one of the elite big men on check!? in deed he did, can he do this game in and game out? probably not, but wouldn’t hurt to give him a try, the Lakers already have a player on the roster who can barley play in Steve Nash.

          • Daryl Peek

            Bynum is not that player anymore and has not been since 11-12, his best as a Laker. I’m not going to defend Gasol or make any excuses for him but others did get more post touches and it was mandated. And Bynum is a knucklehead way more often than he’s a good b-ball player. The disparity is nor has it ever been close.

          • jay

            I know he is not going to be the same player he was in 11-12 and I don’t expect him too, but these stats are no joke, 8-14 FGM (20 Points total that night), 4-4 FTM, 10 Rebounds (3 Offensive, 7 Defensive), 3 Assist, 1 Personal Foul, 1 Turnover, 5 Blocks all in 30 minutes (don’t expect to play 30 minutes, cause I know he won’t be able too) against the Bulls when he was with the Cavs this season, he also showed flashes of that with the Pacers with limited minutes, that’s why I want the Lakers FO to give him another chance/look at, because if Drew can stay HEALTHY throughout the season (just like Steve Nash) and be mentally in the right place, he can be a force to be reckoned with, just isn’t fair everyone over looks what he can still bring to the table.

          • Daryl Peek

            Nash is the ultimate teammate and was an elite PG when the Lakers signed him. No comparing Bynum and Nash as his injuries are in part due to father time and Bynum’s is degenerative knees coupled with a bad attitude.

          • jay

            but there’s still talent in Drew, like people praised for the Lakers to give Odom another chance, maybe all Bynum needs is to be in purple and gold again? I’m really digging Spencer Hawes though!

          • Daryl Peek

            I like Hawes also. Unrealized potential can be a dangerous thing when it comes to a ten plus year vet. You’ll keep dreaming of what could’ve been at the end of the day.

          • jay

            you think the Lakers will make a run at Hawes? and true, just imagine if those incidents with Odom and Kobe (injuring his knees) would’ve never happened and Bynum only being 26 now, how much of a beast he would’ve been for us, maybe if he was healthy (when traded for DH), we wouldn’t needed Dwight, but all in the past now.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m sure the FO has eyes on him and many other FA options. Most people are focused on the big names but there are plenty of lower level talents that can round a roster out, out there…

          • jay

            I have a feeling Mitch and co is waiting for other teams to make mistakes and take advantage of those mistakes, we really need some bigs though and by the way, its a honor having a convo with you, I always admire the points you point out on here, usually just come here to read news and I just made an account to interact on here.

          • jay

            two players I also want for the Lakers to take a look are Anthony Morrow and Al Farouq Amimu (hopefully I spelled his name right lol)

  • Chrmngblly

    I would put him on a non-guaranteed 2 year deal. First, he would have to submit himself for treatment to Pau Gasol’s doctors. Right now he has no knees. The only thing left for him to do is get the adult stem cell therapy Pau got so his knee cartilage can start to grow back. Kobe ought to do that , too.

    Bynum used to be able to play. It would be wonderful if he grew up and got his knees fixed.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    You had your chance Andrew we strait we moving on and yo knees not all that healthy!

  • Andy L

    Puh-lease! I don’t give a shit about his FDR-knees. It’s all about his attitude and we all know it stinks up the joint like a pile of diapers. Go cancer up some other team! How ’bout them Clippers “Socks”?

    PS. Jimbalaya Puss is crazy enough to re-sign him. It’s his little baby after all…

  • AK

    give him a vets min and have him prove himself to get minutes , its a no lose situation really if he turns out productive its a win and if he doesnt they could just release him

  • kookiebuger

    Do it.

  • Ersan

    Andrew Bynum is a great low post back to the basket center.We need a real center.Sign Andrew Bynum and hope he stays healthy.Hire Lionel Hollins and win.

  • Jon

    Bring him back…The difference this time is he actually wants 2 be here which maybe different attitude from when he was here the 1st time…besides no Bynum in them finals and we don’t win them 2 in a row with just gasol. ..He can’t hurt if he plays b c he’s better then sacre

  • Zimmeredge

    i thought we were done with injury prone type of players. the guy has no work ethic.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I watched a Indiana versus Pistons game last season and Andrew Bynum dominated the game when he was in their playing.Also he had some decent showings for the Cavs but of course he was limited in minutes and he was injured most the season.If he is healthy and motivated to play then as long as those knees check out fine he is a player the Lakers should consider signing yes.

  • Jeffery Gadlin

    I thank Bynum would be a good fit as long as he is payed the minnum @ 1year. Bynum problem was he didn’t want to leave the Lakers, he didn’t want to play for any other team, the same is true with Odem. So let’s bring Bynum back and he will show all of you.

  • JohnSmith00

    It’s often easy to forget details like this with players like Bynum who suffer multiple serious injuries early in their career, which is that is that he’s still very young, 26 to be exact. If these past two years managed stick some sense into him than why not give him a second chance. After all at his age he still has plenty of time to redeem himself.

    The problem here really would be his health the last thing the Lakers need is him being nothing more than a bench warmer. If the Lakers considered him I would like to see them give him 2 years at the vets minimum with the second year being a team option, and some kind of clause that stipulates that he won’t get paid unless he suits up a certain amount of games.

    • independentbynature

      I’m pretty sure that stipulation would be illegal.But,I agree he’s worth a look.

  • Michael Hilton

    Something tells me Lakers will bring him back.

  • independentbynature

    He’s definitely worth a one year minimum salary contract if healthy.I wouldn’t give him more than that at this point.He would have to prove himself.

  • Navid Esfand

    The reporter asked if him if we will see the old bynum and he responded i don’t think so….. Not to mention he then said knees are good enough talk around with…. Bynum is a clown and a cancer to the team. All he wants is the money and goes out there and gets injured intentionally so he doesn’t need to do shit. DONT TAKE HIM

  • Matt Williams

    He seems to play his best in the purple and gold. However he’s injury prone. Always has been, always will be. If he straightens himself out, stays HEALTHY and be serious, we should get him for the vet min. The second he f%$&s up, drop him like a bad habit.

  • Robert L. I.

    This clown is bad news, and a cancer. Indiana paid dearly and 99% of it wasn’t financial. He played 2 games for them, and the team fell apart. What no one remembers his poor sportsmanship? How he ignored Phil Jackson and Mike Brown. Anyone who Says he’d be worth it, please pull your head out of your ass before you hurt someone.

  • Richard English

    Not right now.

  • Rick Mathews

    Give him a one dollar bonus for every game he actually completes.

  • Joe Crevier

    I love Bynum, hope he’s back on a one year/veteran’s minimum. But really this TMZ guy followed him so far. What a creeper

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