Twitter Reacts To Kobe Bryant’s Two Year, $48.5M Extension Reviewed by Momizat on . Before the start of the season, the Buss family expressed their desires to re-sign Kobe Bryant so the five-time champion could spend his entire career in Los An Before the start of the season, the Buss family expressed their desires to re-sign Kobe Bryant so the five-time champion could spend his entire career in Los An Rating:
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Twitter Reacts To Kobe Bryant’s Two Year, $48.5M Extension

Before the start of the season, the Buss family expressed their desires to re-sign Kobe Bryant so the five-time champion could spend his entire career in Los Angeles. While most thought the organization would wait to see how he returns following his Achilles rupture, the Lakers shocked the basketball world early this morning. It was announced on Twitter that Bryant signed a two year, $48.5 million extension to ensure he retires with the franchise. Here are the best tweets from today:

Lakers Sign Kobe Bryant To A Two-Year $48.5 Million Extension

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  • Gregory Choa

    Good stuff! I’m with Drew Garrison; “Not really concerned with 2014 free agency. Slim pickings. Mostly concerned with this season and the ’14 draft pick, how things look ’15 FA”

    • Joseph Apohen

      None of those big time free agents will be relocating. Unless we get LeBron, forget it. He is not coming anyway. Shoot for Parker, Wiggins, and that center from Ky. (Randle?). Trade for Love. Don’t wait till he becomes FA. Also bring in Westbrook. Hopefully Pau plays like the past two games then maybe we can bring him back for $12,000. He and the Black Mamba are closed friends. Maybe they can retire together.

      • Spitfire47

        huh?dont wait for Love to be FA?as u serious?trading for Love is a moonshot.That is why you have to wait for him to be a FA than trading for him

        • Joseph Apohen

          Wait so that someone else gets him? If you want him badly then go for it. Otherwise wait. Remember these are the Lakers. They have deep pockets. Nothing wrong in exploring the possibility. One never knows. Nothing venture, nothing gain.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Yeah, and I will take Kobe 24M any day rather than say, Derick Rose’s contract at 18M and cannot play because of injuries. Have nothing but love on DRose…. but him not able to play a single game in a season… says a lot.

    • Paytc

      17/18 years of high level play,one team, top merchandise sales, and 5 rings? We can count a lot more than 24m reasons why the Lakers decided to pay the man. Who cares what anyone who disagrees thinks? I for one could careless !

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        super stuff @2ea994d4bf92d28bd075797af32325a4:disqus…

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    23M Kobe
    5M Hill
    10M Gasol
    12M Deng
    3M Blake

    Total: 52M …. 20M to spend on the bench before tax hold, currently stands at 72M.

    Let go of Kaman, Nash. Developed Young, Henry,Wes, Harris, Kelly, Farmar to run the bench.

    • rik

      Next Years lakers squad:
      PG: Bledsoe
      SG: Kobe
      SF: Ariza
      PF: K Love
      C: G Monroe

      PG: Farmar
      SG: Young
      SF: Henry
      PF: Wes
      C: Hill

      • Paytc

        That would be a pretty interesting squad ?
        And of course we could keep or add a few others.
        But I want the Lakers to defy the odds this season.

        G o Lakers !

    • Jim213

      Don’t see Deng coming to LA. Also, don’t see Blake taking less than $4 mil given this is his current salary. If Hill can keep his numbers consistent for the season his salary will definitely increase $6 – $7 mil? But aside of that it’s best to sign many of the 2nd unit players to increase the overall depth of the team next season given the substantial playtime many are receiving today as they’re getting better acquainted with their possible roles today.

      • Daryl Peek

        Hill will be in the DeAndre Jordan/Javale McGee 10 plus mil range if he keeps this up. No way Gasol takes less than 12 mil. Deng may be in that range but other teams may be willing to pay more. I could see Blake staying for 3 mil. At this point he really likes LA and the D’Antoni system, he’s never been more productive.

        There is no spending into the luxury tax this season. The repeat offender plight looms LARGE and the team will seriously have to consider coming under the salary cap threshold not being in the luxury tax. The don’t have 20M to spend on the bench above 52 mil. The way I understand it, you’re subject to luxury tax penalties any dollar amount over the salary cap.

        • Jim213

          Possibly if Hill can remain consistent. I’d still think he’d likely go for $6-7 mil if he continues to put up solid #s. Although, to some paying Kobe that sum of change is a big deal but if management manages to (do their homework) spread the pay an extra year on the cap it shouldn’t matter to an extent (has to do more with management than Kobe).

          But IMO if Nash doesn’t get traded to make more room for next year there will be doubt to what management intends to do next season. Another max contract can still be acquired but it’s still about Depth foremost that will help the team in the long run.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard


      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        With the way things have turned out in Chicago, IMO, Deng is a laker. They are tanking the season with the injury of Rose.

        • Jim213

          Who would’ve thought tank for Wiggins. Unless they try to trade for Lil Nate reacquiring him to avoid tanking. Just shows that management shouldn’t have placed their eggs in one basket.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Just thinking… would you take Deng and Gibson for Gasol and Blake?

          • Jim213

            Seriously, I wouldn’t go for Deng. IMO, the main focus should be on acquiring a future PG who can manage the team consistently on the floor.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I am not being rude redundant here.. Farmar does manage the game well recently as well as blake, not to mention Nash. And there is one more player you forgot to consider, one who can run this offense, Kobe Bryant. I think, this will be the last evolution of his game. He did it last year, he will further develop this kind of game this year, I think this is why FO and MDA is very optimistic about Kobe’s return. He will play more minutes as PG. Doing so will ensure that he will perform at the highest level as it will not require him to be as explosive offensively and conserve his strength defensively.

          • Jim213

            No dissing Farmar and Blake. But too inconsistent aside of Blake playing better at the 2. Need to improve the team’s weak points being the 1 and 4 IMO.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            We don’t need a PG in the mold of Rondo…. we just need solid play from the 1 position, and I think we have that covered in Blake Farmar Nash, and Kobe.

          • Jim213

            Farmar is better suited to run the 2nd unit as the game showed today. There is a difference between both Blake and Farmar at the 1 that gives the advantage to Farmar IMO at the position.

          • Daryl Peek

            Blake is top ten so far as a starting PG. I don’t know if he can keep this up but 10 assist and the best assist to turnover ratio of all PG in the top ten is what he’s doing in the D’Antoni system right now. Blake’s PT is locked, even when Nash and Kobe come back. Everyone behind him will loose PT first. MDA absolutely loves Blake and Blake is proving his worth.

            I absolutely love the change of pace Farmar brings but he will not get PT over Blake.

          • Jim213

            Just posted with regards to my view (two cents) as both bring something different IMO. Game recap.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            agree DP… that is why I have been telling Jim that we don’t need an upgrade on the 1 position… we really got that covered with Blake-Farmar-NAsh… what we need is a little help on the 4 position… I am hoping Kelly can provide those help as I don’t see how Williams is helping aside from pulling occasional rebounds and occasional good defense.

          • Daryl Peek

            I think we cool at the 4. I’d love to see Williams get better scoring but he’s still shaking of rust from being out of basketball for over a year IMO. His PNR defense is invaluable. The fact that he’s started to pick it up on the boards is awesome! Kelly will be hard pressed to get PT. He may open MDA’s eyes if he keeps beasting in the D-league like he did the other night.

            What we really need is more scoring from the SF and for Gasol to get more points in the paint. Gasol is looking much better but he’s too comfortable shooting jumpers and that’s why we struggle in long stretches. Hill cannot be our low post threat, he’s not ready for that yet. Hustle points is his role. Pau has to be the bread and butter glue when things slow down. When the game slows that’s when we really struggle.

    • Daryl Peek

      There is no spending into the luxury tax this season. The repeat offender plight looms LARGE and the team will seriously have to consider coming under the salary cap threshold not being in the luxury tax. They don’t have 20M to spend on the bench above 52 mil. The way I understand it, you’re subject to luxury tax penalties any dollar amount over the salary cap.

      Also letting go of Nash is not as easy as waiving him. The team will have to eat his salary one way or another and it could be full on or 3 mil dead weight for the next three years on the stretch provision. Anything less than Nash agreeing to retire or being medically discharged by doctors only further handcuffs the cap.

      • Jim213

        DP, know you’re FUMING given that this limits Pau’s opportunities in being resigned. Best thing though is for Nash to return and get traded to the Raptors. Any hopes of acquiring an additional #1 draft pick left given his inconsistency. Best bet is a player for player trade (PG!) which would help to get rid of another payment year. .

        • Daryl Peek

          Would love to see Pau ride off into the sunset with Kobe but this is still a biz, nothing last forever. Upon further review given time to meditate on the Kobe signing, it makes good business sense.

          Kobe getting broke off like he did only makes other big time players look harder at the Lakers. That kind of loyalty is very appealing! Just think of how many other teams would ship their older injured superstars off to the glue factory in a hurry? Melo is paying attention and you better believe others see Jimmy and Mitch too…

          • Jim213

            Agree, Kobe shouldn’t be blamed, he was offered the salary and he took it. My only problem is management making excuses why they can’t resign some of the players that are holding the fort down. They’ve shown that they have the money so no excuses come 2014 FA to resigning many of the bench mob players.

            Hopefully this doesn’t affect the team given that it may place doubt on some players who may didn’t they may not have the chance to play for the team next season. Management may as well erase the salary tax cap this season and become repeat offenders the next. IMO, no excuses for management not being able to resign the consistent players come next off season. Still need a good bench to help compete come playoff time. NO EXCUSES COME 2014FA.

          • Daryl Peek

            “erase the salary tax cap this season and become repeat offenders the next.”

            I can’t comprehend that given all the team can lose behind it. No mid level exception and double the tax dollars.

          • Jim213

            Being… trade Nash and possibly Kaman?… to rid themselves of the cap tax and fall under the threshold. Repeat offenders (2014 season) means they better SIGN the consistent players from the bench mob without making excuses come FA. If the team intends on competing down the line they’ll have to sign many of these players who will only get better playtime/chemistry as a unit.

            Rather than keep filling the bench with other players while continuing to sign them for vet contracts. The team has better depth today so management shouldn’t make any excuses come FA to signing many of the consistent ones.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Jim, IMO, FO will only get a player or two, not a whole sale of the bench. Wes, Henry, Farmar, Meeks, Hill are keepers. Add the trio of Kobe, Pau(if not traded), Nash(if not traded)… add a SF/PF like Deng or a trade for Love for example, and we are really solid. Completing the roster will be Kelly and our 1st round pick.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        DP, you are talking about salary cap which is peg at 52M.. but the team luxury cap where teams begins to pay $ for $ is 72M for this season. SO basically, they have 20 M to spend on their own free agents as well as other free agents..

        • Daryl Peek

          The thing your not taking into account is the repeat offender plight. The Lakers are already a repeat offender of the luxury tax. When you are in that category you lose the 5 mil MLE exception, are subject to the more punitive dollar for dollar luxury taxes, and cannot sign any FA outside of your own who aren’t unrestricted.

          Example; If Jordan Hill is not signed before seasons end the Lakers cannot sign him after July 1 when he becomes an unrestricted FA unless he agrees to play for the veterans minimum… about 1.2 mil most for a player that has played the number of years he has. This is why the team has lost players like Ariza, Brown, Clark, Farmar, ETC… over the years.

          The Lakers can sign their own in season up to 71 mil. When you over the 58 mil salary cap level you cannot sign any FA from other teams above the vet minimum and one 3 mil MLE (see Chris Kaman). The Lakers will be in the same plight as this past season if they don’t get under the 72 mil salary level by the Feb. trade deadline.

          To make a long story short, the Lakers cannot spend up to the 20 mil you’re speaking about if they want to have the full compliment of FA signing ability going forward…

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            They indeed are NOT over the 72M luxury tax… you can check that again. MWP’s salary is not counted anymore against the salary cap as well as Duhon.

          • Daryl Peek

            YES they are. As of right now the Lakers are about 6.1 mill over the luxury tax… 30.5 Kobe, 19.3 Gasol, 9.3 Nash, 4 Blake, 3.5 Hill, 3.2 Kaman, 1.6 Meeks & 1.1 Young equals 72.5 in salary. That’s only 8 players, and that is .8 over the luxury tax. add in the other 7?

    • cj

      with the cap room we have.

      23.5m kobe
      10m pau
      10m deng
      6m hill
      3m back up center
      2.5m blake
      2.5m farmar
      1.5m 1st pick

      with cap holds totals out to 62.6 million

      fill out roster with
      2.7 room excption nick young
      1.1 vets min wes
      1.1 vets min ariza
      1.1 vets min henry/meeks
      1.1 vets min kelly
      1.1 vets min harris
      1.1 vets min scare

      total for full roster 68.3


      blake, kobe, deng, hill, pau

      farmar, henry, young, arzia, 3 mill back up center?

      pick, wes, harris, kelly, scare

      depending on who is the new back up center this team is a better version of this years team.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        agree with your lineup except on Ariza… I think it would be better for us to get a big, one who can shoot from18 feet, and hustles. Ariza is a redundance on the roster.

        • cj

          i dont see us getting a big at vets min that can do wat ariza can and i believe he would be a better version of williams

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            no, he is not a better version of Williams… Ariza is too skinny for that position defensively… I would go for Gerald Wallace…

          • cj

            if hes is a free agent but as of now hes got a contract for 3 seasons.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            contract or not, there is no rule that says lakers can’t get him for the right price.

          • cj

            the lakers wont have the abelity to go get him and bring back a good team he is to over paid. hump might be had.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            HUmpries is overpaid at 12M… Wallace is at 10M.. defends and can play both 3 and 4.

          • cj

            hump will be a free agent so he might be had for a vets min.

      • 2badmothafucka

        Henry and Meeks can easily sign above vets minimum elsewhere.

        Wes Johnson will be making as much or more than Farmar.

        There is no way that Jordan Hill will put up 10+ points 10+ rebounds and 1.5+ block per game and re-sign for 6M. No way.

        • cj

          if hill wants to be a laker he will take a small pay cut.

          jhonson is a vet min player he wont get more.

          i agree with meeks and henry but one of them will come back for less cash.

    • 2badmothafucka

      Sorry, but Jordan Hill is turning into an athletic double double machine – those guys make 8M+.

      Steve Blake is playing well and will get Jarrett Jack money at 6M per year on a short contract.

      Nash will cost 3M against the cap with the stretch provision.

      Young, Wes, and Henry are playing at Earl Clark level or above – 4M each. The team will be at 65M+ if Pau re-signs at 10M, before they even fill one more bench spot. Farmar and Meeks also will be above league minimum.

      Luol Deng is not going to be an option. This team will be at tax penalty level next year as it stands because of Kobe being the highest paid player in the league.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        Steve Blake at 6M… that is just outrageous! People were already crying to FO to cut him away with onlly 3M salary, why would you want 6M for him? Jordan Hill at 8M? wow, you have no idea… the most that he can get is 6M,most likely around 5M.

        • Daryl Peek

          Regardless of being 33, Blake is currently a top ten PG so far… if Nash continues to be out and Blake continues to perform at the level he is, his value will be much higher than your giving him on the open market. Blake is a loyal role player and may choose to give D’Antoni and the Lakers a discount. Blake is loving the D’Antoni system! And that’s our advantage in possibly keeping him.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            AGree DP. BLake has been a big revelation for me this year specially with the absence of Nash. I think we got the 1 position really covered very well with him, Farmar, and Kobe in spot minutes at that position. I get the feeling that Nash might retire.

      • cj

        you are overpaying roll players. they are not worth half of what ur saying they are worth.

        hill 4-7 mill
        blake 2-4 mill
        farmar 3-5 mill
        young 3-5 mill
        henry vets min-4 mill
        wes vets min

        yes some one might over pay some of these guys but with the new nba roll players dont make more then about 3-5 mill a season and most of these guys will want to stay with the lakers when all is said and done.

        • Daryl Peek

          Hill will no longer be considered a role player if he’s the starter all season producing the way he currently is. Hill will be in the Javale McGee/DeAndre Jordan area… 10 mil a season salary level. You might be on with the others but keep in mind the market will set their pay ceilings and if they continue to shine there’s no way they will not get better offers elsewhere as URFA after July 1st. 2014.

          • cj

            i dont see any smart gm giving hill 10+mill hes not that good im sorry. he fits along pau because of paus game but he is a 6-10 center with limited post moves and limited range. he is a less talented version of d12. a deal at about 8 mill would be over double what he makes now asking him to come back at around 6 mill works for everyone. i honestly believe hill will take a small pay cut to stay a laker.

          • Daryl Peek

            No way. You’ve got to take personal bias out of the mix.
            Andris Biedrins got a multi year deal paying him over 9 mil a season. Andrea Bargnani is making just under 12 mil in NY. Remember Kwame Brown? Bigs get paid in the NBA. You can’t go off how you see it. If Hill keeps up the double, double production the Lakers will not be able to afford him next season. Hill is 26 and will not be giving the Lakers any discounts. This is his chance to get paid in his career. No way man.

          • cj

            the new cba has stopped the overpaying of roll players. if hill gets anything over 8 mill this offseason then he will be over paid. he might give us a discount we made his career if not for us he would have washed out.

          • Daryl Peek

            DeAndre Jordan and Javale McGee got paid under this new CBA. Jeff Green, Gerald Wallace, Jason Terry, Taj Gibson, Jarrett Jack, George Hill, Zaza Pachulia, Glen Davis, Jason Richardson, Landry Fields, Tashun Prince, Pekovic, Budinger, Brewer, Mbah a Moute, ETC… all got paid under this new CBA.

            Other teams will always set the ceiling. Double, double big’s will always get broke off. Hill is just like Clark, it’s absolutely important for him to capitalize on this chance to make his mark and finally get a payday. He’d be stupid to let that pass him by. at 26 he’s in his prime now.

          • cj

            your right hes just like clark and how much is clark making?????? 4 mill a season. teams dont jump on hot players like they used to.

            jeff green- 8mill in the ball park of were i said hill will be.

            wallace- 10 mill overpaid but the new nets owner who promptly traded him to get that contract out.

            terry- mid lvl 5.6 mill under hill range

            gibson- 7.7 mill again right were i said hill should be

            jack- 6.3 in the hill range

            george hill- 8 mill and he is overpaid. but still in the hill range

            zaza- 5.2 under were i said for hill

            davis- 6.4 mill in hill range

            richerson- 6.2 hill range

            fields- 6.2 hill range

            prince- 7.2 and mem wants to deal him because hes overpaid.

            pek- 12.1 now u have an argument but very few teams tried to get him and he is a better player then hill.

            budinger- 5 mill under what i said for hill

            brewer- 4.5 under hill

            mbah- 4.5 under hill

            of these players only wallace and pec got paid even close to 10 mill. wallace was overpaid and pec is a better player. taking them out of the equation the average salary is 6.2 mill which is just .2 mill off of were i slated him to be.

          • Daryl Peek

            I like how you conveniently left Jordan and McGee off the list? Zaza is the only Big under the 8-10 mil range. Zaza is much older at the end of his career also.

            Again Big’s get paid in this league, and if Hill keeps the double, double roll going as our starting PF/C he will get DeAndre/McGee money, 10 mil a season. Book it. You can’t teach length, this new CBA changes nothing for those in their primes that produce. Max contract dollars are now reduced and lower level role players wont get the outrageous money they were getting but as I said before, Hill is on the verge of being considered a starting force as a big man. His pockets are gonna be lined much better than Clark was. Clark was just a reference I used given we could no longer afford to keep him.

            BTW, Clark is getting 5 mil a season, as a reserve SF/stretch 4 not a center. Sessions got 5 mil based off a very small sample size with the Lakers. Believe me when I tell you, Hill is about to get paid. I hope your right and we get to keep him for a discount but that delusional homer thinking.

          • cj

            i honestly just missed them lol.

          • Daryl Peek

            24 mil over two seasons for a walking/bowling injury risk? Big’s get paid.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe is my fave.Thank you to Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak for doing the right thing.:-)

  • Lakers4Life

    Now it’s time to get LeBron and Melo next year! Can’t wait for the scary Big 3!!! :D

  • Forrest

    why does kobe need it he is gonna make even more money than salary via product endorsements after he retires why not leave the possibility of adding a great player or 2 or 3

  • roseducanna

    LAKERS sign KOBEEN for sale ticket only.Next year not good players sign with AKERS and LAKERS will not a championship next 3 years.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    According to wikipedia… for the upcoming 2013-2014 season the salary cap will be $58.679 million and the luxury tax limit has been raised to $71.748 million.[3]

  • Daryl Peek

    Let me break down the salary cap and luxury tax situation for those that don’t fully understand. There are restrictions a team is under for being an offender from the previous seasons. If you are over the cap of 58 mil you can only sign current players on roster that are restricted FA which you own rights to. If your under the 72 mil luxury tax you get a 5 mil MLE to sign ‘ONE’ FA from another team if you weren’t a luxury tax offender the previous season, and ‘ONE’ 3 mil mini MLE.

    When you are a repeat luxury tax offender you lose exceptions that would allow you to sign open market URFA, even those that are on your team. The only way to maximize FA signing ability is to get under the salary cap by the Feb. trade deadline, but if you were a repeat luxury tax offender over the last three consecutive seasons you are still restricted in FA signing exceptions, and subject to the more punitive luxury tax penalties if your team goes over the luxury tax.

    Keep in mind MLE’s are exceptions given to a team to sign players due to being over the 58 mil salary cap level. I think many are confused about the 72 mil luxury tax threshold. Dollars spent between 58 and 72 are not givens to fill out a roster when signing free agents. That money spent has to be approved under the NBA exceptions rules. Each team is given a 5 mil MLE and 3 mil mini MLE to sign players when they are above the 58 mil salary cap. That’s two players that can be signed above the veterans minimum if you’re above the salary cap.

    As a team you can choose to pay the luxury tax and sign as many veteran minimum contracts as you want but you cannot get higher paid players on roster from other teams if you are over the cap. But again keep in mind you are still even restricted in being able to sign your own if they are URFA.

    If you have deep pockets (like the owner of the Nets) you can go all out in the current season banking on winning. You will not be able to do it the next season because the penalties roll over from the previous season.

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