Twitter Reacts To Adam Silver’s Ruling On Donald Sterling

Twitter Reacts To Adam Silver’s Ruling On Donald Sterling


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Earlier today, Adam Silver had a press conference to levy punishment on the findings of the NBA’s investigation against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling made waves throughout the league with his disgraceful racists comments aimed at African Americans that were recorded on tape.

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Along with several current and former players commenting on Sterling’s actions, several teams banded together and wore black socks and wristbands as a silent protest against Sterling. The Clipper players went as far to throw their warmups at center court and wear their shirts inside out as a protest against their owner.

Many players had been calling for the league to impose max punishment against Sterling. The league came down hard on Sterling, handing him a $2.5 million fine and suspending him from the NBA for life. Silver also said he is pushing the NBA board of governors to make Sterling to sell the franchise.

Check out the reactions from the players, owners, and writers below:

Kobe Bryant Responds To Sterling’s Racist Comments, ‘Should Not’ Own The Clippers

  • Donte

    Yeah Adam Silver did the right thing he fucked the Clippers Racist Owner and his team hard.Clippers and Sterling got fucked hard lifetime ban is the right action to take by Adam Silver.I appreciate Adam Silver for being a real man that will take the stand necessary to punish Donald Sterling and his Clippers.No place for Donald Sterling in the NBA.I applaud Adam Silver and more work is being done to make this a league without Sterling and his racist ways.NBA is disassociating from Donald Sterling and his Clippers a termination of the Clippers is very possible.

  • Joaquin

    Great job done by Adam Silver.This will go down as one of the most important days of the United Sates in relation to race relations in society.Silver made me proud.


    Now LAC will fail and LAL will acquire CP3 this summer and the thing will be good in our town.

    • Daryl Peek

      Or this could be the lightning rod to spark them on a title run as a huge weight has been lifted. How many times have we seen a story like this work out like that?

      • Al Haldie

        A story like this – how many storys like this have u seen ?????

        • Daryl Peek

          Plenty. It’s called winning through adversity. It’s not about the specific details of the situation.

    • $20509373

      Or they could use this to spark a title run and get Magic as an owner. If those things happen in order it won’t be our town anymore.

      • Daryl Peek

        The Lakers will always own LA but Magic would give the Clippers a platform like they’ve never had.

    • Guest

      I’m a Laker fan all the way. But even the Lakers stood behind the Clippers. I for one am routing for the Clippers and hope they can shove it in the face of the soon to be owner a championship this bigot will not be able to claim. So get behind the issue at hand as this is not about the Lakers, it’s about everyone not only in the NBA, but people of color in general.

    • Cookie

      I’m a Laker fan all the way. But even the Lakers stood behind the Clippers. I for one am routing for the Clippers and hope they can shove it in the face of the soon to be “former” owner, a championship this bigot will not be able to claim. So get behind the issue at hand as this is not about the Lakers, it’s about everyone not only in the NBA, but people of color in general.

  • Herb

    Thank you Mr. Silver, you are sending a strong message to all, Only good and proper behavior is acceptable when it comes to respect and dignity for all. That sir is leadership.

  • Andre

    Lame Ass Clippers and Bigot Racist Donald Sterling got dealt with.

    • Kenneth Simkins

      It wasnt about the Clippers! They are doing fine! Its about the racist owner and maybe soon Magic Johnson will be the owner!

  • Leon

    The Clippers players and coaches must be looking to get out of their contracts.Their is no way Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan should be forced to play for a racist bigot owner Donald Sterling or the Sterling family.They must be let out of their deals they were in a racist work place and discrimination within the place of business Sterling runs as owner.They must all become free agents if they choose to be on another team it’s their civil right.

    • $20509373

      Why would they do that when Commissioner Silver has laid down the law? Sterling is gone for life and will likely have to sell the team. The coaches and players will stay and play for the new ownership group.

      • jabbs

        Newsflash: He’s NOT selling

        • $20509373

          The reputation of the commissioner, the other 29 owners, and the league are at stake. He will sell.

          • Cookie


    • Kenneth Simkins

      They will be working for Magic Johnson soon!

  • Frank

    Someone need to buy the clippers and move them out of L.A

    • $20509373

      Not gonna happen unless the Seattle group buys the them.

      • richard

        I think it is highly probable that Seattle will buy the clippers… but the name just don’t sound right… Seattle Clippers???!!??

        • visions

          seattle still has the name supersonics they can use that if that happens

        • Jim213

          Many including from the media are on board for Magic and his partners to buy the team. Magic vs. the Buss’s may be possible down the line as if this happened he’d most likely become the President.

          Don’t like the Lakers odds of landing top FA’s as before down the line. Magic IMO would be the best choice for the NBA tho not cool for the masses but business is business.

          • $20509373

            Magic owning the Clippers is good for business, but bad news for the Lakers. The Clippers really would run the city with him as the owner.

      • Kenneth Simkins

        I think Magic Johnsons group has the inside track already!

        • $20509373

          Me too. I think it’s a forgone conclusion that Magic and his partners will have the team if they want it.

  • Tyrone

    Clippers=Extraction From The NBA!That’s really the only way that Adam Silver and the NBA can really hurt Donald Sterling in the pocketbooks and to teach him humanity.Otherwise a $2.5 million dollars fine and a lifetime ban from games and practices is just a slap on the wrist make him feel it forever by using contraction on his major profit The Clippers extract his team from the NBA therefore he can’t cash in on the money from the sale of the Clippers.

    Now the NBA can just void the contracts of all the players and also listen to the idea of holding a supplemental draft where the players under contract would enter a supplemental draft and the NBA would allow the 12 worst teams to enter the draft and they can pick a Clippers player if they could all choose a player.

    That way players would keep their current pay scale and not lose their job as a NBA player.The team with the worst record the Bucks would get Chris Paul and the Philadelphia team would get Blake Griffin so on and so forth until you are finally done with the Clippers and Donald Sterling forever.Take a stand!

  • Javier

    Clippers must go out of business that’s the only way the money will be gone from Sterling.Doc Rivers must just end this crap by walking out as a black man make a mark on history by showing the work you’re true color.Players must leave the team and force their way out of the Clippers work place and stop making Sterling money.

  • Butch

    The major problem i have and i see with this ruling by the NBA is this is not enough because the better the Clippers do in the playoffs and beyond the more money Donald Sterling makes that is just wrong and their is no way around it until the NBA gets rid of him as a owner.The more the Clippers win the more Donald Sterling profits from ticket sale revenue and merchandise along with the price of the team will keep boosting up.The man is going to get very rich off all this free publicity and fan fare it is just the American way controversy gains interest and attention.The Clippers are trying to turn this racist Owner being banned as a positive and the NBA has a goal in mind to make the Clippers a big winner in all of this racism.SMH!

    • $20509373

      I see what you’re saying. This “redemption” story for the Clippers is going to make Sterling rich and potentially a champion if they win it all. But none of that is in the league’s control. They can’t control how much the Clippers are worth or how successful they’ll be in the playoffs.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      I know but what’s ur solution? Lose on purpose? Boycott the games? By not playing, not watching, not going to games, etc ur not just affecting Sterling u know?

  • Butch

    Sterling must be ousted right now!Lose the team termination of the team.

  • Jerry Arthur Newcomb

    I see many are casting stones joining the mob to crucify Sterling. “Let he among you that is without sin cast the first stone.” This man said these bad and horrible things, that is true, but many that are sending him to the gallows say simular things in private. Tell me where does it stop?

  • metalbass

    and now remove this joke of franchise from LA.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Adam Silver good job you the man there no place for racist Sterling got what he deserves happy for that other LA team can move on but nothing change what I think about them for B-Ball reasons I root only for my Purple & Gold the real LA team Lakers 4 Life!!!