TWITTER: Brandon Jennings Says Kobe Bryant Was Unguardable In 2006 Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] It's no secret that NBA players who grew up in Los Angeles during Kobe Bryant's prime years with the Los Angeles Lakers looked up to [new_royalslider id="298"] It's no secret that NBA players who grew up in Los Angeles during Kobe Bryant's prime years with the Los Angeles Lakers looked up to Rating: 0
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TWITTER: Brandon Jennings Says Kobe Bryant Was Unguardable In 2006

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It’s no secret that NBA players who grew up in Los Angeles during Kobe Bryant’s prime years with the Los Angeles Lakers looked up to the five-time NBA champion. Brandon Jennings is one of those Los Angeles natives that has shown his love for Kobe’s game over the years and did so once again on Saturday.

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Jennings took to Twitter to talk about how Kobe dominated the competition back in 2006:

The current Detroit Pistons point guard also tweeted out Kobe’s stats from the 2005-06 NBA season:

Kobe was on a mission to prove that he was the best player in the NBA and determined to step out of Shaquille O’Neal’s shadow during his incredible stretch in 2006. Even though the Los Angeles Lakers had players like Jordan Farmar, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum on the roster, the team was still a few years away from acquiring Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Needless to say, the Lakers weren’t considered serious threats in the Western Conference with Steve Nash’s Phoenix Suns and Tim Duncan’s San Antonio Spurs being the cream of the crop in the West.

Despite a mediocre roster, Kobe gave it his all on a nightly basis and as a result dominated the competition while setting milestones and becoming a role model for future NBA players like Jennings.

Along with torching the league for 35.4 points per game, Kobe also scored 62 points in three quarters against the Dallas Mavericks and followed that up with 81 points a month later. Jennings’ assessment of Kobe in 2006 was right on the money. No team or player had an answer for the Lakers star who eventually went on to win two more titles.
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  • Spade

    Back when Kobe was in his prime and at the peak of his powers no on could stop him. It’s a shame 3 of his prime years were wasted.

    • joshhh

      at first I didn’t want Bledsoe for that sign and trade now im really considering it. go look at this guy’s highlights on youtube he toys with everyone this guy is a franchise caliber player no doubt he’s probably top 5 in pg in the league to believe me go look on youtube his highlitghs trust me hes worth it

      • Brian

        you must be Joe Bloom in disguise?

        • joshhh

          this guys is the toughest pg in the league and he cant shoot the lights go check it out

          • vdogg

            not a top 5 PG in the league, sorry. no way i give up randle, hill and a first rounder for him. NO WAY.

          • joshhh

            I know it sounds crazy but this guy would make this team way better this year even if we lost a big part of our frontcourt he’s gonna be able to stop penetration on on any pg and theres not many pg’s in the league that play his defense remember that the pg postion is the most important postion everybody knows what u need win is an elite pg

          • Allen Mallory

            No top PG can be stopped. There is this thing that teams do called setting picks.

          • stephaniemshuey

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            Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
            with a laptop. visit their website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

          • ColeWorldNoBlanket

            That trade doesn’t sound crazy fam, it is bat shit crazy.

          • comrade24

            If instead of giving up Randle it involved sending Nash back to Phoenix i would be for it. That makes sense for both teams since Nash still is a major public figure there and without Bledsoe they still have 3 young point guards in need of mentoring. I’d even be fine with including 2 picks if we could acquire bledsoe without losing Randle

          • lakeds lifer

            Ok, lets look at champs of the past and their point guards. 91-93 BJ Armstrong. 94-95 Sam Cassel, 96-98 Ron Harper, 99 Avery Johnson, 00 Ron Harper, 01-02 Derrick Fisher, 03 Tony Parker, 04 Chauncey Billups, 05 Tony Parker, 06 Gary Payton, 07 Tony Parker, 08 Rajon Rondo, 09-10 Derrick Fisher, 11 Jason Kidd, 12-13 Mario Chalmers, 14 Tony Parker. So Parker was a top 5 point guard certainly, but everyone else was either a role player, too young (Rondo) or too old (Kidd) to be considered too 5.

          • Tune

            I wouldn’t say Parker is top 5. I’d rather have CP3, WB, DRose, Rondo, and Curry over him.

          • Badazztj12

            Cant say Rose is still a top 5. He been injuried for two years now. He dont have experience coming off big or major injuries. Kobe had pretty of injuries in his career and has the experience to come back good.(he was just coming back to form until he cracked his knee) Rose looked kind of bad coming back from his injury and didnt know what to do most of the time.

          • jhernandez1981

            Rondo was a top 5 PG when he ran the floor for Boston’s big 3. Trading a potential elite level defensive minded power forward for a mid level point guard isnt sound. Giving up the power forward, Jordan Hill, and a decent sixth man in Lin as well as a first round pick for a mid level PG while youre out of cap room is just fucking idiotic.

          • Jan Rey

            What if the Suns include Miles Plumlee in the package with bledsoe, do you guys still want the trade? Bledose/Plumlee to Randle, Hill, 1st rd pick?

          • vdogg

            NO! stop giving the first round pick to the fucking suns already!

      • Kenneth

        Not worth it. Has had to knee surgeries on the same knee and hasnt played a full season. Randle is a cheap asset with talent, why give that up. Hill and lin or nash and the 1st round pick is plenty for EB. Bledsoe is explosive and very good but not worth the reported package. I believe this is a rumor created by someone is Phoenix to drive up the price just in case they have to trade Bledsoe

        • Joe Caron

          Give up Nash and some cash then. Let’s see what Randell can do before we talk about shipping he out!

      • Joe Caron

        That’s why they call them highlights!
        He’s good no doubt. But not a Chris Paul Calibre type player.

      • bryan

        if lakers are to trade randle, they should be involved the kevin love to the cavs trade. randle will go to the wolves and lakers should land wiggins. with the necessary additional players/draft picks to balance the trade and it will be all good!

        • Jermaine

          Now that’s what in talking about

      • hand_down_man_down

        top 5? he’s nice but lets be logical

      • Tune

        Top 5 PG? He’s not better than WB, DRose, Curry, CP3, and Rondo. Would even say TP is better. Wall and Lillard are on par if not better. Irving will probably be better than him as he develops. Bledsoe is in the caliber of Irving, Lowry, and Thomas right now.

        • TJ

          All 3 are better than Bledsoe this guy wants a Max Contract 5years/84M he is not worth that

      • CHVRLIE

        guys. this conversation would never have existed if CP3 was in purple and gold!

    • They call me Pringles

      3 NBA Finals appearances and a back2back Championship. His prime wasn’t wasted. There were so many great players in history that never won a Championship ring. Kobe has 5 with a three peat during his non-prime years.

      • Spade

        Never meant it like that. I was saying 05-07 was wasted because we were reloading for the run you pointed out.

        • They call me Pringles

          The word “prime” is a pretty confusing definition nowadays. Everybody has their own definition for it. But I believe Kobe’s prime years was when he became a great leader in ’08 through ’10 when he didn’t have to take over so many games from the start, and he made his teammates better by letting them play.

      • Tune

        While that’s true, those were after Kobe playing his best seasons of his career. Even 12-13 he played one of his best seasons, but was wasted since dysfunctional roster then injury.

    • LegendInMyMind

      Wasted? How so?

      • Jan Rey

        Prime kobe means circa 2004-2007, when kobe was 26-29. the lakers teams were mediocre then until they swung the deal for pau.. I think they were wasted too. 2008-10, kobe was still a great player, but you can see the physcial and explosive nature of his game has dwindled a bit and he relies more of his footwork and post game than his athleticism.

        • LegendInMyMind

          Ah, fair enough.

      • Spade

        We spent those years reloading for the eventual 08-10 run. 05-07 was fun to watch, but sometimes I look back and say “Wow. Imagine if Kobe had a great team around him”.

        • LegendInMyMind

          I see. Well, a point could be made that those things, like the 81 point game, wouldn’t have happened with a better team around him. When he got that better team, he was still capable of putting them on his shoulders and digging out the W. So I think we saw what would have happened, honestly. Just a few years later.

          One thing’s for certain, he would have had more than one MVP. And more than 5 rings. But it worked out the only way it could have. That’s the ‘association’ for you…

    • ghost

      He is most lucky superstar ever and you “shame” on his career ?

      • Tune

        How is that shaming his career? He’s saying those seasons particularly Kobe’s prime were wasted due to front office not being able to surround him with talent. You can never win too many championships. Nobody is disrespecting Kobe’s career given he has 5 rings, but he could’ve had at least one more.

      • ghost

        In fact, Kobe was even better in 2008-2010, and taking into account fact that Kobe had so great teams for whole career (exclude 2005-2007 only) shows why he has that 5 rings. Some of you talk like he should have 5 rings as rookie for good start.

    • SoulChorea

      They wouldn’t have been wasted if the league in its entirety wasn’t so bent on saying he wasn’t the best in the league, and that Dirk and Nash were better because “they made their teams better”. No reason why Nash should’ve gotten 2 MVPs in a row while Kobe was on this tear. At least one of those trophies is Kobe’s and everyone knows it

  • joshhh

    at first I didn’t want Bledsoe for that sign and trade now im really considering it. go look at this guy’s highlights on youtube he toys with everyone this guy is a franchise caliber player no doubt he’s probably top 5 in pg in the league to believe me go look on youtube his highlitghs trust me

    • vdogg

      no way is he top 5. not even top 6. curry, parker, paul, westbrook, lilard and wall are all better.

      • joshhh

        haha curry and paul r not better

        • trvlllxrd

          chris paul is 1000 times better

        • vdogg

          both are EASILY better. what league are you following?

        • Soap

          Your an idiot if you think Chris Paul isn’t better than Bledsoe.

        • Top5pg..NOPE.

          Curry and Paul are not better? Are you out of your mind? You must be working for management in phoenix. lol

        • Joe Caron

          The hell there not!

  • 3339

    just in 2006?

  • Ray-Marcus

    Those were the days when Kobe would pump fake three times and shoot a tough fade away jumper over a triple team and it would still be a good shot

  • purp& goldpride

    Wasted kobes prime years…look at what Lakers management had him surrounded by. No wonder he complained.

    • 3339

      come on now we had smush parker and kwame brown in the western conf no less.

    • Mike D’Antoni

      the silver lining was that it really magnified how great Kobe was during his prime years.

      • Taurean Fairley

        Yet he still does not get the overall props he deserves. Look what he did with those players in a tough Western Conference….while putting up unreal stats and games.

        • ColeWorldNoBlanket

          Kobe should have won MVP in 06 an 07….cause he dragged those sorry ass squads 2 the playoffs both of those seasons and without him that team wouldn’t have won more than 20 games.

          • Jermaine

            He gets no respect from the league or the players, but mark my words they will miss him when he’s gone…. because you will have seen the last of a player like kobe, he was simply amazing

          • Frank Williams

            Now if we take and apply what you wrote @ColeWorldNoBlanket to this upcoming year with this team, the Lakers should make the Playoffs. I agree if we had a Defensive Coach and a Big Body to tie up the middle. Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!

    • comrade24

      However, if he would have had a better team around him that 81 point game would have never happened. I understand what everyone’s saying and to a point I do agree but let’s not forget the amazing individual feats that Kobe achieved in part because he had a mediocre team around him. The question is, if Kobe had won 6 titles instead of 5, but some of those great games never happened, which of those would help more to cement his legacy?

  • I’m Batman

    Yep. Kobe was outta his mind, that year! I still remember where I was, when I found out, that he dropped 81 points. I was like, “WTF”?! He’s the GREATEST!

    • Jermaine

      Me too was at a friends house that didn’t have cable and it popped up in the middle of a football game, highlights from the game I started wigging out lol

  • johnny

    Stop kissing his ass! He’s never been as good as he thinks he was.

    • vdogg

      you’re dumb.

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      eat a dick troll

    • ghost

      That’s right, Kobe was great player, but there were always better players, in every year.

      • Tune

        Who was better than Kobe half of his career? Only competition is Shaq, Duncan, and LBJ throughout his career. I only give LeBron the nod as being better after Kobe got injured. I’d argue KD being better than them both next season. Only setback in KD’s game right now is him being passive at times, inability to hold onto the ball well enough (gets it poked out too much), doesn’t post up enough on smaller guys (got bullied by Tony Allen, Barnes, CP3 in playoffs at times), and his defense can use some more work.

        • ghost

          Shaq, Tim, KG, Dirk, Wade, LBJ they were at least same good players, usually even better. LeBron has been better since 2008, and about KD, until he start play defense he won’t catch LeBron.

          • vdogg

            no way is that true. kobe took over the league for about 4 seasons like none of those guys did. get a clue.

          • ghost

            I care facts, no what barkley or stupid journalists said. hah, show me any proves that kobe took over like none of those guys. It’s the next manipulating facts.

          • vdogg

            kobe was never the best in the league? LOL. phil jackson, mark cuban, alvin gentry, kevin garnett, charles barkley, stephen a. smith and countless other coaches, owners, GMs, players and pundits of NBA basketball would disagree with you. but hey, what do those guys know? LOL

          • Tune

            Kobe is better than Wade, KG, and LBJ. Shaq and Tim are his only competition throughout his career.

          • ghost

            Nope, he’s got better career than Wade and KG, but he was not better player. And LeBron is easily better player and career, same Shaq and Tim.

          • Tune

            KG and Wade are not better than Kobe. Shaq and Duncan are the only ones I’d compare him to. LeBron is the better player right now since he’s in his prime and Kobe just got injured, but pre-injury Kobe is better. LeBron definitely hasn’t had a better career. 5>2 every time.

          • ghost

            I’m not going to say were are better, but Kobe was no better too, they are quite similiar. And LeBron has been better since 2008 than Kobe ever was, stats and his impact prove that and Kobe’s injury has nothing common with that. And don’t even joke with this ring argument, it’s completely useless.

  • FUCK steve nash

    Every time I hear Steve Nash described as a “2 time MVP” it makes me cringe. In 05-06 Kobe led a team that featured the likes of Chris Mihm, Kwame Brown and the immortal Smush Parker to 45 wins and pushed the suns to game 7 in the playoffs. Its a joke that Kobe has only one MVP, 05-06 should be his.

    • Taurean Fairley

      I just commented somewhere else. Your exactly right. People did not give it or I should say want him to have it because they didn’t want even more of a reason to compare him to the “beloved” Michael Jordan.

    • Jermaine

      Thank you, robbery

    • ghost

      With all sure Nash deserved more this MVP than Kobe. Kobe was mainly scorer and Lakers were too poor.

  • Andy L

    If Kobe still has his positive insanity he will take this as an insult. “What the hell do you mean back in 06??? I’ll drop 82 on your ass any day!!!”

  • Kin Diesel

    It’s worth it. The team may not be better off this year, but it will help make the Lakers a lot more attractive going into next season’s free agency.

  • duskr

    kobe is kobe and i know for a fact that kobe will be back to his career avg. numbers.. ppl who say that he will be different because of his knee and achilies are just doubters, kobe loves him some doubters..

  • Guest

    I thought the 62 game was more impressive than the 81 game because it was accomplished in just three quarters against a team that would make the Finals that season.

    • zoozoo

      He actually scored 81 in three quarters also in that game, phil took him out early. Didnt want him to break the all time record smh

      • Baba Lu

        He was subbed out of the game (replaced by Devean Greene) seconds before the final horn. what game were you watching

      • ghost

        @zoozoo: haha, the next manipulation by Kobe fan who has completely no idea what he is talking about.

  • Aces71

    Brandon Jenning’s compliments for Kobe should be a very clear indication for the Laker Front Office to go after him and every Free Agent who’s from LA. Better to add players who love the city and grew up admiring the Lakers. They’ll surely want to play for a team and organization they have followed and cheered for all their life. ;)

    • Mark

      bro, brandon jennings shoots 39 percent from the field. hell the fuck naw

      • Aces71

        Just a suggestion, bro. Young talent like Jennings may still be developed and improved once he’s part of the Lakers. What’s important now is to gather pieces and build for the future once more. It worked with , Byron Scott,Trevor Ariza and Matt Barnes before. It may work again with Jennings, Love, Westbrook, George and former LA draft pick, Marc Gasol, in the near future.

  • Ico

    can we bring BJ into LA? I like his game since long time, reminds me of JCrossover..

  • bighomiemb

    That sounds like a slick lil diss, calling Kobe washed up. BJ and Kobe have had a little rivalry since they got into it in a Drew league game. I think Kobe will be back with a vengeance for the first half of this season, I hope he can stay healthy though!

  • Lakers4Life

    Kobe was indeed unstoppable.

    But it’s unfortunate that we had such a poor offseason this year, so his chances of winning a 6th title over the next 2 years is pretty much slim to none at this point. Hope we get Bledsoe and Marion while clearing up the roster of Nash and Randle — that should make us slightly better.

    • vdogg

      you’re really, really dumb. man am i glad that people like you are not running the team!

    • ghost

      Lakers has 0 chances to ring in next few seasons, we need to wait to Kobe retire and rebuild team.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    With the talent the Miami had on the roster last season, replacing LBJ with Kobe a (2006 version), and they would have ran rough shod over San Antonio. Kobe would not have allowed someone to get Finals MVP on him. LBJ was guarding Kwahi to MVP. That’s one major blow to his legacy.

    • ghost

      “Kobe would not have allowed someone to get Finals MVP on him”

      Unfortunately for you, he allowed for over 70% his finals apperances. ROFL

  • kb24

    hill,hou pick for bledsoe,okafor,plumlee,green…..just playin nuns ense game

  • kb24

    celts drafted rondo bcoz of lakers imagine if we trade for klove and have a trio of KOBE-KLOVE-RONDO instead of KOBE-NASH-COWARD

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