Top Lakers Nation Videos: Kobe Bryant’s In ‘Mamba Mode’ Reviewed by Momizat on . Lakers Nation was out on the red carpet, interviewing athletes and celebrities for this week's top videos. Nick Young told us about working out with Kobe Bryant Lakers Nation was out on the red carpet, interviewing athletes and celebrities for this week's top videos. Nick Young told us about working out with Kobe Bryant Rating: 0
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Top Lakers Nation Videos: Kobe Bryant’s In ‘Mamba Mode’

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Lakers Nation was out on the red carpet, interviewing athletes and celebrities for this week’s top videos. Nick Young told us about working out with Kobe Bryant, who’s currently in “Mamba mode.” Byron Scott was confident that his team is already ready to prove people wrong and Jamie Foxx told us a pretty entertaining story about Kobe.

Plus, Lakers Nation took to L.A. Live to watch the Nike 3 On 3 Slam Dunk Contest and got together some great footage of the action. Check it all out in our videos of the week below!

5. Harold & Carole Pump Foundation Gala

4. Nike 3 On 3 Slam Dunk Contest

3. Byron Scott Says Players Are Ready To Prove People Wrong

2. Nick Young Says Kobe Bryant’s In Mamba Mode

1. Jamie Foxx On His First Encounter With Kobe Bryant

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  • davidjordan

    Good luck with Kobe… Two key injuries and that boo boo squad, you will be lucky to win 30 games and miss the playoffs by 15 games…

  • todd irish

    What amount of money would be acceptable for raping your daughter kobe style?

    • Michael Bryant

      I guess it depends on how many others mens se@@n you find in the daughters underwear when they do the test? Kobe has the most money, so he should pay for the partying everybody did. You do the math and come up with a number Mr. Sensitve

    • vdogg

      rape? LOL. no true rape victim brags about having had sex with her alleged rapist. it just doesn’t happen.

  • Zach

    Kobe’s a rapist, you should be ashamed to root for this guy. Sick.

  • vdogg

    it’s hilarious how people are still hung up on some trumped-up rape charge from more than a decade ago in which the “victim” (and i use that term in the loosest possible sense) was seen and heard at a party days after the incident boasting about having slept with kobe. she was also proven to be on prescription medication and had at least one known suicide attempt. sounds like a smart, stable girl, no? LOL. was kobe a moron for putting himself into that situation? yes. but rape? PLEASE. rape is a very personal, very traumatic thing. no rape victim brags about the sex.

  • Mike Kaping

    La Lakers still more wins in 10 yrs than Clippers have had in their franchise lifetime….How many banners do you have in LA….how about trying to just make it to the Championship for once. Lakers run LA and will until a Clippers team can actually win 5 or 6 championships.

  • Iam TheWalrus

    that’s fair enuff. but let’s see which franchise gets to 17 championships first…

  • Al Haldie

    Let just say 12 players per team LAKERS Championships 16 = 192 rings, Clappers rings 0 – what is there to talk about..

  • Jose Blanco Jr.

    I can’t look at that name with a straight face…clippersrunla… LOL– win a ring first.

  • LakeShow111

    What’s this your 1st or 2nd year being Clippers fan?

  • fatZach

    for someone who hates the Lakers as much as you do, you sure spend a lot of time reading about the Lakers and commenting on their status. please show us on the doll where the Lakes touched you. Did Dr. Buss steal your girl at the Forum club years ago and you cant get over it?

  • Name

    16-0, WHO RUNS LA? Win a Championship 1st!

  • mediumchaintriglycerides


  • Jim213

    LMAO, how many titles have the Celts won as opposed to the Lakers since 2000? Better yet who’s been more consistent (competitive) ever since the 80s rivalry ended? Douche… Celts need to thank Bill Russell and Bird mostly.

  • vdogg

    it’s her third……..



    27-55 last season. Enough with the Endless excuses:

    Our coach sucks
    We got screwed by cp3 trade
    Kobe was injured
    We got screwed by the draft
    Blah blah blah

    Time to shut up and play basketball.

  • vdogg

    the clippers may play for division banners.. the lakers play for one thing — titles. in the lakers eyes, the two teams had the same amount of success last year.. NONE. i think the clippers should actually hang their division banners. i doubt the lakers would even bother covering them up.. it’s TOO FUNNY!!!

  • New power house

    What are th excuses of the Clippers for always loosing? They have a great coach,great team,the Lakers are a shadow of themselves, and the result is the same for them. No even getting to the conference finals ever? Once we recover they are going back to ride on the back of the bus!


    Your playing for a Title this year???? Lmfao

  • vdogg

    sure. isn’t everyone?

  • Jason

    When did the clippers make the conf finals? The Clippers have cp3, blake, DJ. You guys can’t even win with Doc Rivers as coach. What’s your guys’ excuse? If Kobe was healthy last year, lakers would’ve won at least 40 games, which with that team, wouldn’t be that bad.


    Lakerfan says he’d be happy with sub 500 record. Wow ok

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