Top 5 Robert Horry Laker Moments

Top 5 Robert Horry Laker Moments


Everyone can’t be stars in the NBA. Only a select few have the talent and drive to ascend to unseen heights. But great teams always have excellent role players and no role player has the number of moments that Robert Horry does.

Horry was never an All-Star, never made an all-NBA team, but no player was more dangerous when the clock was winding down. Horry has made a career off clutch, game-winning shots, and he has seven championships to his credit because of it, including three with the purple and gold.

Horry turned 44 today, and in honor of his birthday, we at Lakers Nation present to you Robert Horry’s top five moments with the Lakers.

5. Robert Horry Buzzer Beater vs. Indiana Pacers

Please excuse the poor resolution, but this was a regular season game between the Lakers and Pacers in 2003. The Lakers had won three straight titles and were attempting to win a fourth straight ring.

At the end of this tough game with the Pacers, the Lakers threw the ball down to Shaq in an attempt to win the game, but the ball was deflected out to Horry, how ironic.

Horry would square up and knock down the jumper to win the game, letting the Staples Center crowd know that he could still step up and knock down the clutch shot when needed.

4. Horry Creates a Poster with Dikembe Mutombo

In the 2001 NBA Finals the Lakers were on their quest to a second straight championship, but standing in their way was Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers.

At this point in his career, Horry was not known as much for his athletic exploits, but he could still rise up when necessary.

The Sixers had brought in Dikembe Mutombo to anchor their defense, but Robert Horry completely ignored that during Game 3.

Horry would drive down the paint in the fourth quarter and create a Final’s poster as finished with an emphatic dunk over the finger waving Mutombo.

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