Top 5 Point Guard Options for the Lakers in Free Agency Reviewed by Momizat on . With free agency right around the corner, the Los Angeles Lakers' front office will have some tough decisions to make in order to improve this team moving forwa With free agency right around the corner, the Los Angeles Lakers' front office will have some tough decisions to make in order to improve this team moving forwa Rating:
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Top 5 Point Guard Options for the Lakers in Free Agency

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With free agency right around the corner, the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office will have some tough decisions to make in order to improve this team moving forward. One of the areas the team must address in free agency is the point guard position. With Ramon Sessions potentially testing the free agent waters, the Lakers must decide whether or not to keep him or go in another direction.

Top 5 Point Guard Free Agents

#5 Mo Williams (player option)

Upside: Williams can score, pass and shoot from outside. The 29-year-old might not be a scorer of Deron Williams or Chris Paul’s caliber, but he can get the job done if given the green light.

Downside: Streaky. Williams can be inconsistent from time to time. Attitude might be an issue.

#4 Chauncey Billups

Upside: Proven winner that has shown the ability to win where ever he plays (Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers). Great outside shooter. Not afraid to take the last shot. Born leader.

Downside: Coming off an Achilles heel injury and is not a long-term option at 35-years-old.

#3 Ramon Sessions (player option)

Upside: Sessions is only 26-years-old with a lot of basketball left in those young legs. Along with the youth that is sorely lacking on the Lakers’ roster, Sessions also brings speed and the desire to improve.

Downside: Not a game-changer like Nash or Williams. Sessions has yet to prove he can take a game over if need be. Obvious flaws were seen in the NBA playoffs with Russell Westbrook and Ty Lawson torching Sessions on a nightly basis.

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  • windu_mace

    Keep Sessions,IF possible. Imo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kody.kite Kody Kite

    We need steve nash!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joel.ibardolaza Joemama Ibardolaza

    Let me shorten the list..it’s either Steve Nash, Jameer Nelson, Deron Williams, or Jeremy Lin

  • http://www.facebook.com/joel.ibardolaza Joemama Ibardolaza

    Let me shorten the list..it’s either Steve Nash, Jameer Nelson, Deron Williams, or Jeremy Lin

  • Californiamobilecpr

    The LAKERS got destroyed because they were old and slow with very little athleticism. The P.G.’s mentioned arent very athletic, slow and are approaching 30 or older, they arent the answer.

    • el pyo

      First off, this is a list of free agents (or potential), so the obviously this list won’t include Rondo, Westbrook, Paul, etc. Second, Sessions and Williams aren’t 30?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1015214879 Jerry Janiga

    We need to look at (sorry im not from L.A.) Kris Humpries … Can be the rebounder that was lacking since the rodman days..  So Lets move Gasol use the mid level for Humphries and get the floor general that is lacking.  Kyle Lowrey could be a nice fit lso

    • Ajayp

      HONESTLY.. u hit the nail in the coffin… humphries KILLED it this year in NJ.. he had 5 – 20+ rebound games..AND he outplayed lopez…. hes a good inside presence.. very underrated… too bad everyone judges his play on his personal life.. Lopez is only poiints and VERY injury prone. …. averages 8 boards a game… we need more defense.

  • Joelsky

    Steve is okay but he’s old already we need younger guys for better Laker’s future.

  • Craigcrampton

    lets get the pg that nash mentored. gordon dragic. not quite the talent that nash is. but very young and runs the floor almost identical.

  • Mike Oxwelling

    we should get rodney stuckey. underrated talent in the NBA and still very young

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.washington.7311 David Washington

    yeah we need deron williams more than anything so i would trade for him.! if not we need steve nash

  • Patrickjester

    What about Step Curry or Monta Ellis for blake or Sessions? We Keep Bynum and pick up a young/cheap back up…Get rid of Gasol for some bench players and pick up KG

  • Chauncyhood60

    C.j woston get him so the can leave the bulls

  • lkerssss

    why isn’t kyle lowry on this list? he puts up great numbers, and is very young..
    instead of getting a superstar, i would much rather the lakers try to get a deal done with either one of these teamshouston : gasol for kyle lowry and chandler parsons/kevin martinor timberwolves: gasol for derrick williams, martell webster, nikola pekovicthese are good trades which improves the lakers both talent and age wise, and frankly are more realistic than the gasol for garnett one i saw earlier this week.these deals can save a lot of money so we can focus on our true weakness, the bench. if we can get deron williams then great but it puts us at the same position as this season. 3 superstars with no depth and talent off the bench… and think about it. this season gasol averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds. deron williams is gonna give about the same output in points, except the 10 rebounds will become 10 assists. the only upside to deron williams is the fact that he can help us in the post kobe era 

    • Ajaycreates

      well said.  

  • laker fan

    hire Mike D’ antoni and get goran dragic ….keep sessions….trade bynum not gasol… 

  • Kobeforlife

    Get williams but keep sessions as a back up. Also get iguadola for gasol, and also pick up irving. So It would go:
    PG: williams/sessions
    SG: kobe/irving
    SF: iguadola/world peace
    PF: mcroberts/?
    C:Bynum/ hill

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexis.jackson.355 Alexis Jackson

    No really, fuck Bynum. He is a not only a non-factor, he’s unpredictable and has an awful attittude. LA doesn’t need any more divas. Let Bynum go. Let him go. 1 word Laker Nation……… R O N D O. Rondo. Rajon Rondo. He would be the best option for this laker team right now. He’d accelerate the game,  open the floor, set up for Kobe, and set up for the front court, all while throwing down that three. Give Boston Andrew, Steve Blake, and some of those bench randos and get Rondo to LA immediately. immediately. 

    • UNC4vida!

      That would be a bad move! Kobe and Rondo would butt heads constantly. Deron Williams is an assassin and Rondo can’t shoot. Kobe + DWill = best backcourt in the league…PERIOD!

  • http://www.facebook.com/derrick.albert.33 Derrick Albert

    we are fine with the players we have just need a new coach maybe we can get byron scott or someone along those lines. brown will be here but if he is not doing it by mid season he is gone

  • Markstephenlogmao

    Trade Sessions for Jeremy Lin

  • IHaveFaith

    Andrew Bynum for Rajon Rondo.

    Rondo gets more rebounds than Bynum on a daily basis.
    Rondo averages more than ten dimes per game.
    Rondo can score more, create his own shots, total threat off the dribble.

    Why wouldn’t LAL sign-and-trade Rajon Rondo for Andrew Bynum?

    Pau Gasol will wake up if Rajon Rondo comes to LAL.

    Let Pau Gasol take the center spot, and Jordan Hill to start at the four position.

    Sign Lamar Odom and let him be LAL’s sixth man once again.

    Trevor Ariza, sign him too. Even Shannon Brown.

    Let Matt Barnes go. Just shift Ariza and World Peace on Kobe and the three spot.

    Sign Brian Shaw as head coach and Mike Brown as assistant coach.

    • #17ontheway!

      Pau Gasol is a weakling. Can’t hold on to the ball (everybody, and his brother,snatches the ball right out of his hands on a regular basis), can’t defend (no hops at all!), can’t handle the ball (always loses it when trying to make a move), too slow and whines too much to the ref after he blows a shot,.  Can’t get position, or bang, and falls down too much. He’s a joke at the 4 or 5 spot.  Plus, he’s old and costs to much for what he gives. He’s disappeared two years in a row during the playoffs. Wilts under pressure from any half way decent big man. He’s got no heart or balls. Lakers would be stupid to trade Bynum and trust the 5 to Gasol.

  • Chicosbb

    Bynum for Howard, Gasol for Josh Smith and a player. Blake and trade exception for Nash and bring back Odom for the minimum salary. 

  • Ser


    LAKERS 2013
    SG= KOBE 

    • Ser

      Jim Buss what do you think?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FVWIPGODGRG37MAXAPY7MDS46Q Art Pastor

    billups,  kidd, nash, for a year or 2  dragic, mo, lowry  for 4 years then kenyan ,reggy,ariza igualoga for gasol,metta,barnes blake,roberts,mcdonald get shooters & build the bench w/ future startes and rookies one more year with brown or get byron scott, or the six man of the showtime what,s his name  if bynun is not consistan trade him b/4 it gets hurst  2nd round 6’10 #27 draft & jordan back bynun  get any of the 3 old stars or 2 of the dragic,mo,lowry and get martin and reggy then we can fight with okc ,san antn.till 30 mill goes w/ koby in 2 years    talk to me 

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