Top 10 Things Haters Say About Kobe and Why History Will Prove...

Top 10 Things Haters Say About Kobe and Why History Will Prove Them Wrong


Quite simply Kobe Bryant is one of the most galvanizing figures in NBA history.  You either love him or hate him, there’s no middle ground.  We can honestly say there’s no other NBA superstar that receives the same degree of criticism that Kobe has over the years (though “The Decision” is slowly changing all of this).  I put together a list of Top 10 Things Haters Say About Kobe and Why History will prove them wrong:

10 – He’s not better than Michael Jordan. Yes Lakers fans I hate to break the news to you; Kobe Bryant is not better than Michael Jordan.  Lakers fans hardly believed he was, nor do they even entertain the argument.  This is just sportstalk fodder by the national media every June after the Lakers annual championship parade (BTW – which is an official rite of summer:  Memorial Day, 4th of July, BBQ’s and a Lakers Championship parade).  It’s meant to light up the phone lines and draw out a “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!” from the Kobe haters.  Listen, we know he won the first three titles with Shaq.  We know the hand checking rules are different and that MJ would score 65 points a game.  And we know he never faced Detroit’s Bad Boys or Riley’s Knicks.  We get it.

Shhhhhh, (in a whisper tone) but you know what?  I’ll take the second best shooting guard in the David Stern era.

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  • Nick Van Exel

    So.. you admit he quit on his team but it’s okay because he has an excuse?

    • Twj986

      I dont think you understood the context of the article… kobe was never looking for excuses.. he himself said that he sucked… the author was simply saying that instead of giving up, he found ways to contribute to the game…

    • laker fan

      if he hadn’t made that move, you think the organization would wake up and do something? what happend after 2007? 3 consecutive championship trips. won 2.

      it’s “i’ll quit unless they do something” .. not “dear fans, i’m quitting, bye! ” and goes to his bffs team.

      • Paytc

        Exactly. Great players demand accountability from themselves and busters like Howard, who might slack and joke too much around them.They also demand it from the organization,management ,players,and coaches.
        Laker fan,you know anybody that looks for faults in Kobe or any great player for that matter,is either a person of low self esteem,and/or a weak non-confident player themselves.Those characteristics lead them hate on, and over criticize someone better than they are.Kobe’s legacy will speak for itself, while these haters continue to make themselves look like the little bitty ignorant nobodies that they are.LOL ……..
        all the way to the bank Kobe!

        • Paytc

          Type o ‘Those characteristics lead them “to” hate on……

    • Myass

      How did he quit the team?…

  • Breyzh

    Coming from a fromer Kobe hater. nice article…

    Still, there are some stupid Laker fans that would argue that Kobe is still the #1 player in the league, that he’s better than MJ, that he has an engaging personnality, etc…

    I prefer the way you say it: “Yeah? So what? He’s still a great player!”

  • laker fan

    breyzh, kobe IS the #1 player in the league, he IS better than MJ, i like his personality, and those are MY opinions. so please, don’t call people “stupid” because they see what you dont,or vice versa.

  • Mybxl110

    i like this article

  • 80sLakrfan

    Whatever Kobe does, someone is not going to like it. I’m glad he doesn’t jaw jack, grin, hang out in the clubs with his teammates, and tries to maintain a little privacy. I’m glad he eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. It shows when he’s on the court doing his job. Yes, this is his job; and I only see him earning his pay. I’ve never compared him to MJ. Never crossed my mind. We can debate til the cows come home on who’s better: Wade, LB, or Kobe. But @ the end of the season, it’s about who won the championship. And TEAMS earn that honor, not one person. Kobe (with the help of Fish) has learned to motivate their teammates. And just for the haters, I hope the purple/gold 3peat!

    • Paytc

      I’m with you on that ! I agree with everything you said.
      The good thing about Kobe is he always responds well to the haters with exceeding expectations on the court.

  • poonio

    An article full of biased opinions, no facts, and the most misleading title in the world. Out of all these 10 things, I have yet to see you write why history would prove them wrong. All I see is that you acknowledge that the facts are true, and then you add some bullshit opinion saying how “even though it’s true, it’s OKAY”.
    This is trash.

  • Manuelmecenas

    MVP–#24 greatest player to ever wear purple and gold….when he is done with his career he will prolly look back and say….”it was great to be a L:AKER” a sign of a true champ…MVP…MVP…MVP

  • guest

    Did the league allow hand checking in the 90’s? no. Did the league allow zone defense, doubling up without the ball, and Michael Jordan to get hacked?.NO!!. Did MJ get every call? yes! Was his team allowed to hack and get away with murder? Yes!. Was his team babied? yes!! Was the NBA watered down in the 90’s?..Fuck Yeah!!

  • lightmike24

    at the end of the day it really is all about winning; lebron can get MVP every year i could care less its about winning and im sure even lebron will tell you he’d rather have that FINALS MVP. who’s better? simply a matter of opinion but i know in my opinion ill take the player who wins #kobe.

  • Carlos

    well i would say, dude fuck you MJ would never avg 65ppg or drop 82-100 on someone in this era, i mean Kobe in his “scoring” prime avg 35.4 you’re saying that MJ could almost double that every game?, even tho Kobe fucken dominated the shit out of everybody that season, besides how would that happen having guys like Kobe, lebron, wade,durant,carmelo,artest on the court, all excelent defenders? MJ wouldn’t leave touches for the other players at all or just average like 80% FG, its just dumb, overall MJ IS the better player but those guys have to stop making those kind of superhuman bullshit excuses and admit that Kobe edges Jordan in some aspects of the game, Kobe is MORE clutch than Jordan (and it also depends on your definition of clutch) and even if MJ has an overal FG% higher than Kobe i would take Kobe cuz he has more range and he is a fucken Wild card !!

  • Lakerguy

    How can you not say that Kobe is not the best player in the league? That makes no sense! What has he not done to have the title best player in the NBA? Kobe has the most complete game ever! You got to give him credit. And the Jordan/Kobe deal, Kobe is just as good as jordan if not better.

  • A-Time Stansberry

    you stupid u pretty much agreeing with everything the haters say retired your job and go work for celtics nation cuz u suck

  • Barrel Z 1127

    Fuck da haters…..K0B£ loves been hated on ….that’s why he is simply oneof da best…to do wat he does best…play ball…..GO LAKERS…..KOBE KOBE KOBE….

  • Jay

    all kobe haters can go fuck themselves if he aint better then Mike then hes damn close i mean i never sen anyone drop 81 points.

  • Lakers4Life805

    Kobe has 4 All-Star MVP’s. ( ’02- Philadelphia, ’07- Las Vegas, ’09 Phoenix, ’11 Los Angeles)

  • Abigail Smith

    Tell them to get lost but don’t show them your feeling because if you do they know your not a bigger person but if u show them your a bigger then walk away…. And tell your parents or a teacher, hope this helps