Top 10 Los Angeles Lakers Games Of 2012

Top 10 Los Angeles Lakers Games Of 2012


8. November 20, 2012: Lakers- 95 Nets- 90

This may seem like peculiar game to end up on this list, but I (for one) hope Mike D’Antoni’s first official game/win on the Lakers’ bench was merely the first sign of positive things to come. Surprisingly, this game marked the first (and last) time the 2012-13 Lakers were able to move above the .500 mark. D’Antoni had better hope this isn’t the last time his Lakers go above the NBA’s version of the poverty line.

7. December 22, 2012: Lakers- 118 Warriors- 115

Never have 12 points, nine rebounds looked so incredible…but after missing the better part of two months, Steve Nash delighted the fan base and ignited a scoring frenzy from his teammates in his return vs. Golden State. Truly a case of Christmas coming (for Lakers Nation, anyhow) early. While the defense remains a work in progress, I’m sure D’Antoni at least breathed a sigh of relief seeing a familiar old face running the point.

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