Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week

Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week


Every week, our loyal fans head over to the Lakers Nation Facebook page to give their thoughts on everything happening in Lakerland. Some of them are intelligent, others not so much, but almost all of them are entertaining. Please continue to comment on the page, and you could see your quotes on our next post.

Not Happy With Pau Gasol’s Play
10. Mike Kubo It is funny how Pau blamed the system for his soft play. He settles for the 13 footers and that isn’t the offense. His defense is poor. I would rather have Kamen, Sacre, or even someone like Reggie Evans out there. If he would knock someone down, rather than get to the help side late and tap someone when they are going for a layup it wouldn’t be so bad.

Defending Pau Gasol For His Illness

9. Denise Molner Trauger I have had the same thing that Pau Gasol has. I still am trying to fully get over it. It sucks having it. You both your nose all the time, feel like your eyes gonna pop outta your head, tired, etc. The doctor had to give me a stronger antibiotic to get over it.Pau shouldn’t be critize for being sick.

Kobe’s Impact on LeBron and Wade

8. Lenny Beason LeBron has mad respect for Kobe especially since he and Wade got to watch him work during the Olympics. Now ESPN won’t say this but being around Kobe made Wade & LeBron better players and it also made them both realize that they had to team up if they wanted to beat him in a championship and win multiple championships!

Disappointed In Loss To Jazz

7. Steven Latiner Good Effort , but Hill has to learn to play Defense .   The only time to leave your Man is when the other player blows by your team mate .  On the final possession there was no reason for Hill to come over and attempt to block a shot , which the Utah player missed , which would have been rebounded by Hill , if Hill did not leave his position . Oh well … Go Lakers !

Assessing Lakers Problems While Keeping Faith

6. Jayme R Martinez Lakers are fine  i strongly believe that they can some how storm this one out to   make the playoffs this team plays thier heart out they just shoot too many 3’s early n late  their a young team not coached right this team is good youth just need balance and  discipline this team will make the playoffs i got faith in this team once blake comes back kobe  just watch  i hope mike  gets drop

Reveling In The Greatness of Kobe Bryant

5. D’andre Clay To me ,  Last season Kobe was the MVP he was playing the best ball in the world in my eyes. Even though espn and the media dont like to give KB his props i will, he was easily a top 3 player in the NBA last year. Personally i feel he’s been the best player in the NBA since his last year with shaq but even though he’s no longer in the prime of his career he’s still top 3..

Wishing Kobe Bryant Sits Out The Rest Of The Season

4. Kenny Stan Hastings Kobe should sit out rest of the year and focus on next year.  Kobe should focus on Kobe.  Get completely healed and comback strong in 2014.  Lakers can play good without Kobe.  Lakers need to improve on their shooting…score. score. score.   defense and rebounding is what it is…..GO LAKERS

Strongly Believing That Kobe Bryant Should Return This Season

3. Delores Sittig Im sick & tired of the Kobe haters & bandwagon haters. This man has given LA & the world many thrilling bball highlights & now bc of his age & injury yee of little faith just want to throw him under the bus.   O f course he should come back, its his job okay, when ur out sick  r u suppose to stay home 4 ever?  God b with you Kobe get well soon & show all the haters just what u are made of #Lakers4Life  #Go Lakers!

2. Alveraz Ricardez Those of you who suggest he should sit out don’t understand game fitness. Sitting out for 2013 would deplete muscle memory and the specific fitness needed to compete in 2014. Any athlete will tell you, a year out means two years to catch up. Terrible idea. He MUST return this year if he wants to be ready for next year. This is just a fact and not debatable, especially at his age. With that said, coming off the bench in a 6th man role the rest of this season is the best option which kills two birds with one stone.

Loving This Team Despite The Struggles

1. Enrique Rempel You can’t take away so many of the key players for so many games (Steve, Kobe, Pau, Farmer, Caman etc. ) and expect to keep winning at this level. The great thing is watching the group left play their hearts out while being hugely out matched by healthy teams. If the only time you like the lakers is when they are winning championship then find another team to cheer for. GO LAKERS