Tony Allen Calls Kobe ‘Closest Thing To Michael Jordan’ Reviewed by Momizat on . Kobe Bryant has the upmost respect for arguably one of the best defenders in the NBA, Tony Allen. The two veterans have had many battles in the past during Alle Kobe Bryant has the upmost respect for arguably one of the best defenders in the NBA, Tony Allen. The two veterans have had many battles in the past during Alle Rating: 0
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Tony Allen Calls Kobe ‘Closest Thing To Michael Jordan’

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Kobe Bryant has the upmost respect for arguably one of the best defenders in the NBA, Tony Allen. The two veterans have had many battles in the past during Allen’s time with the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies. Allen’s talent and ability to lockdown some of the league’s elite has not gone unnoticed by the five-time NBA champion.

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Kobe recently talked about a short list of players that he respects due to their ability to “max out” their talent. Allen made the list along with LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, and Shane Battier.

Bryant said the following about Allen, according to Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated:

“A big favorite of mine. Just how he plays and what he does.”

Allen was flattered by Kobe’s comments, but did admit that he can’t let the superstar get a competitive edge in his final years in Los Angeles via Ballard:

“Oh man, that’s an honor. From a guy like Kobe, it’s definitely an honor, considering who he is….Don’t want to let that get to me though. Gotta keep my competitive advantage! I get more up for playing him than any other player.”

Allen also gave Kobe one of the biggest compliments possible comparing him to one of the greatest players in NBA history:

“He’s the closest thing to Michael Jordan in my era. Lots of people say this guy or that guy. Nah…I get to be able to live and tell the story that I got to guard that guy.”

As Kobe’s career comes to a close with two years left on his deal with the Lakers, the future Hall of Famer may continue to get these kind of compliments from players he’s gone to battle with over the years.

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Brandon Jennings was the most recent player to compare Kobe to Jordan going as far as to call the face of the Lakers franchise “the greatest” over the Chicago Bulls legend. Jennings was adamant about his claim saying that Kobe simply didn’t have the supporting cast that Jordan did during their title runs.

Heading into his 19th season, Kobe has an opportunity to inch closer to Jordan, but few believe he’s got the talent around him or the gas left in the tank to do so. Only time will tell if Kobe can prove his critics wrong once again before calling it a career.

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  • Zach

    Can’t imagine Jordan being a total sidekick on three straight title teams.

    • Tommy Young

      Kobe was not a sidekick, he was one of the key players on the team.

      • WorldPeaceElbow

        dont feed the troll

      • Zach

        And Robin was one of the ‘key players’ on the team too, but he was no Batman. Sidekick just implies you’re not the main man but rather a key assistant.

      • jcracr28@gmail.com

        Just got to enjoy a weak era of teams to beat.

        • Zach

          Kobe? True enough. Those Nets were awful and Pacers were a joke. Any team the Bulls beat in the Finals sweep Kobe’s Lakers.

    • Lakers #1

      Jordan without Pippen, Paxson, Rodman, etc and especially Phil Jackson = 0 rings…

      • Zach

        Probably true, although it would depend on whom they replaced them with of course. Also, you can leave Paxson out of this note. Hit a big shot in ’93 but was just a journeyman in general. Jim Paxson was far better, a legit star.

        • USC Trojan Horse

          You are buying too much stock into the Shaq freestyle rap where he dissed Kobe and guess what Kobe proved him wrong and won 2 more championships without his fat ass.So Kobe can do it without Shaq’s fat ass contrary to his diss song and he asked Kobe how does his ass taste well how does Kobe’s ass taste after proving all you haters that he can win championships without Shaq.And Kobe ain’t all that other shit Shaq claimed like forcing his divorce,nah Shaq is just too ugly like you are.GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mcado

          PIPPEN is in the 50 greatest players of ALL-TIME!
          1st time HOF. – All-Star Defense player. Shot over 53%.
          Was the MAN on the team when MJ left and won over 50 games.
          Gasol never was that successful. Maybe a 2nd round HOF player –
          Rodman avg 18rpg . . . “HELLO”. . . Rodman won the All-Defensive First Team (1989, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’95, ’96);

          So YES Mj had a better team around him than Kobe. – MJ had 3 Players on the same team that won the All-Defense Awards!!! – If you take Pipen off the MJ teams – MJ gets 6 scoring title and only 3 rings. That’s how good PIPEN was.

          If you’re gonna hate, for pete sake, dont be a fake. MJ had one of the BEST TEAMS in NBA history. 6 of those players went to other teams as a starter.

          Kerr came off the bench but he holds the NBA record for career three-point percentage (45.4%, 726-of-1599) and the single-season record for three-point accuracy, hitting 52.4 percent (89-of-170) of his attempts during the 1994-95 campaign with the Bulls. That’s a pretty good guy coming off your bench.

          Even with Shaq the Lakers teams had 80% role players.

          • Steve Chavez

            You have a point. I really don’t think many of us really appreciate how much Kobe has been able to do. It wouldn’t be a shock to find out he’s got a few surprises left for us.

      • Wayner

        Especially Pippen who took the Bulls to the playoffs 55-27 without Jordan he avg 22ppg and won the all star mvp that year all defensive team and a olympic gold medal all in the same year
        and who is also on the list of 50 greatest players of all time
        Kobe didn’t have one of those guys 2008-2010

        thats why i love how Kobe is going through hell to win a chip with out Phil and if anyone who can do that it would have to be Byron Scott.

        • Kishan

          Half Agree…. coz lakers had come nice pieces especially Pau Gasol in the championship years he averaged 18.9ppg and 9.6 rebounds and 3.5 Assists …… and 2nd year in championship he was 18.3 ppg, 11.3 rebounds and 3.4 assists
          Pau Gasol was a big Key for the Lakers success
          He was the Robin and Kobe was the Batman … take Robin out and Lakers would be just like the previous years.

          Basically No Matter how great you are , you need a someone MJ needed Pippen… Shaq needed Kobe and Kobe needed Pau Gasol

          • Mcado

            PIPPEN is in the 50 greatest players of ALL-TIME!
            1st time HOF. – All-Star Defense player. Shot over 53%.
            Was the MAN on the team when MJ left and won over 50 games.
            Gasol never was that successful. Maybe a 2nd round HOF player –
            Rodman avg 18rpg . . . “HELLO”. . . Rodman won the All-Defensive First Team (1989, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’95, ’96);

            So yes Mj was had a better team around him than Kobe. – 3 Players on the same team won the All-Defense Award!!! –
            Even with Shaq the Lakers teams had 80% role players.

          • Kishan

            okay okay all my point is Pau Gasol was a huge factor even in playoffs when lakers won for 2 years he was putting double double up every night the kobe’s load had relaxed up…….

            even in a interview kobe is saying it helped having a 7ft spaniard……. Guys don’t forget the kobe demanded a trade until lakers signed some pieces and 7ft star and guess what Lakers made 3 straight finals….. I knw Pippen Is better but I’m not comparing Pippen to Pau I’m just telling you how Important he was

          • Cesar Gallegos-Kuilan

            Put Gasol with Jordan and Pippen with Kobe and see who would’ve won more titles.

          • Kishan

            well we would never no coz there two different positions so the pieces would of been different….. Jordan might have less and may have more ……. Kobe may have less and may have had more…….

      • Cesar Gallegos-Kuilan

        Don’t forget Carthright and Grant….without them the first 3 titles wouldn’t have happened.

    • USC Trojan Horse

      Hey Tony Allen is regarded as one of the best defensive players in the NBA and he guards Kobe so he would no if Kobe Bryant is like Michael Jordan not you’re fat lazy pasty white ass.You are a piece of dog shit hater and pussy.Fuck off!Or else you will be just wasting my time and you’re time plus everyone else.GTFO!

      • Zach

        LOL, wow, USC sure seems to graduate some intelligent and thoughtful people.

    • USC Trojan Horse

      He would know you dumbass.Tony knows,no not you chump.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        it’s useless to talk to a log… the best way is to ignore it.

    • Southcidal

      A 20 year old Jordan with Shaq in his prime? If you don’t think he’d defer to the Big Diesel you’re either stupid or in Laker denial? Or would Jordan just have settled for those early 1st round exits like he had at 20.

      • Zach

        You’re forgetting that unlike Kobe, Jordan was already a star early on, scoring 28 a game. Kobe couldn’t even score 8! Jordan would have led the way, Shaq would have said ‘Yes sir, whatever you say.”

        • Mcado

          the truth be told – MJ went to college.
          Kobe came from High-school dude!
          College -vs- a High-School ….mmmm.
          Not even a good argument.
          . . . . . . . . . .

          MJ had the go-ahead to shoot.
          Kobe did not until after Shaq left.
          Shaq would not have allow MJ to be the Man.
          Remember Shaq had Penny Hardaway and Horrace Grant.
          With the combination of O’Neal and Hardaway, the Magic became a dominant team in the NBA, compiling the first 50 win season in franchise history with a 50–32 record

          But he still left to come to LA to a lesser team and older team with no real star. $$$$$

          Shaq ego is as BIG a TEXAS and MJ ego is as BIG as the EARTH – No they would have not gotten along. No they would have not comfortable with their game with a 300 lbs Shaq wanting the ball -vs- a Ball hog like MJ wanting the ball.

      • Zach

        Jordan never played in the NBA at age 20, btw. Wise up.

        • Titus

          You didn’t understand that he was hypothetically speaking? I would agree with him that a 20 year old Jordan would have to defer to a beast like Shaq in his prime. MJ, just like Kobe, would just need a little convincing by Phil.

          • Zach

            You have no idea what ‘hypothetical’ means, clearly. Shaq would have followed MJ, even when MJ was a rookie he was more of a leader than O’Neal. Shaq was okay, but when he ran into a team with a good center he never had a chance (see: 1995 finals).

      • vdogg

        of course he would have deferred to shaq. to claim otherwise is just asinine.

    • Eric Domingo

      maybe he’s a sidekick for the first 3 quarters with Shaq,but Phil turns him to batman in the 4th quarter.Now tell me,who’s the more important?the batman of the first 3 quarters or the batman of the 4th quarter?

      • Zach

        Totally inaccurate comment. Kobe has never been a good clutch player and many stats back that up. This is a guy who folds in the fourth pretty much every time.

  • Zach

    I love the lakers franchise and all about the team and players, i just like to say stupid things to draw attention to myself, for i’m a Troll… to the grave.

  • David

    What he really means is closest in terms of style of play,physique, and demeanor but if the question is how close overall in basketball game/talent and I would say he is still a mile away ….just ask PJ he will tell you MJ is much better.

  • Mikeman j

    Kobe is the closest thing to cloning,copying almost everything Jordan did and there’s nothing wrong with that. Miss me with similar styles…call it what it is. Jennings is a blind hating idiot Kobe had shaq,shaw,fox,harper,Horry then won again with gasol,bynum…Brandon needs to be drug tested

    • Marcus Barnes

      Jennings comments on Kobe being better than mike obviously aren’t biased…Jennings hates Kobe for snitching on Shaq…So why is it that us fans who havnt played vs either get an input on if Kobe is better.Let the players decide.

  • ghost

    Jordan is goat, Kobe is top 15. There is nothing to compare.

  • Mr_Edification

    Jordan created stars from whoever was on the team. He made his team play to the max all game. Jordan was the epitome of a floor general. His teammates played their best “career” (high school, college, NBA) games with him on the floor. 0 game 7 ‘s in an NBA finals during that Era speaks volumes on the type of player he was. Not to knock Kobe (#2) but even D.Wade won a championship with Shaq. Shaq was powerful enough to lead any team to a championship at that time.

    • vdogg

      untrue. shaq was great, but kobe’s evolution put that team over the top.

      • Destroythanet

        Agreed. Shaq was really good, but needed a two guard playing at all-time great levels to win a ring. Shaq couldn’t do it with those stacked Orlando Magic teams in the 90s.

    • Destroythanet

      LOL, please. It’s a common myth that everyone else on the 90s Bulls were scrubs that Jordan made stars. Yet these scrubs won 55 games and went to the conference semis when MJ went to play baseball in 93. No doubt he was great, but GTFO with perpetuating the myth that he “created stars” out of a bunch of scrubs.

  • Mcado

    You cant fix stupid.

  • vdogg

    NO ONE could do it alone.

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