To Avoid Embarrassment Time For Shaq To Shut His Mouth Reviewed by Momizat on . It's impossible to ignore the dozens of things that Shaquille O'Neal accomplished in his 19 years as a professional basketball player. But it seems as if Big Sh It's impossible to ignore the dozens of things that Shaquille O'Neal accomplished in his 19 years as a professional basketball player. But it seems as if Big Sh Rating:
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To Avoid Embarrassment Time For Shaq To Shut His Mouth

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It’s impossible to ignore the dozens of things that Shaquille O’Neal accomplished in his 19 years as a professional basketball player. But it seems as if Big Shaq waited until after his playing days were over before setting out to accomplish something that’s never been done before. By the looks of things, Shaq is trying to become the first athlete in the history of professional sports to get booed during his own jersey retirement.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But that goes both ways. Shaq is entitled to proclaim Brook Lopez a better player than Dwight Howard just as the 20,000 Lakers fans inside of Staples Center next April are entitled to embarrass Shaq on national television by showering him with boos when his jersey is retired. For someone who was repeatedly described throughout his career as being ‘comfortable in his own skin’, he has to be the most sensitive athlete in the history of pro sports.

Shaq routinely called every team he was on ‘the most talented he’d ever been on’ and every coach ‘the best he ever played for’. And yet rarely ever left a team on good terms. In fact, he so perfected the art of burning bridges that he should have been dubbed “The Big Arsonist”.

I didn’t really have an issue with Shaq when he proclaimed Andrew Bynum more of a traditional big man than Dwight. While I didn’t agree with him, I couldn’t prove with certainty that he was only trying to jab Dwight. I’d even written in the past that Bynum had a more refined offensive game than Dwight. If he continued to try and make that case, I’d actually respect him more because it would prove he’s not going to just hitch his wagon to whomever the Lakers starting center is.

But to say that Brook Lopez is better than Dwight proves that Shaq’s pettiness isn’t going anywhere. He might be a member of the media now but that hasn’t prevented him from having an agenda, regardless of how stupid he sounds.

I was one of those people who chastised Shaq in the aftermath of his divorce with the Lakers. I didn’t like the way he threw Kobe under the bus when money proved to be a much bigger factor in his exit than anything Kobe may have said or done. He accepted zero responsibility in spite of the fact that he was the one who demanded a trade. But on the other hand, I wasn’t one of those people who cared that he signed with the Celtics two years ago. The fact that he was signing for the veteran’s minimum was way too funny for me to be angry. Nobody else wanted him.

I knew that the Lakers would retire his jersey one day and I’d be able to forgive, forget, and show my appreciation for what he did during an amazing run. But instead of taking this opportunity to turn the page and start anew with the organization and it’s fans, he’s now jabbing it’s newest star in the pettiest way imaginable.

Shaq needs to realize that time is running out for him to make amends with Lakers fans. The organization is too classy to hold a grudge. The fans, on the other hand, are a different story. Many of them have even turned on me for telling the truth. He’s got six months to keep his mouth shut or risk what might be the most soul-crushing and embarrassing moment of his entire career.

It would behoove him to reconsider his stance.

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About The Author

Andrew Ungvari is a Los Angeles native and a Lakers season ticket holder since 1989. Follow him on twitter @DrewUnga.

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  • Juanmortega5

    Shaq should of been called the big idiot for breaking up one of the greatest tandems in NBA history kobe&shaq on the court was pure zen that was then this is now Go Lakers

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AJIESX6ZOCII3NIKAJ43GHFYA4 Levy

      I totally agreed with you on this.  He needs to go ahead and keep his big mouth shut.  From rapping aweful stuffs about Kobe to disrespect Dwight, come on now.  Even Dwane Wade didn’t liked him when he was in Miami.  He needs to leave ESPN and let Ernie, Kenny & Chuck do their things.  He is a horrible analyst ever.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AJIESX6ZOCII3NIKAJ43GHFYA4 Levy

        I meant to say “TNT”

  • Charlesperez277

    Shaq has nothing better to do! thats how boring and laim his life is.shaq was just big,big and goofy,the same goes for bynum. As far as brook lopez,Hes not half the player Dwight is.Shaq is a straight up HATER! I really hope everyone Boos him on that day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/saajith.iqbal Saajith Iqbal

    oneal is one the best centers to ever play the game. his achievements are good enough for anyone to digest that fact. he was a vital part of the lakers during the old days when we dominated for 3 years straight. i love the guy but snide remarks are very unprofessional and makes people lose any respect they had for him.  i hope he doesnt get booed if he does well its his mouth that got him there 

  • Lakers72

    Shaq talks a good game about “traditional” centers. But the fact is the NBA has strayed from the traditional center role for years. How do you think Shaq would have measured up in the 70′s? It was the tail end of Chamberlain but included Jabbar, Lanier, Reed, Unseld, Gilmore, Thurmond, Bellamy, etc. I am sure I am forgetting a few, but my guess is Shaq would have been an average center in that era.

    I am tired of hearing from Shaq and I don’t agree with his number being retired. I appreciate what he did for the Lakers but I always felt he was an under achiever based on his poor work ethic. His comments make him look childish, jealous, selfish and unappreciative of the gifts he was given. That’s coming from a 40 year Laker fan.

    • Th3P03tic1

      Hell, he couldn’t even keep up with centers the likes of Ewing, Robinson & Olajuwan. He didn’t truly dominate at his position until these greats retired.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Singleton/100000221405027 Linda Singleton

    Shaq is showing his jealousy and immaturity trying to bash Dwight Howard, someone who has looked up to him.  He demanded more money and chose to walk away … he certainly threw Kobe under the bus and did not try to straighten out the rumors that it was the Laker organization and Kobe that caused him to walk away.  Shaq put too much worth on himself for what he was able to deliver.  The only positive showing was the Heat because they won a championship while he was with the team, but everywhere else, Phoenix and the Celtics, he was just there for the money and was totally ineffective.  I also lost respect for him when he signed with the Celtics … he should have been embarrassed himself.  Shaq is all mouth and should have retired after the Heat instead of embarrassing himself further.  He was a non-factor in 2004 championship finals and if it had not been for a circus shot Kobe put up, they would have been beaten 4-0.  So he needs to realize that he was really washed up after the Heat and I don’t understand either why he was even hired as an analyst.  He has dry, synical, childish humor and a lot of times it is not funny.  He is jealous that he is no longer considered the “lone” savior for the Lakers as a center.  Dwight seems to be his pet peeve and I am glad he finally told him to shut the refrigerator (mouth).  Good for you, Dwight!

  • James Sanabria

    Yeah nova thats why kobe has more rings then shaq and going for one more becaues with out shaq he wouldnt have made it this far. im with Romeo Alexander Mejia joining the Boston Celtics?  Thats a major no no  in laker land I lost respect for him right then there as for Shaq STOP HATING YOUR TIME IS UP

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