Time Warner Cable SportsNet, DirecTV Still Far From A Deal

Time Warner Cable SportsNet, DirecTV Still Far From A Deal


The Los Angeles Lakers will play their fifth game of the 2012-13 season tonight in Salt Lake City, but many people in Southern California will not be able to watch the match.

Time Warner Cable’s sports network, Time Warner Cable SportsNet, is a channel dedicated to Lakers coverage, but is not available to those who have DirecTV. SportsNet has already stricken deals with Verizon Fios, Charter Communications and AT&T U-Verse, but DirecTV and Dish Networks customers are still without the Lakers channel.

DirecTV Chief Executive Mike White spoke on behalf of the company about it third quarter results and he touched upon rising costs of sports channels.

“Everybody wants a new channel and they want to stick it into the bundle and it’s not right,” White told analysts.

“I think we’re going to continue to see very, very tough discussions by all distributors with content providers, to try and mitigate these outrageous cost increases that are unaffordable to the average customer,” White said.

The Los Angeles Times writes that the comments were likely directed towards Time Warner Cable, which wants its new SportsNet to be included in television distributors’ most popular programming packages.

DirecTV has asked Time Warner Cable if its Lakers channel could be placed a special programming package that would be offered to those that want it. This would be unprecedented, however, as no other regional sports network in the country is delegated to higher pricing tiers.

A sports package which includes the Lakers channel seems like a fair compromise, but Time Warner Cable is not looking for a deal that would cost their viewers rather than the cable companies. Both parties have very different views and it may be a long time until DirecTV and Time Warner Cable make a deal.

  • erik

    This is bs im willing to pay $10.95 for the channel if they dont get the deal no more directv for me

    • Truther

      lol fuck that. Directv needs to ante up not the customers. sigh…

  • Omar A. Gonzalez

    I left TW over a year ago because of their outrageous prices, and teribble HD channel offering, went to DirecTV and cut the bill in half, now this… Trust me as much as I miss my Lakers been a fan all my life (35) but I can will do without, trust me ratting will be down and sooner or later the advertisers will be complaining too, lets go people ride it out, flex your muscle and realize, life has been a little less stressful without the Lakers this season especially with all the changes going on, take it as a blessing in disguise. BTW don’t think were not holding the Buss family to this deal also, yes we knew to pull of big deals you also need a big deal, but you had to have know this would happen dealing with TW, weave been priced out of attending Laker games due to wanna be celebs, and non Laker fans wanted to be SEEN, and now weve been F’ed out of all games on TV, wow Chick is rolling in his grave, the mustard did fall off the hotdog here.

    • DOM


  • kmac_321

    pfff thank god I have Verizon Fios lol

  • Cloudyr00m

    im willing to pay an extra $5.00 per month to watch my lakers. Fuck you direct Tv you fuckin cheap pricks, let the customers decide if they want to add it onto their packages, and then charge us… direct TV and their shiesty nature…. this has happened soooo many times over the years with FX, ESPN, and other channels im sick of direct TV using the lame ass cop-out that they are holding out for their customers best interest – thats an OUTRIGHT fucking lie. If they were truley watching out for us they would have done what Verizon Fios did, let the customer decide if they want to pay more. Im holding out 1 more week then switching to fios. fuckers.

  • louie

    Just giving direct tv one more week I have been with 11 years this is crazy


    Lakers lose again Mike Brown needs to go !!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/baileydot762000 Travis Bailey

    i dont need directv telling what i can or cant afford….im already being overcharged…give me my dam lakers…2 weeks and im out as a directv customer

  • Kauai Boy

    Let’s see! Couldn’t watch preseason, Missed 4 out of 5 regular season games, so far. Have had Directv and leaguepass since 1994. Blocked out of league pass. No AM radio stations that broadcast in Hawaii. Blocked out on espn710 audio on internet for games. Looks like no choice , but to go with TWC. One pissed off Hawaiian Laker fan

  • http://twitter.com/JohnnyACE562 GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    Why haven’t they worked out these deals BEFORE launching this channel and signing such an exclusive deal? {{-_-}}