Time for Kobe “Stubborn” Bryant to Sit Down

Time for Kobe “Stubborn” Bryant to Sit Down


I’ve always loved sports, but it wasn’t until I saw a cocky 19-year-old kid challenge the great Michael Jordan in the 1998 NBA All Star Game that I really knew what competition was all about.

That brash teenager was Kobe Bean Bryant, and at that moment I knew he would never back down from anybody on a basketball court. Sometimes it got him in trouble (see: O’Neal, Shaquille), but eventually it took him to the top of the NBA. Seeing Kobe present the Larry O’Brien trophy to the 90,000 fans at the Coliseum was a catharsis for all of us who were tired of hearing that he couldn’t win without “you know who”.

The way Kobe has set the NBA on fire with his game winning jumpers this season has been nothing short of amazing. We’re watching Kobe finally ascend to a level of greatness that so few athletes ever reach. We as Lakers fans are now at a point where we expect Kobe to do the impossible every single night, and he delivers time and time again. Bird had it in Boston, and Jordan definitely had it in Chicago, and now Kobe has it in LA.

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