Throwback Thursday: West Hits 60-Footer To Send Finals Game To Overtime

Throwback Thursday: West Hits 60-Footer To Send Finals Game To Overtime


With the NBA playoffs in full swing, we take a look back at one of the greatest shots in Laker playoff history. The Lakers, led by Jerry West, faced the New York Knicks in the 1970 Finals.

After splitting the first two games in New York, the series shifted to Los Angeles where the Lakers were hoping to take advantage of their home court. The game was a back and forth contest as both teams battled.

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West tied the game with 15 seconds to go, but the Knicks responded as┬áDave DeBusschere hit a shot with three seconds to left. A visibly upset Wilt Chamberlain inbounded the ball to West, then headed for the locker room, only to miss West’s amazing shot.

West caught the ball and took three dribbles before heaving up a 60-foot prayer. The shot caressed off the back iron and in, tying the game at 102. Had there been a three point line at the time, the shot would have given the Lakers the lead.

Unfortunately, the Lakers would go on to lose in overtime and ultimately lose the series in seven games. Although still a legendary shot, had the Lakers won that game and series, it would have gone down as the best shot in Finals history.
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  • independentbynature

    I watched that game live when I was a kid.It was awesome.I was so disappointed that they lost that game.I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

    • karlgraff

      Same here… I remember being in total disbelief when they lost, pretty sure I cried. It was a tough loss for an 8

      • independentbynature

        Yeah,I probably didn’t cry.I was 13 and Jerry West,Pistol Pete and Earl the Pearl Monroe were my heroes.Basketball was the first sport I was really good at and I imitated everything they did.But always,the Lakers were my favorite team.