This Week In Lakers History: Magic Becomes NBA’s All-Time Assist Leader

This Week In Lakers History: Magic Becomes NBA’s All-Time Assist Leader


Magic Johnson is almost universally considered the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA. He is also one of the greatest Lakers ever.

Magic used his combination of size, court vision, and passing ability to dominate opposing teams and get his teammates the best shots possible.

Magic led the Showtime Lakers to five championships in the 1980s and along the way, piled up a huge number of assists. On April 15, 1991 Magic Johnson stood alone as the lone assist king of the NBA.

Against the Dallas Mavericks, Magic needed nine assists to pass Oscar Robertson for the all-time lead. In true Magic fashion, he would dish out 19 to bring his total up to 9,898 and stand alone as the NBA’s all-time assist leader.

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Magic would up his total to 10,141 before calling an end to his Hall of Fame career. Though he would since be passed by John Stockton, Mark Jackson, Jason Kidd, and Steve Nash — who recently moved into third all-time — that moment will still go down as one of the greatest in Johnson’s career.

This week, we remember the day that Magic Johnson passed Oscar Robertson to become the NBA’s all-time leader in assists.
Lakers’ Steve Nash After Moving Into 3rd On NBA All-Time Assists List, Passing Mark Jackson

  • Jim213

    IMO, Magic could’ve still played 4 more complete seasons without any issues after his diagnosis. If they would’ve figured out or let him play in tights as many players do nowadays. It would’ve given some players and certain fans the peace of mind (cuts) when it came to HIV as the majority (society) was uninformed back in those the days.

    • comrade24

      completely agree! would love to have seen Magic and Jordan go head to head in a Finals rematch as well

  • Daniel

    Magic has been the greatest of all time. He could score, rebound, defend and lead the team on all aspects of the game. Jordan might have been a great scorer, but looking at magic was like watching a “maestro” leading his orchestra, it was just too beautiful to see. He could control the tempo of the game as nobody else, once he was taking over, you knew that the game was over.
    It was pure joy to see him play. There is nobody close to that. You can find great shooters, great passers, great defensive player, great centers, but nobody like magic.
    I would recommend anyone to see him in the 1980 NBA final against Philadelphia, game 6, playing center and making 42 points as a rookie. Kareem was injured in game 5 and could not play. Magic offered himself to pay center. Incredible!!!