These Times Separate the “Fakes” From the “Trues” Reviewed by Momizat on . It’s all over. The season, the three-peat, and possibly the dynasty. Although the Los Angeles Lakers got swept by the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks back, fans ar It’s all over. The season, the three-peat, and possibly the dynasty. Although the Los Angeles Lakers got swept by the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks back, fans ar Rating:
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These Times Separate the “Fakes” From the “Trues”

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It’s all over.

The season, the three-peat, and possibly the dynasty.

Although the Los Angeles Lakers got swept by the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks back, fans are still having difficulties accepting the fact that the season is over. Fans have been trying to find coping mechanisms to deal with the loss, but the sour taste in their mouth will only disappear with another successful season.

The Lakers fell to the Mavericks in embarrassing fashion, and Los Angeles looked like an old, worn out squad while the Mavs seemed as though they have been at that position before. However, it was the way in which the Lakers walked off the court that irritated spectators. The once proud Los Angeles Lakers franchise was the epitome of the ideal organization, and it personified class and greatness. Nevertheless, those traits and characteristics were lost after the team left the court for the final time.

Not only was the effort throughout the series horrendous, the Lakers’ players abashed the franchise with their nefarious late-game antics. Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum got ejected from Game 4 after shoving Maverick players and they were deservedly lambasted by the media later in the locker-room. Bynum and Odom may have apologized several days later, but they ruined their reputation around the league, and even within their organization.

Aside from the unspeakable actions pulled off by several Lakers’ players, the entire sports world has to commemorate the great Phil Jackson. Jackson may as well be crowned the best coach of all North American sports, but he was no doubt ridiculed by the way he ended his career. Instead of a picture-perfect culmination with a three-peat, the Zen Master had to walk off the Dallas court knowing he will finish his coaching stint with a 36-point defeat.  Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher tried to will their team to a historic series comeback, but because of an apparent of effort from their teammates they had to watch their long-time coach get swept out of the playoffs.

Times like these may be hard to digest, and frankly it is quite difficult forgiving a team like the 2010-2011 Lakers for their effort in the Playoffs. The team played with little intensity, and there was never a point of the post-season where fans convinced that this squad was determined to win a third-consecutive title. However, bailing out on the Lakers and no longer supporting a team is not the correct way to treat a favorite team.

Yes the Lakers did not provide fans with a coveted “three-peat,” but integrity and faith play a big role in sports. Fans are just as important to franchise’s as are great players, and the Lakers need a strong, supportive fan-base more than ever.

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  • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

    This article is the truth!  I totally agree with you.  I know several people that jumped off the wagon when we got swept.  Yes, it was embarrassing and disappointing how the series ended, but that does not mean that fans should stop supporting them. This team has accomplished so much and given us so much, and I will never forget that.  I wouldn’t care if we won only one game next season, you can bet that this fan will still rep gold and purple.  I will never abandon my team. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/AnthonySyncere Brandon Anthony Cave-Wynter

    Most honest and useful post in recent history. Maybe for Lakers franchise history. The Lakers seem to have fickle fans and that’s not conducive to building a great franchise. Talent of course creates a great team but the fan make it a great franchise.
    I much rather read this than the silliness of prospective coaches for the Head Coach position.

  • Crystal Alcala0618

    I still wear my Jersey and so do my kids! I am not ashame of the stickers on my car of the Lakers after the loss I went and got another license plate holder that says GO LAKERS! Why cause I know that my Lakers are resilient and will prove once again who they are! Lakers all day everyday!

  • Levi

    I live all the way out in Kentucky so I never get to attend the games but I always cheer this team on and will continue to until the end.I can say with pride I have never stopped being a fan I went through the Smush,Mhim,K Brown era and no matter what lies ahead I will always sport around the Laker jersey.

  • Jay

    Although we were down 3 games to none I always had faith in my Lakers… I still believe we just stumbled and watch out league!!!! Lakers will start another run after they win the championship next year… There will he some changes in the roster, yet they will be a much improved squad!!! Laker fan til I die!!! Like they say “ride or die!!!”

  • Magikwyrkz4u

    I have been and always will be a Laker Fan, in good times and bad. There is no doubt in my mind that our Lakers will be back to have what is rightly theirs. Now, it is just time for a breather until we are back stronger and more durable then ever.

  • LAforever

    I was raised a laker fan and will die as one as well. I remember when my dad used to call into chick Hearn during pre-game shows and talk NBA to him. After this loss, I was so devastated that it felt like I got dumped twice by the same person. The next day, my 7-yr old son went to school and I overheard him tell his friend “the lakers are done but don’t worry they’ll be back!” and this is what the real fans have to remember. LA forever.

  • smplycj3

     and played defense a little better, but the Lakers are great..Next year will be ok.  Can’t win them allPhil do not have anything to be sad about because he is a winner..GO LAKERS, you are the best>>Love you guys.

    A FAN ALWAYS!! simplycj3

  • http://twitter.com/and3rs3nscoop3r iHATErudiddy

     lets go heat!

    • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

      Uhh, why are you on this blog saying “Go Heat?”  This is a blog for the fans of the Lakers, not the Miami Heat.  Your comment clearly shows that you are disrespectful and have no class.  We understand that the Heat are still in the playoffs. There’s no need for you to come on this blog and remind us. 

      • http://twitter.com/echeverriad78 DEA

        He’s one of them bandwagons. when lakers lost he put on a Miami jersey.  A true bandwagon team.

  • Cherron

     ALWAYS love my Purple & Gold<3

  • Oldcal72

    Preach it! L.A. forever! 

  • Bawaneca

    I have been down this road before and will continue to raise the purple and gold in the future. Yes it was a embarrassing, devastating and ugly way we want out in the playoffs, but there’s a silver lining that shine brightly and that’s the Lakers are in need of a youth movement, not a total overhaul. Bringing in some athletic, defensive minded, young talented to complement the core of players returning next year, Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Odom. With the new additions and a new coach (Brian Shaw) the Lakers will still be a team in line for another NBA title next year. Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!

  • luna

    You know what it is…….. Purp and yellow

  • http://twitter.com/echeverriad78 DEA

    lakers always will be back for another championship. it’s the lakers tradition to do so. I’m not worrying about it. lakers run in my blood. its bleeds purple and gold. laker fan since 84 season.

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