The Top 10 Moments of the Phil Jackson Era

The Top 10 Moments of the Phil Jackson Era


The Lakers’ embarrassing exit out of the 2011 playoffs at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks marked the end of many things. It ended the Lakers’ hopes of a 3-peat, it could have been the end of the Lakers’ run with this current roster and most importantly it marked the end of the Phil Jackson era in the City of Angels.

While Lakers Nation is still suffering through nightmares of Jason Terry hitting yet another three and the haunting images of a sweep still stays with us, we should also take time to reflect on the era that has just ended.

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Jackson arrived in Los Angeles in 1999, taking the helm for a talented team that could not get over the hump. 11 season and five championships later, we can now agree that the Jackson era was a success. Now let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the Lakers’ top-10 moments with Jackson as their leader.

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  • Simplycj3

     It makes no sense to feel embarrassed Lakers, you have given us many years of enjoyment and Championships..You can just rest and come back strong next season..It’s ok to let the other team(s) have a chance to win a championship, although I always pull for you guys to win, but feel good about your great team and yoy can’t win them all!!  I’m sure Phil understand the situation..We Fans love you guys no matter win or lose!!  We will miss Phil, but LAKERS are the best!!

  • Acreolegirl

    Uhh, How would YOU know what the Top 10 moments are??
    Love You Phil and Love Them Lakers !!!!!!!!
    Have a Great summer and a Great Rest of Your Life..

  • Fanforlife1988

    This was poorly written in sorry