The Pressure Shifts Again

The Pressure Shifts Again


With the NBA Finals it feels like everything is over-exaggerated and ridiculed. Whoever has won the most recent game is a shoe-in for champion, while the losing team’s fans feel it’s over and throw in the premature towel. While none of this truly matters until the series is completely over, it is interesting to take in the trends of a series and see what you can decipher when looking ahead to the next game.

Game 3 was deemed an important game for both squads. Boston, fresh of their win in Los Angeles on Sunday, was looking to hold home court and take a 2-1 lead in the series with the next two games at home. The Lakers were looking to bounce back from an atrocious fourth quarter on Sunday and steal home court back from the Celtics. Needless to say, quite a bit was riding on this game.

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