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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

One Day Left for Fan Jam - What would you do to improve the event? i.e. - Solution for lines - Number Ticket... http://bit.ly/bUDrQk # RT @mmrthankyou: u guys gonna be there again? - doubt it . . . there was a mis-com on our press passes, so no big deal . . # RT @erwinandfire: fan jam was pretty much just standing-in-line jam. good luck to anyone going today - Bring Water & Stay Cool, too! # RT @angfoo: ...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

Anyone feel like the Celtics are like those Old Girls at Clubs that don't know it's time to leave?... http://bit.ly/9upA4x # Alright Lakers fans, the brackets have been revealed: Who is going to win the NCAA Tourney? (PS the answer cannot... http://bit.ly/abKpxp # BBall Fans, now we've seen who you think will win, who are your secret Bracket Busters for this weekend? http://bit.ly/cXn0Jt # Will ...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

We have an early start today Lakers Nation. NBA Finals re-match at 11:30 PST. http://bit.ly/dA7KyE # RT @KevinDing: Odom has his 2nd foul trying to help against VCarter after he got past Artest. Josh time already with 3:35 left in 1st. # Lakers down 20-16 with 3 min left in the 1st . . . Kobe still hot from Charlotte . . but that's it! # Lakers end the 1st quarter down 31-24 . . . no one is playing with ...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

Do you really think today's Thuggets Game is important? -... http://bit.ly/bFOA7K # Here is the preview for this afternoon's game between the Lakers and Nuggets, be sure to check it out here -... http://bit.ly/bMqfmL # Prediction Time - 1st Laker Dunk, 3pter, Free thRow? Kenyon already talking trash trying to get into Gasol's head .... http://bit.ly/brMgRX # It's a gorgeous day in LA today . ...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

It's easier to throw Rocks at a House, than to build one . . . Pauis getting his lesson now with Kobe out -... http://bit.ly/9JesXc # Sports Science on ABC just said LeBron's dunks are as hard as Mike Tyson's punches, which probably means Kobe's... http://bit.ly/bPDPUn # Kobe - "Today felt very, very good!" - Looks like he's coming back vs. Memphis this tuesday -... http://bit. ...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

Have the Mavs moved up to the Lakers Level? Brendan Haywood vs. Drew? Dirk vs. Pau? Caron vs. Ron Ron? . . . oh... http://bit.ly/9AVyOx # Blazers Pull out, but Kurt might save the day & take Sasha off our Hands to get Kirk Hinrich -... http://bit.ly/agdN8F # RT @janinegarcia: @lakersnation UGH! why can't it be luke. BOOOO!!!! - btw . . Luke is out with injury for an Indefinite amount of time! # RT @ ...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

#FF @thelakeshow_RD @danielbuerge_LA @PurplenGoldLA @ShoeAffliction @longbowe @mikeintosh @DodgersNation # wants Free Lakers Opening Night Tickets! Follow @LakersNation & RT this message if u want tix 2!- 411@ http://bit.ly/K9rtF - Hurry! Few Days # Fri Night Plans? - Come to the @ESPNZoneLALIVE tonight at 6pm for the Lakers Media Panel w/Us @latimeslakers @EricPincus @forumbluegold .&mo # Pau-ey, O ...

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Daily Tweets on 2010-02-09

Where does Kobe's loyalty rank him in NBA history? http://www.ocregister.com/sports/-233087--.html http://bit.ly/d6SFnv # Kaman gets nod over Bynum to replace Roy in the All-Star Game! Drew might blame politics, but I don't think that's... http://bit.ly/awEz9H # Kobe is still Day to Day, but Drew is most likely out for tonight's game against the Spurs - can the Bench Mob pick... http://bit.l ...

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Daily Tweets on 2010-02-08

What are your Super Bowl predictions? Colts w/o freeney? Or Saints without defense? .... Point total? Blowout? http://bit.ly/aojDKx # Today is a great day - BOSTON LOST - Everything was right in the world - SoCal had Bright Blue Skies while Boston... http://bit.ly/9TcsiK # ...

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Daily Tweets on 2010-02-07

Let's look at the Trade Deadline Situation Again *ahem Sasha* after that sick loss last night -... http://bit.ly/bPHQD1 # we need a "Charles Oakley" type veteran to come in and toughen up our front line in the locker room and in practice . . . someone mean! # We'd like to Welcome Fan No. 18,000 - Renia Babakhani - to our Facebook Fan Page - http://Facebook.com/LakersNation # sorry im late ...

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