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The NBA’s New Deal: How it Impacts the Lakers

When friends argue, the resolution to the problem is usually swift as the issue is typically trivial in hindsight. When millionaires and billionaires argue over how wealth within a $4 billion dollar company is distributed, those negotiations tend to take a little bit longer. In the case of the NBA lockout, it took more than 50 negotiating sessions before the players’ union and the owners agreed upon a deal ...

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Fans Again Are Overlooked in the NBA Lockout

Last Monday's announcement by players union director, Billy Hunter, and NBPA President, Derek Fisher that they rejected the owners' latest proposal and plan to disband the union to bring antitrust lawsuits against the league was yet another punch to the gut of every basketball and NBA fan out there. I understand the mentality of both sides on some level and what they have been fighting for in the negotiatio ...

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NBA Players Reject Owners Offer, Will Disband Union and File Lawsuit

On Monday afternoon the NBA Players Association met in New York with what some categorized as the fate of the NBA season hanging in the balance. The result: the players unanimously decided to to reject the owners latest proposal and effectively end negotiations. Executive Director Billy Hunter said that the "Collective bargaining process has completely broken down..." and added, " It was a system under whic ...

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Will Decertification of the Players’ Union End the Lockout?

As basketball fans are well aware of, David Stern issued an ultimatum to the players' union to either accept the owners' latest proposal by the end of business hours Wednesday or these proposed offers will be off the negotiating table. While Stern was adamant to the press in the early hours last Sunday morning that this wasn't an ultimatum, NBPA President Derek Fisher seemed to call it as it was. According ...

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Stern Gives NBA Players Take it or Leave it Offer

After an eight and a half hour negotiating session that extended from late Saturday night into Sunday morning, the NBA and it's players emerged without a deal in place, but there is an open offer on the table. Commissioner David Stern said that the NBA owners have agreed to recommendations made by federal mediator George Cohen and offered a proposal to the players reflecting those changes. The highlights of ...

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NBA Lockout Provides Opening Week Blues

The first of November came and went. No NBA games were played. The Mavericks were scheduled to kick things off by unveiling their inaugural championship banner (insert vomit here), followed by the Rockets visiting the Jazz and of course the main event: the 16-time world champion Los Angeles Lakers defending their home court against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. When 7:30 p.m. rolled around I w ...

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NBA vs. NPL: Will Players Create New League if Lockout Continues?

I don't think the cancellation of another two weeks of the regular season possibly being announced by the league was a shock to any basketball fan. To be honest, announcing a two week cancellation at a time is getting quite old, fast. Just tell your fans if there is going to be a season or not. And if there is not going to be a season, it's time to get serious, put egos aside and start negotiating like the ...

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The Strategic Summer of Kobe Bryant

In the late 19th century, Britain was the world’s leading economic power, they refused to get involved in European affairs unless it altered the balance of power. While everyone else was busy forming alliances and competing for colonies with each other, Britain sat back and watched, knowing they could squash the rest of Europe when things got out of hand. This policy was called splendid isolation. The Briti ...

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Glimmer of Hope for NBA Lockout Negotiations

For all the doom and gloom taking hold in the aftermath of an apparently fruitless meeting on Tuesday there still might be reason for hope in the NBA lockout negotiations. According to Ken Berger of CBS sports commissioner David Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver and Spurs owner Peter Holt met up in a private side bar with union president Derek Fisher and outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler along with two o ...

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NBA Players’ Actions Might Predict the Time Frame of the Lockout

With progress of the current NBA lockout at a complete stalemate, basketball fans are being kept in the dark about knowing when the lockout will end and when the regular season will begin. Unfortunately, the NBA lockout doesn't appear that it will end prior to the November 1st start date, let alone the beginning of training camps, as the NFL lockout did. With talks from both sides (NBPA and the owners) bein ...

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