Steve Nash’s Biggest Disappointment Was Not ‘Lighting It Up’ For Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="234"] It has been over a month since Steve Nash last stepped on the court for the Los Angeles Lakers. Injuries have hindered Nash from play [new_royalslider id="234"] It has been over a month since Steve Nash last stepped on the court for the Los Angeles Lakers. Injuries have hindered Nash from play Rating: 0
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Steve Nash’s Biggest Disappointment Was Not ‘Lighting It Up’ For Lakers

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It has been over a month since Steve Nash last stepped on the court for the Los Angeles Lakers. Injuries have hindered Nash from playing over his two years as a Laker.

Since joining the Lakers before the 2012-2013 NBA season, Nash has only played in 60 games and any possible return this season has been questionable at best.

During an interview that aired Tuesday night on TWC SportsNet, Nash revealed his disappointment in not being able to play more for the Lakers.

When the Lakers made the move to trade for Nash, and subsequently Dwight Howard, many around the league believed the Lakers to be serious title contender. Plans did not go according to plan as Nash hit the injury shelf just two games into the season.

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Howard bolted during the off-season, but optimism was still alive as the Lakers planned to begin the season with a healthy Nash and Pau Gasol leading the team as Kobe Bryant recovered from a torn achilles. Unfortunately, Nash went down six games into the season.

Many have questioned if Nash has anything left in his tank after playing in the league for for 18 years and suffering from injuries during the last two. When Nash returned for a quick stint last February, he showed he still has what it takes to provide valuable minutes when healthy.

On the night of his 40th birthday, Nash seemed to look like the Nash of old by delivering 19 points, including a behind the back crossover that led to layup, and five assists in a victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. Since then, Nash only appeared in two more games and has been sidelined ever since.

Last week, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni believed Nash would be done for the season. However, news of Nash keeping himself in game shape and possible return later this season surfaced Monday.

With the news of Jordan Farmar’s groin injury keeping him out for two weeks, Nash just might have an opportunity to play in some games and light the city up despite the Lakers’ losing record.
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Russell Valenzuela graduated from UC Irvine and writes for Lakers Nation. As a Laker fan since childhood, he follows and tracks statistics for a variety of sports.

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  • rustbucketnash


    • whoisthis

      Avery Johnson (NBA Champ)
      Kenny Smith (2 x NBA Champ)
      Magic Johnson 5x NBA Champ
      Dennis Johnson 4x NBA Chmp
      Mo Cheeks 1x Champ 3 x finals
      I. Thomas 2 x Champ
      Porter (Portland 2 finals)
      John Stark (2 finals NY)
      John Stockton (2 Finals)
      Sam Cassel
      Derek Fisher 5x Champ, 7x finalist
      Jason Kidd, NBA Champ, 3 times finalist

      Are there any other point guards in recent history that performed well in the playoffs?

      • whoisthis

        Tony Parker, 4 x NBA finals, 3x NBA champ, and finals MVP.

        Need we say more?

    • hookedonnews

      What is it that you don’t understand about being injured? Is Kobe a freeloader? He’s played less than Nash this season. He’s ready to play right now, but MDA made the decision to go with the younger guys.

  • whoisthisguy

    Are you for real? Please go home and retire. Is it Canada or South Africa? Your pick!

  • kobe24

    Damn the people who commented before need to know some respect for this man.

    It sucks having his $9~10 million contract however the man has been working his butt off to come back to the sport he loves. And if it wasn’t for the damn freak accident that occurred at Portland he might have still been giving us at least 12 PPG 8 APG. Give this man some respect

    • ismailkarim


    • Chrmngblly

      We presently get better numbers from Marshall, wise-up. I would like to respect him if he would only do the classy thing: retire and go into the FO or coaching. We could hire Steve Kerr as coach and let Nash be his assistant Coach. Nash has a very good head for the game.

      • kobe24

        Don’t get me wrong I love what Marshall is doing but I’m taking a HEALTHY steve nash> Kendall marshall anyday even if hes only giving me 12 PPG and 8 APG.

        • Chrmngblly

          You will never get the chance. Nash is toast. If he ever gets laid, he’s laid up for a week.

      • whatisthis

        I am so confused. USA is the land of Basketball. There are great brain in at the College levels and coaches who have more experience, than, Nash.What is the obsession with Nash. He has not proven a thing to me in the NBA. No ring.

        • Chrmngblly

          True words.

        • chris

          2 time MVP. During a time when SG and SF were the best in the league. So shaddup.

          • youarebrainless

            Well, you can join him with Team Canada. And, you need to close your mouth. Sounds like truth hurts. Did Nash pay you to come defend him? How much? You go on now!

            And, the two MVP her earned, KOBE, Duncan, Lebron, Wade, Nowitzky did more for their teams.

            MVP is a regular season subjective vote, so that is no proof of his worth.

            Playoff is where it counts.

            Now you can run along and go back with him to South African or Canada.

          • hookedonnews

            The Suns rarely won a game when Nash was not on the court. They won 29 games the year before he arrived with the same roster that won 62 with him at PG. The year Dirk won MVP a lot of people thought Nash deserved it again.

        • A

          Rings don’t make a player great. Players like Pete Maravich, Reggie Miller, and Elgin Baylor all don’t have rings but that doesn’t make them any less of a player. Not all great players win rings.

          • whatisthis

            Ring does make you great. It is like a final exam. Can you handle the next level of the test.

            Getting to the finals, makes you great, it shows that you have IQ and mental test to play the game.

          • hookedonnews

            Winning a ring takes more than one great player. It takes a great team. The Suns never had a defensive center. They also had some bad luck with suspensions of key players and questionable officiating. The Suns couldn’t get by the Spurs. That doesn’t say anything about Nash because they would never had been in the playoffs without him.

          • whathefun

            Well, then, 2009 and 2010 Lakers were not that great, but they did win. If you put Nash on that Lakers team 2009 and 2010 in place of Kobe, I do not think you will be seeing Phil Jackson Ring number 10 and 11.

          • hookedonnews

            No person on the planet believes that Steve Nash is a better player than Kobe Bryant. That is not the question. Derek Fisher played on those teams. Do you think he was a better PG than Nash? He has a couple of rings and Nash doesn’t, but no one believes he was ever close to being a better player than Steve Nash. The Lakers certainly had a better team than the 2009/2010 Suns. That has nothing to do with Nash. Without Nash the Suns would not have ever made it to the playoffs. One player can only do so much though. Kobe wasn’t winning championships without Shaq or Gasol. You need a team around you to win championships no matter how good a player you are. You also need some luck. If you don’t believe that, ask the Spurs about last year’s Finals.

          • whathefun

            Derek, was an integral part of the Lakers 5 rings, 7 finals. Yes, no fisher, plus Nash, the result would be no ring 10 and 11 for the Lakers.

            The 2009 and 2010 Lakers had Kobe, then, you can line them up as to the rest, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Fisher, Ron Artest all helping equally, anyone of the above missing, no ring. As far as Nash on that team in replacement of Fisher is purely speculations, but, my guess is I would not trade the formula, and even at that time, I would have keeo Fish over Nash. He is money. He passes the Final exam type of guy.

          • hookedonnews

            Derek Fisher is not a top 10 PG. Replacing him with Steve Nash would be a plus not a minus. Nash has had 4 50/40/90 shooting years in his career (no one else has done that), and is close to shooting those percentages for his whole career. He is 4th all time in assists. Derek Fisher is a role player. Yes, he made some important shots for the Lakers over the years, but there is no comparison between those two players. I don’t think Fisher will be in the HOF. No one would choose him over Steve Nash if the decision was based on talent rather than sentiment. No one.

          • whathefun

            I do not believe in Luck. Dallas was the underdog in 2011. Dallas did not use luck. They used pure will, Nowitzky (scoring), Marion (sticky defense), and Chandler (rebounding, I still am not sure, as smart as Dallas is, why they would trade or let go Chandler).

            It is a seven games series, you can win one or two games with luck, but, not the whole series statistically. The better team prevails.

          • hookedonnews

            I never said that Dallas won in 2011 because they were lucky. I said that Miami won in 2013 because they were lucky. The Spurs should have won that series. I don’t think anyone who watches sports doesn’t understand that luck often has a role in winning and losing.

          • whathefun

            Now that is the most stupid think I have ever heard.
            The Heat won in 2013 because they were lucky.
            The World saw LBJ put on a clinic in game 7 that is lucky. It is a 7 game series. The better team won.

          • hookedonnews

            The Spurs were a rebound away from winning it in 6. There would have been no game 7.

          • whatisthis

            They are less of a player. They cannot win at the big stage.

            Miller was a great playoffs performer. That is more than Nash however. Nash chokes throughout his playoffs career.

          • hookedonnews

            Not true. You are making statements you can’t back up. How many playoff games that Nash played in have you ever watched? They swept the Spurs in 2010. Maybe you saw the game in that series where Nash had 4 assists and 10 points in the 4th quarter with his right eye swollen shut. They were in the lead when he went out with the elbow to the eye. By the time he came back in they were behind. They won the game. There are plenty of great players who’ve never won a ring, and it’s not because they choked. It’s because someone had a better team or because things like injuries or other factors intervened. Time to learn to show respect for players who deserve it. Nash took the Mavericks and the Suns (3 times) to the Western Conference Finals when both teams had bad records when he arrived. Throughout his career in Phoenix they lost 99% of the games when Nash didn’t play. That ought to tell you something.

          • whathefun

            You just have to find a way to win….if you can do that.. you get to the next level.

            If Kobe did not win his five Rings, he would be remembered as AI or TMAC etc. Correct, his rings sets him apart. Period.

            Barkley, Ewing, Malone, all went to the finals, but, they could not win.

            While Hakeem did win, and that is why he is considered the best center in Modern times.

            So, winning does give yo rights to be the Best and set you apart.

            Dan Marino is great, but he will never be in the conversation with Montana, Brady, Bradshaw(???) or Troy Aikman.

          • whathefun

            Why is Melo not considered in the same level as LBJ or Wade. He has no rings. But, he is a very talented player.
            He is more talented as a scorer than, LBJ and Wade. But, you have to win. At the end of the day non cares who your team mates were or why you did not win. All they care is, did you win? Melo, has the best inside game right now. He is pure. He can hit mid range jumpers and threes. If he had 3 rings behind him he almost plays like Larry Bird, they would say, he is ala, new Larry Bird for out time.

            You have to win.

          • hookedonnews

            Carmelo Anthony is not Larry Bird. Bird was a great passer as well as a great scorer. He was also clutch. Carmelo is a great scorer, but he has a history of hurting his team because he’s a ball-stopper. He is also not a great closer. If he can learn to be a team player he may eventually win a championship if he has the players around him to do that, but he is never going to be as good as Larry Bird. Being a great shooter is just part of being a great player.

          • whatthefun

            Did you hear what I said. If he had 3 Rings…….then, no one would be criticizing him. So,now, you are being hypocrite par excellence, on one hand you claim that is it no important to have rings, but, not it is important.

            IF bird did not have rings, he would be just another, Dom. Wilkins. Period.

            Which is it? So, is Ring important, or is it not. Pick a side. You cannot have it both ways.

          • hookedonnews

            Rings are good, but they are just one aspect of a player’s career. In the end, you have to have other good players around you and a good coach to get a ring. Even Michael Jordan didn’t win a ring every year.

            I’m not criticizing Anthony because he doesn’t have a ring. I’m criticizing the kind of player he is. George Karl has said that many people in the NBA don’t believe you can win a championship with him on your team. The reason for that is that although he puts up great individual numbers he does it at the expense of the rest of the team. The great teams are unselfish and play like a team, not a group of individuals.

            Bird would still be one of the greatest players ever whether he had a ring or not. In the end players are judged by what they’ve done on the court individually. Sure people take rings into account, but the absence of one doesn’t mean you aren’t a great player.

          • whathefun

            As great as Bird was, he was still surrounded by, in today’s term, 3 Max contract players! Mchale, DJ, Parish.

            If Melo had 3 Max contract players would he win?

            And if Bird did not win, no one would put him on Mt. Rushmore, and for that matter niether would Jordan or MJ be on that mountain.

          • hookedonnews

            All these hypothetical arguments are pointless. No one believes Carmelo Anthony is as good as Larry Bird. I have a lot of respect for Dennis Johnson & Parrish, but they were not max contract players. They would not have won a championship without Bird. George Karl knows Carmelo as well as anyone, and he knows the NBA. He’s said that a lot of people in the NBA don’t believe you can win a championship with him. Now if you put him on a team with LeBron, and 3 of the best players in the league he might win a ring, but you could say that about just about any NBA player.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t believe Kobe would ever be put in the same category as TMAC. That’s just ridiculous. Kobe didn’t win a championship after Shaq left until Gasol arrived. It takes more than one great player or he would have more than 5 rings. Besides, you can’t compare Nash & Kobe because Kobe is a better player than Nash. I don’t know anyone who would argue about that. I don’t agree that Marino is not in the conversation. He just had the bad luck to play on a team that had no defense. John Elway couldn’t win a Super Bowl until he got a running game and a defense. These are team games, and not an individual sport like golf or tennis. There are plenty of players who have a ring who were not as good as Nash in his prime. They just had the good luck to play on a more complete team with other great players.

          • whatthefun

            You are putting Nash as a franchise player. While I put him in the supporting cast category.

            If Nash was playing the 80′s Celtics, he would be coming off the bench, or the 80′s Lakers, or the Jazz with Stockton.

            It is hard for me to put Nash as a Franchise player.

          • hookedonnews

            If you were familiar with his career, you would know he was a franchise player. The team won 29 games the year before he arrived in Phoenix and 62 (best in the NBA) the next year with the same players. That’s the definition of a franchise player. You mention Stockton, but he’s never won a ring either. Everyone knows he’s one of the top 5 PGs ever; some would say the best ever. I’m sure Nash could start for the 80′s Celtics. He would not replace Magic Johnson. You could argue about Stockton, but none of that is the point. You don’t have to be the best ever to be a great Hall of Fame player.

          • whathefun

            Nash would never replace Dennis Johnson of the Celtics. DJ won in Seattle before he joined the Celtics.

            That is why they got him, he was a winner.

            He was integral part of Celtic’s 5 finals 3 championships of the 80s.

            Now you are really being MDA. Replacing proven all star hall of famers champ with a conference finalists.

          • hookedonnews

            Dennis Johnson was a special player, but he’s on nobody’s top 10 list of PGs. All this talk of replacing players on teams is pointless. The fact is that putting Nash on any great team would not diminish that team. He’s too good a player to be anything but an asset. Rings are won by teams not individuals. Winning a ring doesn’t make you the best player and not winning one if you are a great player just means that you didn’t have the pieces around you to make it happen.

          • whatthefun

            Now,this is ridiculous, if all people talked about was the playoffs, then, Marino’s name would never come up. Which is what the expert talk about about after December.

            If the discussion was all about the NBA finals, then, Nash’s name would never come up. Which is what the pundit talk about after April.

            I rest. Both sides has a point.

            You are interested in counting regular seasons, I refuse as that time has no meaning.

            Olympics, World cup soccer, no one talks about the qualifiers (that is the regular season of the Major Sport, qualifying rounds), they all talk about the top three spots.

          • hookedonnews

            You want to narrowly define the greatness of an individual player by what his team does in the Finals or Super Bowl, etc. I think that’s a false measure of the player. There are a lot of really great players who have been stuck on bad teams or teams that are missing that one additional player who could have helped them win a championship. Kobe was the same player the years that he didn’t wing a ring. He just didn’t have the pieces around him to make that happen. Nash has taken teams who were bad before he arrived to the conference finals 4 times. The fact that they didn’t make it to the Finals can’t be laid at his door. They wouldn’t have even made it that far without him. Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring. I’m pretty sure there’s not a person on the planet who believes he is a better QB than Dan Marino. I’ve seen specials devoted to Dan Marino, but I’ve never seen one on Dilfer.

        • hookedonnews

          Apparently you know nothing about his career. Look it up. He’s is routinely voted by coaches as either #1 or #2 in basketball IQ and in top 5 of players who would make good coaches.

          • whathefun

            I do not, I go for winners. In every sport I watch. Period.

          • hookedonnews

            Well, that’s too bad because he has been one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA over the last 10 years. He’s one of the best pure shooters to ever play, the most creative passer, and generally considered the best teammate ever. He has been a winner. Just because he doesn’t have a ring doesn’t mean he hasn’t won a ton of games in the regular season and the playoffs plus racking up all kinds of stats for his shooting and for assists. Why are you commenting about someone you know nothing about?

          • whathefun

            All may be true. But, he is not in the finals, then, he is off my radar.

            Regular season does not count.

            Playoffs is the real season.

            I watch Grand Slam tennis,but the small 250 series does not mean anything.

            In all sports people count the rings, you happen to be exception to the rule. I respect.

          • hookedonnews

            There have been plenty of mediocre players who have played in the Finals and lots of great players who haven’t. Mario Chalmers has 2 rings. He will never be even close to Nash as a great PG. Nash has won plenty of playoff games. The fact that he hasn’t been to the Finals says more about his teammates than him.

      • Josh

        This is isn’t fantasy basketball. Individual numbers don’t always mean much, especially from the point guard position. There is a reason one guy is a two-time league MVP (even though Kobe deserved it both of those years) and future hall-of-famer, and the other guy was in the D-League wishing there was at least one NBA team that wanted him.

        • whatisthis

          Kobe or Duncan or Nowitzky deserved the MVP both of those years. But, not Nash

          • hookedonnews

            The Lakers weren’t in the Western Conference Finals either of the years that Nash won the MVP. They won like 29 games that first year he won the MVP and the Suns won 62 (the best record in the league). The Suns won 60 games the next year. They don’t give the MVP to a player whose team doesn’t even get to the conference finals. It’s not a vote on who is the best player in the league. It’s a vote on who is more valuable to a top team. The Suns won 29 games the year before Nash arrived with the same players, and they couldn’t win a game without him after he got there. That’s the reason he won those MVP’s.

          • A Fan

            I still think Kobe should’ve won it in 2006. The Suns were a stacked team even without Amare while Kobe had a team full of inexperienced nobodies and his best teammate was an inconsistent Odom. Even so, Kobe still dragged the Lakers into the playoffs, they finished 8 games over .500, and they nearly eliminated the Suns in 6 games.

          • hookedonnews

            The Suns were not a stacked team without Amare. I guarantee you they would not have made the playoffs that season without Steve Nash. And the fact that they won 60 games without Amare is just one of the reasons Nash won the MVP. When is the last time you saw an MVP from a team that barely made it into the playoffs? The Suns beat the Lakers. Kobe is one of the greatest players ever, but believing that he should have had the MVP that season is to confuse what the award is about. It’s not about having a great season on a lousy team or being the best player in the league. It’s about playing on a top team and being the primary reason that your team has won all those games.

      • hookedonnews

        The assist numbers Marshall has put up have not translated into wins and his offense is virtually non-existent. To compare Marshall to Nash is like comparing Sacre to Tim Duncan. We’re not likely to win a lot of games with this roster. You don’t disrespect a player because he’s injured. He doesn’t want to coach. He wants to play. He could be playing tonight if MDA hadn’t shut him down. He’s healthy & ready to go.

        • Chrmngblly

          I disrespect you and you’re not injured. I wish we all could play until we are tired of it, too, but we can’t. I like Nash a lot, he’s just too old to be in the Laker’s future as a player. Also, what is wrong with Nash is now chronic. It’s almost pathetic to watch. How many games in a row do you think it is likely for him to be able to play? Not too many. Nerve problems don’t usually stay away.

          • hookedonnews

            Well, thankfully you are not the one making the decisions in the Lakers FO. Chances are Nash will be back next season. How many games will he play? I don’t know, but I don’t know how many games Kobe is going to play either. Guess we’ll find out, but I wouldn’t be pinning my hopes on Kendall Marshall becoming another Steve Nash. Not going to happen. There’s a difference between you & me & Nash. He’s got a contract. Live with it.

          • Chrmngblly

            It doesn’t matter.

          • hookedonnews

            It matters to him.

          • Chrmngblly

            Go suck Nash’s long john, I don’t care.

            I also don’t know why you root against my Lakers. I really hope a couple of those scrubs make something out of this opportunity and break through and have long NBA careers. Why don’t you?

            I am really sorry about Nash. It is a terrible way for him to end his run—but we all knew it was going to be fairly soon considering his age. You figured that out, too, didn’t you? Now, Nash has a chronic nerve problem on top of his bad back. Don’t be such a hater.

            It would be good luck for a change if the Lakers stumbled into a healthy talented guy, wouldn’t it? Marshall, so far, has more or less held his own. Why are you so bitter and mean inside that you can’t give the dude a little credit? After all, Marshal stepped up when we had no one. You act like you don’t even like the Lakers.

            Also, who doesn’t think Nash has already collected way more than he will ever be worth as a Laker? I just wish he could act like a teammate and do what is best for the Lakers instead of just himself. Nash knows he is not part of the Lakers future. If he would just throw in the towel, the team could pay him and ask the league to not count it against our cap. Also, he’s taking up a roster spot that some other young guy would give an arm for. Really.

            You are really a sad, selfish hater. Can’t you wish anybody else good luck? What is wrong with you?

          • hookedonnews

            Thinking of a career as a comedian? That comment is a good start.

            Maybe Nash is planning on signing another 3 year contract after next season. I’m sure you wouldn’t object.

            As for Marshall, what can I say? His shooting stroke reminds me of Charles Barkley’s golf swing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse one. He’s fine as a back-up PG, but he’s going to have to improve if he wants to be more than that. Maybe he could purchase Nash’s workout DVD.

            I know that if you were in Nash’s shoes you would just retire even though you love to play and have worked your behind off all year rehabbing. You wouldn’t think twice about that $9.7 million because hey–it’s only money. Of course, you would step aside even though the team doesn’t really want to bring in another PG right now. After all, it doesn’t matter what you want. Self-interest is a dirty word. All that matters is providing cap space for the Lakers. After all, that’s what Kobe was thinking about when he accepted that $48 million. Oh, wait.

            Yes. I’m the one with the problem. I’ll get right on that.

          • Chrmngblly

            You are such a stupid person. What in hell is wrong with you? Nash gets paid regardless. Nobody wants to take a single dollar from him. But the Lakers will never renew his contract. He already says he is retiring. You know this. Why do you hate anyone else who plays the same position? You and Peek are two stupid blog parrots. F*ck off.

          • DrM

            Some bloggers here are paid promotional puppet for certain players.

            It is very possible some players must troll around here. If they don’t like what they here about themselves then they will hire someone to offer defense.

          • hookedonnews

            That’s a hilarious theory. I’m guessing Chrmngblly is on Kendall Marshall’s payroll by that reasoning. I don’t think NBA players are losing any sleep about what’s written here.

          • Chrmngblly

            Thanks. Some people don’t comprehend really basic things. I think I am going crazy sometimes.

          • hookedonnews

            Off your meds today? Apparently you’ve lost your sense of humor. Nash does not get paid if he retires. And yes, there are plenty of people who have repeatedly called for him to do that. Obviously I was joking about giving Nash another 3 year contract. Do I think Nash would play another year if they asked him to stay after next season? Yeah, I think he might, but I doubt that they’re going to do that. He hasn’t said he wants to retire after next season. He just expects that he won’t have a choice because he doesn’t plan to leave LA, and he knows there will be some great PGs available then. I’m not worried about it one way or the other. If he’s able to continue to play & wants to, more power to him.

            I don’t hate Marshall. I didn’t realize you were so attached to him. He’s a good passer, but in case you haven’t noticed, he has been turning the ball over a lot lately and as anyone who has ever watched a basketball game knows, he’s not the best shooter in the league. He can’t take over a game or do those things that an elite PG can do. Will he ever be able to do that? It’s possible, but right now he’s not on that level. He’s playing better than we could have hoped, but he’s not playing as well now as he was when he first came to the team. We won very few (if any) of the games he’s played in until Farmar came back. Without Kobe, you need more scoring from the PG position. I’m glad we have Marshall, but I’m under no illusions that he’s going to be a difference maker until he ups his offensive game

            You really should do something about these mood swings. .

          • Chrmngblly

            I am out of my medications. How did you know?

            I was grateful to Marshall for coming out of nowhere and holding that spot down for us in OK style. I think is unfair to hold a new D-league scrub responsible for our W/L record during that injury-plagued month or so when he first showed up.

            I don’t foresee an all-star appearance for Marshal in the next year but I hope I see him backing up Exum. We could do worse.

          • hookedonnews

            I wasn’t holding him responsible for the W/L record. My point was that he can’t supply the scoring we need like Farmar can. Otherwise I agree with what you said. Don’t know if they’ll get Exum. I don’t know what Marshall’s future is, but I hope he has the opportunity to play somewhere if not with the Lakers long term. It will depend on who they are able to bring in after next season.

          • Chrmngblly

            He’s played a lot of double digit scoring games for us. It all depends on if he can take instruction and if he aggressively pursues becoming better and more consistent.

          • hookedonnews

            My biggest concern is how he got to this point with that weird shot. I don’t know why some coach did not try to teach him a little better form. He was shooting a high % of 3′s at first, but his shooting has fallen off significantly since then. He also needs to work on his mid-range game. Maybe he will do that, but I’m wondering why he hasn’t done it already. Winding up in the D-League after being such a high draft pick should have been a wake-up call. BTW-did you know that Nash was Marshall’s favorite player and the guy he has tried to emulate? Same for Ricky Rubio. Rubio has similar scoring woes, but he has much better shooting form and is a better defender.

  • Kobe


    • Josh

      Buy it out? Why? It expires in about two months.

  • whatisthis

    Just go home and retire. Do not feel bad. Our city has had the likes of West, Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Shaq, Kobe. Really, we do not feel bad at all. Just retire and have a nice life.

    For him to make that kind of statement as if, the Lakers have been starved of Star powers in the Past.

    Good bye.

    Sooner, he is out of the picture, the better for the Lakers.

  • michael

    If he thinks he is in condition to play one more season, I’d love to see it. if not, Retiring is probably the best option for him.
    However he decides, I wish him the best.

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