Lakers News: Steve Nash Talks About Lakers’ Large Rotation Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers had 11 players in their rotation Sunday night en route to a 105-103 victory against the Atlanta Hawks. At this point, the coaching staff The Los Angeles Lakers had 11 players in their rotation Sunday night en route to a 105-103 victory against the Atlanta Hawks. At this point, the coaching staff Rating:
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Talks About Lakers’ Large Rotation

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The Los Angeles Lakers had 11 players in their rotation Sunday night en route to a 105-103 victory against the Atlanta Hawks.

At this point, the coaching staff is still trying to figure out how to evenly distribute the minutes, but when everyone is playing well that task can be a little difficult. The Lakers have a pretty talented back court and getting those players on the court on a nightly basis can cause some trouble. In addition, rotating between Pau Gasol, Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill is something Mike D’Antoni still has to figure out.

After the game against the Hawks, Steve Nash spoke to the media and discussed the rotation the Lakers have been using this season.

Nash played 29 minutes last night and was able to score 13 points while dishing out six assists. However, Jordan Farmar and Steve Blake also got time at the point guard position and they ran the offense very well.

The coaching staff will have its hands full when creating a solid rotation, but it will have to change once Kobe Bryant returns to the lineup.


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  • Gregory Choa

    All I know is, if you think the rotation is tricky to figure out now, with D’Antoni trying to rotate 11, just wait until Kobe comes back! Something will have to give…it’ll be interesting, to say the least, to see how THAT shakes out!

    • savi

      exactly that’s what i was thinking! D’Antoni is doing decent job, Little more kaman and gasol combo, and more minutes for Hill will make feel better. Rest if somehow this team is above 500 mark, Kobe needs to respect that and chip right in

    • Paytc

      When Kobe (the team leader and anchor) returns it will only make MDA’s job ten times easier. I think Kobe’s time away let’s us see who will most likely aid Kobe in his quest to win another NBA Championship upon his return.

      • Gregory Choa

        …right, my point is that there have been several notable people who have surprisingly stepped up in Kobe’s absence – X. Henry, N. Young, W. Johnson & J. Meeks – each in their own unique way exhibiting skill sets that can aid Kobe in such a quest…not sure who exactly D’Antoni ends up curtailing minutes from in order to make way for Kobe’s 35-38 min/game…again, something will have to give. My other point (which I think is your point) is that this is a good problem to have in the bigger scheme of things!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I commend Mike D’Antoni for dealing with a large rotation,he is doing a decent job managing the deep roster.So many old school coaches like Phil Jackson or Mike Brown used to play short rotations it’s great to see MDA willing to use all his weapons.No matter what the Lakers record is currently he gets the grade A+ for managing minutes and not being afraid to give young players a chance to shine.MDA has certainly earned my respect in that aspect.So many coaches are chickens when it comes to playing young players large minutes.

    • Paytc

      I could not agree with you more about the chickens and non-flexible “one shoe fits all “coaching styles out there.

      • John Bauer

        I would not get on Phil he has 10 rings Mike D 0 ! ! !

        • Paytc

          And he would have gotten more rings if he was willing to not be too stubborn and predictable IMO.Dallas did film study and easily game planned a sweep over them. I would be far more impressed if PJ took a team without one of the G.O.A.T.s and showed us just how great a coach he truly is?

          He was smart enough to surround himself with the best and then get out of their way for the most part. So yes ,PJ is perhaps the better coach and probably a bit smarter than most.

          Not that I am a Phil hater… I am far from that ,but someone has to point out his imperfections . He has good coaching games,series,months,and years as well as bad ones. But his success is not in question.

  • Dave Parker

    There’s no good reason to give Shawne Williams as many minutes as he’s been given … especially as well as Jordan Hill has been playing and Kaman for that matter. SW has low shooting percentage and his defense isn’t all that …

    • hookedonnews

      Williams spreads the floor, and he’s a decent 3 point shooter. That’s why he’s starting. He’s one of those guys who can get hot and hit every shot. The bench is just as important as the starting lineup. If you have a lousy bench your starters will have to play too many minutes (last year for example). As long as we win I don’t care whether Williams, Hill, or Kaman start. As long as they are able to contribute and we win, I’m happy. Besides, I don’t know that these lineups are not going to change. It’s still early in the season.

      • Brandon Leong

        William’s job is to spread the floor, but he have been horrible from the corner 3. if it wasnt for his length and defense, i’d be protesting that he start in the place of Kaman. Have you seen Kaman’s consistency from the mid range, he can spread the floor with his jumper as well. not to mention gasol is good enough to play in the post with less space..from what i’ve seen, having kaman + gasol on the floor is a better option than SW and gasol, SW has been an erratic shooter.

        Would also like to add that Meeks need to get more shots!

      • Dave Parker

        good points, all. I get the thinking behind SW being on the floor, let alone starting, I’m just not sure whatever he’s produced, career-wise, provides the basis for the trust D’Antoni has in him. Kaman, and JHill to a lesser extent, have proven to be productive in areas that are needed (high-efficiency, multi-talented offensive player in Kaman, high-energy defense and o-rebounding in Hill) on the Lakers right now. D’Antoni seems to have an out-sized trust in SW. Only four games in, though, I’m happy that we’re competitive and seem to have found some potential gems.

        • hookedonnews

          I think Williams just fits the profile of what MDA wants in that position. He wants someone who’s a good 3-pt shooter and is not down in the paint making it hard for Nash to have the space to operate. Neither Hill or Kaman fits that bill, even though Kaman has a good medium-range shot. D’Antoni said in an interview that Hill gets really tired when he plays too many minutes. I think that’s probably the reason he’s not getting as many minutes as some would like. D’Antoni is letting everyone play right now. I think that’s a good thing. The best rotations will eventually work themselves out.

  • hookedonnews

    Things will tighten up as the season progresses. It takes time to get the best combinations on the floor. That’s a good problem to have. Last year we had the opposite problem.

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