Steve Nash Says Mike D’Antoni’s Biggest Fault Is That ‘He’s Not Phil’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="234"] Perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the NBA is following in the footsteps of Phil Jackson. No matter what head coaches have on their [new_royalslider id="234"] Perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the NBA is following in the footsteps of Phil Jackson. No matter what head coaches have on their Rating: 0
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Steve Nash Says Mike D’Antoni’s Biggest Fault Is That ‘He’s Not Phil’

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Perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the NBA is following in the footsteps of Phil Jackson. No matter what head coaches have on their resume or what they may have accomplished in the past, they’ll always be second fiddle to the 11-time NBA champion.

A perfect example is Mike D’Antoni and the mess that he inherited after being hired over Jackson two years ago. D’Antoni hasn’t been able to turn things around and has been criticized every step of the way with seemingly no one wanting him in Los Angeles coaching the Lakers.

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On Monday morning, Steve Nash made an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd to talk about his situation and the state of the Lakers franchise. Nash believes one of the main reasons D’Antoni is so heavily criticized is the fact that he’s simply not Jackson according to ESPN’s Arash Markazi:

With the Lakers on the verge of ending a historically bad season, D’Antoni’s future with the team hangs in the balance. Although still under contract, the consensus seems to be that he’ll be fired at some point between now and the start of next season.

As a result of the disappointing season, the Lakers brass may have to start fresh with a new head coach to go along with a potentially revamped roster. A lot of changes appear to be on the horizon with the firing of D’Antoni possibly being the first move made by Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss.

VIDEO: Frustrated Kobe Bryant Jokes At Lakers Terrible Season ‘I Guess Fail And Be The Best At It,’ Mike D’Antoni Has Quite The Joke Too

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  • proamerica

    1. Nash has been the biggest Mess

    2. MDA Has been the biggest Mess,

    Since Phil left.

    “A perfect example is Mike D’Antoni and the mess that he inherited”

    He was handed and a very good team with Kobe, Gasol, DH, and Blake

    IN less than two seasons this is dead.

    Mike Brown was fine, he lost to OKC, which was a better team. Still, life on this earth why would you bring MDA and Nash in. The team that lost in 2012, the problem was, speed, Lakers needed speed and defense to keep up with youthfulness of the OKC.

    Solution: MDA and Nash = Failed.

    • Zimmeredge

      mike brown was not fine at all. first season he was all in with the “pass to kobe” so no real game plan then he brought his princeton offense. that was a body killer for a roster full of vet players. the training sessions were too intense. the players weren’t in the same page and didn’t share the same feel for the game. Bernie Bickerstaff was probably the best. He let those guys expressed their own qualities on the floor and eventhough the sample was really small he had a good record with a simple game plan “play within your abilities and qualities, understand your role”.
      we don’t need Phil (luckily he is long gone now), we don’t need D’antoni… we need a coach with a simple game plan. who’ll use our players to the best of their abilities and qualities. a coach who’ll make them understand that each and every single player on the roster have a role and that, in order to be fully effective and helpful to the team they will have to play within their role.

      • proamerica

        How can you argue with the Results? Lakers was not a better team than the youthful OKC:

        Mike lost to OKC. That is where the Season ended.




        Lakers were an under dog. Lakers Lost. Expected. Let’s be realistic.

      • proamerica

        I am not saying Mike Brown, is Pat Riley or Pop. But, the team that he had, lost to a better team. How then, is that underachievement.

        • Zimmeredge

          The team did not come together when he had our hof roster. The players didnt buy his game plan because they weren’t good enough, or couldn’t play together. He killed the team with the princeton. The team did not show any improvment.
          And asi said it: year one was all about pass to Kobe, pass to Kobe and pass to Kobe. No real game plan. Mike Brown was a failure.

        • Josh

          When Mike Brown had an offseason, training camps, preseason to implement something and do things his way, he went 1-12 in 8 preseason and 5 regular season games. 1-12 with Kobe, Pau, Dwight, and Nash.

          • proamrica

            We can sit here and do all the math. Lakers lost to a better team. Period. It would have taken a miracle for that Lakers team to beat OKC in 2012.

          • Josh

            That’s absolutely true. And this year it would take a miracle for this Lakers team to win 25 games. Not because of the coach, who has proven he can win regular season games, but because almost every team in the league is a better team.

          • proamerica

            Can you say NBD(D league)A.

            The Lakers fans are saying the Lakers will win in the next two years.

            Please provide me an example of Last Team in the NBA regular Season winning the next year.

          • Jay Autry Photography

            2007-2008 Celtics?

      • both mike coaches suck

        remember that mike brown did not have training camp in his first season with the lakers because of the lockout season. the lakers roster was still being transitioned from the “phil jackson” type feeling before mike brown changed the gameplay in that following year before he gots fired

    • hookedonnews

      D’Antoni was handed a team after the season started with no training camp, an injured PG (Nash), a center just off back surgery (Howard), a PF with bad knees and plantar fasciitis, a SF who was on the backside of his career, Kobe Bryant, and the worst bench in the league. By the time the season was over Nash had missed 32 games, Gasol 33, Blake 37, Hill 56, and Kobe was out with an Achilles tear. With all that plus the clashing of egos (Howard/Kobe) they still made the playoffs. This season there have been 250 games lost due to injury and counting. A new player seems to go down every time one comes back from injury. When Nash has been healthy he has played well. D’Antoni has done as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

      Mike Brown is a defensive coach. The Lakers weren’t a great defensive team under his tenure, and bringing in the Princeton offense sealed his doom. He was putting a veteran team through 4 1/2 hour practices, and they still couldn’t grasp the offense. The season before had been a disappointment, so when the team started with 11 straight losses and it was clear that the Princeton was wasting the talents of Nash, he was fired. I don’t think he was the long term future of the Lakers even if they had never gotten Steve Nash. Can you imagine Greg Popovich putting Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker through a 4 1/2 hour practice schedule?

      Nash is right. MDA was never given a chance because the fans blamed him for Phil not being hired. The hatred exhibited by some fans has been irrational and disrespectful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

      • 3339

        stop it just stop it.

        • hookedonnews

          Why do you keep reading my comments? You know you can’t handle the truth.

          • 3339

            you kiss dantoni’s ass 24/7 even though players like Kobe and Pau want him gone.
            You going to disagree with them as well?

          • hookedonnews

            I haven’t talked to Kobe or Pau so I don’t know what they want. I know neither one of them is in love with his system, but there’s a difference between that and wanting him fired. Plus, I don’t really care what they want. Neither one of them will be here in two years I’m guessing. No one knows if Gasol is going to stay after this year because he may get a better offer.

            What about the other 10 players? What do they want?

            Coaches should be fired based on performance. As I’ve said ad nauseum D’Antoni hasn’t had a chance to prove whether or not he can coach this team because of the injuries. Kobe said as much. If D’Antoni comes back next season with a healthy team and can’t get the job done I have no problem with firing him. Of course, I’m not talking about a championship because they’re not going to have the players to compete for one unless they get extremely lucky with Nash & Kobe staying healthy and everyone else playing great. Next year’s roster is probably not going to be a lot different than this one, but if they’re all healthy it should make a big difference.

            I don’t base my opinions on what Kobe wants. He wanted the Princeton and look how that worked out.

            There’s a bit of a herd mentality among some fans. The stuff I read on these threads is not always fact-based analysis. A lot of it is based on misinformation that is parroted as if it were written in stone. I believe that if you give MDA the right players he can be successful in LA, but that remains to be proven. I wouldn’t bet on it. I also wouldn’t bet that another coach is going to make a big difference. It’s just another disruption that will make everything go back to square one. Why do that when you’re going to have basically the same players until free agency in 2015? Doesn’t make financial sense.

            Should they do it just to placate Kobe? No. I don’t think so. No one has a clue how many games he’s going to play in the next 2 years. I hope he plays in all of them, but I wouldn’t bet on that either.

          • 3339

            Kobe is a Laker legend that has earned the right to be involved in huge moves.
            Coaches should be fired based on performance? the Lakers have absolutely sucked with dantoni and that includes a team with Kobe, Pau, Dwight Howard, Ron Artest (all 4 have been to the Finals), and very qualified role players.
            I guarantee you that dantoni would not be successful in LA with a healthy roster. Nobody wants to be a part of this mess with a coach like dantoni. Another coach is desperately needed to reestablish what the Lakers are really about and stars will want to be a part of it.

          • hookedonnews

            I have no problem with asking a player like Kobe his opinion about certain things. When Mike Brown was fired they asked Kobe who he would like to see replace him as coach. He said MDA. Letting a player dictate whether a coach should be fired is a little different. That’s giving a player too much power, I don’t care who he is. There is no big clash between Kobe & D’Antoni. Kobe just wants to dictate the style of play, and that’s not his job. Kupchak recently said that Kobe would be asked about some things, but not about others.

            I really hate to go through what happened last season because I’m done it so many times. Howard was coming off back surgery, never 100% (torn shoulder muscle also), and obsessed with the idea of playing like Shaq. He wouldn’t try to run pick and rolls and only played hard when he felt like it, not to mention the FT shooting and the technical fouls. Gasol came into the season with bad knees and feet and was never 100% (missed 33 games). Nash missed 32 games with the broken leg and related nerve issues late in the season (never 100% after the first game of the season). MWP was past his prime, and Kobe went down at the end of the season and was unavailable in the playoffs. Blake missed 37 games and went out in the playoffs with a hamstring injury. Very qualified role players? Are you serious? They were statistically the worse bench in the league. They were basically useless except for Blake & Meeks. I’m not sure that a couple of them are even in the league anymore. There was also the lack of a training camp which was made worse by virtually no practices because of the injuries which prevented the development of any team chemistry until late in the season. With all that they still made the playoffs, but weren’t going anywhere without Kobe, Nash, Blake, Meeks, and MWP.

            Just saying they had Kobe, Nash, Gasol, MWP, and Howard means nothing. Yes, if all of them had been at the top of their game it might have been different, but they still had that lousy bench.

            You can’t guarantee what D’Antoni could do in LA with a healthy roster unless you are a psychic. He did very well with a healthy roster in Phoenix. I’ll take 62 wins any day. I heard someone on one of the NBA broadcasts say recently that most players would love to play for D’Antoni. His system is very player friendly if you’re an unselfish team player. He has coached all the top players who have played on Team USA. This notion that no star would want to play for D’Antoni is often repeated on these threads, but backed up by nothing.

            I think you may be like a lot of these guys who want to return to the twin towers and the Triangle, and think that nothing else is going to work for the Lakers. At some point you have to move on from that like the rest of the league. This team is sooner or later going to have a new identity. Is MDA the guy who will be the driving force behind that? Don’t have a clue. He may be gone in a few weeks. I’m just wondering if any coach is going to be able to live up to the expectations if they aren’t immediately super successful. The fact that people like you can’t understand the impact that injuries, a substandard roster, egos, etc. have had on the last two seasons makes me doubt that any coach is going to get a real chance. Now maybe someone associated with the Lakers like Byron Scott would be given time to put a team together. I see people advocating Derek Fisher being hired to coach the Lakers. Nothing against D-Fish, but really? I don’t think you hand this team over to someone who has never coached just because he played for the Lakers.

            There are also other factors that might keep players from coming to LA–Kobe for instance. Some players might not want to play with him or might wonder how much he’s got left in the tank, etc. All that being said, I don’t think there will be any problems getting stars to come to LA no matter who the coach is.

      • proamerica

        Hook I get it. You are a paid puppet for Nash.

        We have heard plenty of Nashism from you.

        Anymore lectures on Nash 101.

        • hookedonnews

          I wish someone would pay me. I could use the money.

          A lot of what I post on these threads is mostly facts which some people tend to ignore. No one is forcing you or anyone else to read my comments. When someone objects to my posts they rarely address what I’ve said (like the injury stats, etc.). Of course, some of what I write is my opinion, and I’ve been known to be wrong. But I try to be rational unlike some people who just rant and repeat a bunch of stuff that may or may not have any basis in fact. If I disagree with what someone else says I try to give a reason instead of just calling them a moron or a butt-kisser, or some other insult (paid-puppet).

          The post you’re reacting to was not about Nash. It was about Mike D’Antoni. I’m wondering if you actually read it. You probably don’t want to hear anything positive about him either, but before you ask, he’s not paying me.

      • calieagle

        mike brown had one of the best home records in the league and a top 10 defense (allowed 91 ppg) when he was coaching.. he turned bynum into an all star.. you can blame him for bringing in the princeton offense cant blame him for teaching it cuz he brought in the mastermind to teach it.. i gave mda a chance and he failed cant expect to win with a coach who quit on his last team and has no respect for his current team..

        • hookedonnews

          How did you give MDA a chance when he’s never had a healthy roster? What kind of a chance is that? Your statement that he has no respect for his current team has no basis in fact. He has praised them all season for their effort. If you’ll look at the roster, you’ll know these are not elite players. Most of them have never succeeded in the NBA, and many of them are having very good years under D’Antoni when they’ve managed to actually be on the court and not injured.

          As for the NY experience, he resigned in the final year of his contract because he was tired of dealing with Carmelo Anthony. Jerry Sloan did the same thing in Utah because of Deron Williams. I don’t hear anyone calling Sloan a quitter. If you know anything about the situation in NY you should understand that it’s a very dysfunctional situation from the top down. They haven’t exactly been burning up the league since MDA left. That’s the reason they hired Phil Jackson to try and turn things around.

          The problem with the Princeton was not who was teaching it. It is not an NBA offense, and anyone with an ounce of intelligence would have ditched it the minute they signed Steve Nash. If he had done that, he might still have a job in LA. Wasn’t following the stats on Brown’s defense in LA, but there were plenty of complaints about it. I don’t know if you were a Brown supporter, but I read comments on blogs like this every day demanding his firing. I don’t think he would have had a long term future in LA. Just my opinion.

          • Steve

            D’antoni was meant to fail once Kobe went down. Front office decided to tank by not going after any free agents. They didn’t try to trade for anything good like a regular Laker season. They’re starting a new cap system which penalizes the team with every year over the cap with more fines as it goes. So they decided to get off the cap limit and start from the bottom. Their doing close to what Philly did this year.The difference is that they didn’t have to get rid of good players.
            So there is no coach at fault here.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t really agree. They never intended to tank, but because of the CBA they didn’t have any flexibility in the offseason or this season as far as acquiring free agents. Plus there’s no one out there they really want this year. They are waiting for 2015/2016 when the top free agents will be available. They picked up some players in the offseason who were willing to come in for very little money. These guys were not elite players, but have played well under MDA. The only problem has been keeping them on the court. This team has had over 250 games missed due to injury. Even if everyone had been healthy they weren’t expected to make the playoffs because of the level of talent once you get past Kobe, Nash & Gasol.

            They are rebuilding. Philly got rid of 99% of their good players. The Lakers haven’t done that. Their bench this season is way better than last year’s and was the best in the league before in the injuries started piling up. They have a good core of young players who can be great bench players. They just need some elite players to go with them. They will be looking to get some in the next couple of years plus they’ll have at least one great prospect from this year’s draft.

            I agree that MDA is not at fault, but not because they’re tanking. It’s because of the level of talent and the injuries. Very few of these players if any could start on another NBA team except for Gasol, Kobe & Nash.

  • Magic Man

    Mike D’Antoni is a jobber boy and damn loser that sucks up to management to keep his crummy job.D’Antoni is the not a leader of men he is a strategy guy that wants to run up the score on opposing teams he preaches offense and ignores defense and rebounding and his team relies on jumpers and 3 pointers far too often,this coach is horrid as is his record as Knicks and Lakers coach.And his playoffs record is nothing special,he has zero NBA rings.D’Antoni is the worst hire in Lakers history.D’Antoni kisses ass to keep working for the Buss family.Fire his ass and grow a pair Jim Buss.Screw this Jim Buss guy he is a idiot and a phony.

  • Magic Man

    Mike D’Antoni has led the Lakers to futility after what they guys like West,Wilt,Kareem,Worthy,Shaq,Kobe,Riley,Phil,Jerry Buss had all built for decades.This is a travesty to see Mike D’Antoni as Lakers coach.SMH @ Jim Buss!

    • hookedonnews

      Dr. Buss wanted D’Antoni not Jim according to Phil Jackson and other sources. If D’Antoni had players like the ones you listed and they weren’t all injured he would have won a championship. Look a the games lost because of injury this season and the roster. You don’t win with a roster that barely has enough healthy players to put the minimum number of players on the court. What you saw on the floor last night weren’t elite players. D’Antoni has done a good job developing these young guys, two of which just came back from injury (Henry & Young). You can’t blame this season on him. You can’t compete with teams whose rosters are better and and not riddled with injuries. Most people around the country couldn’t identify 99% of those players who were on the floor last night for the Lakers.

  • Daryl Peek

    Nash is 100% on point in his assessment.

  • Guest


  • 3339

    Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.
    His biggest faults are that he can’t coach or manage egos. He makes an excuse for everything.
    There are plenty of candidates out there that would do much better with this team. Jeff Van Gundy, Stan Van Gundy, Byron Scott, Jerry Sloan, George Karl, Lionel Hollins, etc. all except Hollins have been to the NBA Finals.
    dantoni is not a good coach, especially for us.
    Magic, Kobe, Pau are champions and they know this guy sucks. I really can’t believe actual Lakers fans are reducing themselves for this guy who has made a mess of our team. Kobe wants this guy gone. Pau wants this guy gone. Magic wants this guy gone. Every real Lakers fan wants this guy gone.
    Not because he isn’t Phil Jackson, it’s because HE CAN’T DO THE JOB. enough of the damn excuses. Fire this guy and lets start moving forward instead of backward.

  • Nashir Mohammed

    My biggest complaint about MDA is his overuse of certain players (to the point of injury) while having healthy players get DNP CD game after game. You’d think he’d use Kaman a couple of games to rest Gasol. Jordan Hill. Marshon Brooks. Seriously……

  • James Allen

    He can’t COACH! That’s his problem.

  • Bob

    MDA isnt at fault here. Brown came in with a declining 2012 team that struggled against OKC, then the roster got a huge huge upgrade. However, ppl forget that the new additions never got to be a cohesive team. Brown decided to go with the princeton offense and now thats huge thing to gel with. Mind you that the princeton is a beautiful set when run correctly but truth is, in training camp with new players getting together (different personalities as well) nash kobe and howard and even pau, its not that easy to learn such an offense in quick period of time. Add on the fact that ur changing the mentality of the team. Why was Nash even brought to the team in the first place? Because he was potentially bringing back Showtime Lakers 2.0 so to speak. People forget that Nash was playing at an All Star level in the year before Lakers got him. He beautifully managed the Phx Suns with high octane offense and was extremely healthy for a guy of that age (38-39yrs). He was playing phenomenal, even with a subpar phx team, avging 10 or more assists and scoring about 14ppg. He made Gortat look like a star along with washed away veteran Michel Redd. He made everyone around him look good, he was even in the all star game that year. Nash played at a really high level that season, garnering plenty of double doubles and shooting at an impressive percentage so Laker fans need to stop disrespecting and bashing at wrong areas. You cant bleed purple and gold and be so ignorant, thats not Laker nation like. Nash had a FREAK accident, 2nd game of his season with the lakers (vs portland, crashing with Lillard), and that pretty much changed his career. Add on the fact that Lakers already seemed a bit hazy with the princeton in their first game of that season, and 2nd game u have ur perennial point guard who plays at a high level gone, and now its back again all on Kobes shoulder yet again. Plus you have Howard who was coping with recovery regarding his back, and ppl bashing him for his attitude – granted that it wasnt the most appealing, but u gotta understand the difficulty of entering a new team, new players, new (and very strategic offense). Brown clearly didnt do the best job with adding princeton – i mean why would u even bring such an offense when u have nash leading the way and do what he does best. Within 10 games he gets fired and enter MDA, he gets a plate full of injured players. He was brought in because the man who would run his offense (nash) was expected to miss just a few weeks and when nash would recover, they could ignite the winning combo they had. If nash wouldve been ruled out for the season the moment he broke his leg, who knows, a diff coach couldve been chosen. MDA had injured players on the roster, new offense (free uptempo going) but had to work with it with no training camp. So many players getting injured just not enough bodies were consistent enough to form an identity. Heck the starting five didnt play enough times together while healthy to even realize the potential they brought. MDA did a decent job, even HOF Shaq mentioned it multiple times how MDA is a great easy coach, and some fans still question MDA. Yea he may not be phil and work out egos with Kobe and Dwight, but hes still a good coach, he had his ups and downs with the knicks and never had the best luck there either. He and nash revolutionized nba with 7 secs or less so u need to gvie some credit there. Also just adding on that MDA and Kobe actually were known to have a good relationship and go back from their days in Italy- another reason why he seemed a good fit. Of course not choosing Phil is impossible to neglect but that goes down with Laker management. No one can deny that, but when Nash got to la la land, ppl were celebrating and smelling rings, then not too long after, dwight was landed in la and expectations were off the roof, now so many injury plagues and an extremely wrong offense to start that team (princeton) egos, coaches, management- all that happens and fans just use MDA as a scapegoat? Come on now, ignorance is truly bliss

  • T

    Bring in Coach Mike Krzyzewski!!!

    • hookedonnews

      I could never spell that name. Don’t think he’s interested in coaching in the NBA.

      • Chrmngblly

        You ARE a Butt-Kisser, hook…..:-)

        • hookedonnews

          I thought you were going to get some help with that fixation.

  • proamerica

    Mike Brown Had a record of Success with the Browns. Oh, I get it, it is the Cavaliers.

    He had one Star….and a bunch of bozos running around.

    Best Records a few times, plus a trip to the finals. But, they could play defense.

    Th 2012 Lakers were all a collection of old players past prime who could not even play defense.

    Mitch admitted that they switch the coach and brought Nash in as a Hail Marry somehow it might fluke into a championship.

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