Steve Nash Returns, Lakers Beat Warriors in Oakland

Steve Nash Returns, Lakers Beat Warriors in Oakland


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State WarriorsOn Saturday night, the Lakers visited Oracle Arena to take on the hot Warriors in a tough road contest. The Lakers crushed the Warriors earlier in the season in their first game under Bernie Bickerstaff. This game against a quality road opponent found in the Warriors was a good measuring stick in testing how ready the Lakers truly were to make a championship run.

Steve Nash Returns: The signature headline prior to the game was the return of Steve Nash. The hall of fame point guard’s much anticipated return came after the 38 year old missed 24 games and last played on Halloween night in Portland. The Lakers openly banked on his return during their prior struggles and tonight would show how much Nash really could help the offense.

First Quarter

Mike D’Antoni continued to tweak the starting lineup as he came out with Steve Nash at point guard, Darius Morris at shooting guard, Kobe at small forward, Pau Gasol at power forward and Dwight Howard at center. D’Antoni planned to bring World Peace off the bench because of how much energy the small forward brings on a nightly basis. Darius Morris got the nod to start for defensive purposes.

Both teams came out firing but failed to avoid sloppy offensive play. Every move one team made, the other was quick to counter. With the Lakers trailing seven to four, Steve Nash made his first basket—a three point field goal to tie the game. Dwight got in early foul trouble with two early ones as well as a technical and was forced to leave the game only five minutes into the first. World Peace was once again a catalyst as he helped the Lakers notch together a 6-0 run which included an incredible alley-oop from Steve Nash to Pau.

Jodie Meeks and World Peace quickly got hot from the outside while Kobe was off to a relatively slow start. Jordan Hill, or “Mr. Activity” provided the Lakers with a few vital extra possessions that helped them claim a 31-27 lead after one.

Second Quarter

A young team like the Warriors typically has a strong second quarter filled with energy, making it important for the Lakers to play smart basketball. Just three and a half minutes into the second period, the Lakers were already forced to call a timeout after Jarrett Jack single-handedly tied the game off of Laker turnovers. Dwight Howard continued to struggle on the inside, frustrated by constant pressure from the Warriors.

Steve Nash returned from the game but the Lakers continued to struggle offensively. The Warriors immediately broke them down defensively and a three pointer from Klay Thompson put the Warriors back up by three. The Lakers went right back inside and Dwight drew a foul but only made one free throw.  As Dwight picked up his third foul on the ensuing possession, the energy of the Warriors seemed to overwhelm the Lakers.

As Jarrett Jack continued to burn the Lakers with his speed, Steve Nash continued to direct the offense towards the paint. As the Lakers practically couldn’t buy a bucket, the Warriors soon stretched their own lead to five. Clearly pumped up, Jack continued to drain shots as the Lakers seemed to labor for every bucket. Steve Nash soon found a wide open Bryant for three.  Kobe started to heat up and soon knotted the game at 47. A perfectly executed pick and roll between Nash and Hill was answered once again by a bucket from Jarrett Jack. A quick 12-0 by the Warriors spurred by Thompson soon had the Warriors up by 10.

Poor defense from the Lakers at the end of the half had the Warriors leading 61-53.

Third Quarter

The Lakers came out looking to trim the Warrior lead and keep Dwight in the game. The two teams battled back and forth for the first few minutes as the Warriors maintained their lead. As Kobe continued to hoist up shots, the Warriors answered with the quickness of their guards. The Lakers were inconsistent on offense: while at one moment they moved the ball the next play they looked like an isolation team. By the time Jarrett Jack came into the game, the Warriors held a ten point lead.

With the Lakers desperate for a run, Kobe found Pau under the basket for a shot and the foul. After Pau converted the free throw, the Lakers had the Warrior need down to seven and desperately needed stops. Outmatched in energy, the Lakers continued to struggle defensively as Jarrett Jack burned them again. After Kobe picked up his fourth foul the Warriors soon had the lead up to 13. The Lakers answered with an emphatic dump from Kobe off an alley oop from Nash.

As Kobe continued to struggle, the Lakers trailed by double digits as the Warriors simply couldn’t miss. Four fouls on Bryant, Howard, and Gasol  did not help the Laker cause either. After three, the Lakers continued to play sloppily on both ends of the floor as the Warriors led 87-74.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers entered the final period with the seemingly impossible task of overcoming a double digit deficit against a quality team on the road. The Lakers had so far been plagued by foul trouble most notably to Dwight Howard. Twelve mere seconds into the fourth quarter, Dwight picked up his fifth foul. D’Antoni, however, made the decision to keep him on the floor and Metta soon cut the Warrior lead to twelve.

Poor rotations continued to hurt the Lakers and prevent them from coming back into the game. On one play, as Dwight rotated for help no Laker filled in his spot leaving the Warriors an easy dunk.

A pretty move from Dwight was followed by good defense and a jumper from Jordan Hill. All of a sudden, a 9-2 Laker run had them down only eight.  A thunderous putback from Jordan Hill emphatically had the Lakers down only six. A miss from Thompson led to a Laker score from world peace and the score was 90-86. With the tables turned, the Lakers were now the hustling team. With yet another Warrior turnover, the Lakers continued to pound the ball inside when Kobe replaced World Peace with 7 minutes to go. Kobe then scored on a dunk after a backdoor feed from Howard to cut the lead to two before Kobe picked up his fifth foul.

As Jarrett Jack continued to burn the Lakers, Jordan Hill continued to hustle for the Lakers on the glass. Both Kobe and Dwight were forced to play cautiously, one foul away from elimination. After a three from rookie Harrison Barnes put the Warriors up 7, D’Antoni called a timeout with just under six minutes to go.

With a mini-run of their own, the Lakers were back down by three with a Howard alley oop. A clutch triple from Bryant tied the game at 95 with 4:27 to go. Another clutch triple from Jodie Meeks gave the Lakers the lead. Jarrett Jack answered for the Warriors in this back and forth battle. A putback dunk by Harrison Barnes had the Warriors up by four. After Steve Nash found Dwight on a slip screen Howard was put at the line with 2:27 to go. Howard knocked down both clutch free throws to make it a two point game. A Warrior turnover was answered by a Nash three pointer to give the Lakers the lead. With one minute to go, Kobe hit a clutch jumper to put the Lakers up 105-104. David Lee answered with a bucket of his own as this thriller went down to the wire.  The Lakers, with the familiar “Beat L.A.” chant ringing in their ears went to Metta for three. As Metta drilled the clutch jumper, the Lakers held a 108-106 lead with 24 seconds to go. Jarrett Jack promptly tied the game with a clutch pull up jumper leaving the Lakers with a tied game and the ball as 14.9 seconds remained. With the final play, the Lakers went to Kobe, who’s jumper drew iron as the game headed to overtime.


The Lakers started off the overtime period with an ugly offensive possession bailed out by a Howard putback dunk. Nash found Bryant on the next play giving the Lakers vital momentum to star the period. Another Golden State miss had the crowd frustrated and restless. The young Warrior team was melting under pressure, as rookie Festus Ezeli turned the ball over yet again. The Lakers, however failed to turn this into points as Jarrett Jack scored to make it a two point game. The screen and roll between Howard and Nash ended up giving Bryant an open jumper, which he promptly knocked down. As the two teams battled back and forth, Klay Thompson hit a clutch baseline jumper. A missed layup by Thompson for the tie led led to a clutch signature baseline fadeaway from the left side for Kobe.

The Lakers held the ball and a four point lead with one mine to go when Kobe missed and the Warriors drained a three on the break, Steve Nash then calmly drained a one leg fade away and the Warriors trailed by three with 16 seconds to go. After Dwight Howard took an ill-advised foul and fouled out of the game, the Warriors called timeout with eight seconds to go. Golden State’s game tying three point attempt taken by Curry hit back iron.

In Steve Nash’s return, the Lakers made a valiant comeback and won on the road in a thriller despite Jarrett Jack’s incredible game.

  • joe23

    still bryant took many shot and forced the shot, he still want to score 30+ so frustrating…

    • Paulo Cesar Ceglia

      kobe decided the game, again. He is our strong star and is shining this season.

    • trolol4life

      Shut up with your Kobe whining, it’s annoying! You don’t like it gtfo out this website and go cheer for another team.

    • Michael

      Of course he wants to score 30. He’s a franchise player, and a legend at the Shooting Guard position. Let me emphasize “SHOOTING” in “Shooting Guard”. Someone who’s been an All-Star most of his career, has snagged an MVP, breaks records and will be in the Hall of Fame and is perpetually in the G.O.A.T. discussion with MJ, LBJ, and the other legends of past years is going to take his shots. And he’s having one of his best years statistically, and is a bit more efficient with his FG% then in some years this season. What kind of Shooting Guard with that resume doesn’t want to score 30? So just stop please. The Clippers have won 12 straight playing team ball if that is more your style.

      • Daryl Peek

        The thing that Kobe first fans don’t realize is that the comeback the team started tonight was with Kobe on the bench. Emphsis on TEAM play! I’m not saying we don’t need Kobe but we could use less bad shots by him, as seen on TV in the comeback.


          Emphasis on the entire game as in the last 2+ years… What Gasol first fans don’t realize and the Lakers don’t need is Gasol’s overall performance bringing more to the opposition than what he brings to the Lakers cause: the proof is in the pudding and is more than obvious to the slightest of any educated fan.

          • JohnC

            Pau’s contribution is not just numbers: numbers are ok for fans and t-shirt sales. But for any coach the set of screens, ball movement, empty spaces + then numbers: rebounds, assists, points. Pau or Nash are among the players making the team and teammates better. Besides, give him the opportunity of 41 shots in a game (like Kobe tonight) and LA will score more than 118… or yeah: trade Pau. Send him to Minnesota. And you’ll have a new title contender + a weaker LA:


            Obviously, you are oblivious to the outrageous number of times;
            he gets stripped of the ball and within such a wide range of different scenarios… his tendency to fumble the ball is why teams go on such easy fast breaks upon him getting stripped, time and time again…
            The guy has lady hands and avoids contact to the detriment of the team; for every decent pass he makes, he passes up good shots, overpassing, and putting other players in a tough position with the shot clock running down…

            He’s listed at 250 lbs. but seems to play more like 150 lbs. He regularly gets moved or pushed out of position and made irrelevant, time and time again…
            I for one, can’t wait to see him flourish in another uniform, he’s a nice guy, and I like him as a person, but the Lakers are no longer winning anything with this nice guy playing meaningful minutes.

        • Michael

          Well obviously I’m not a Kobe first fan. That’s stupid. But it’s equally stupid to blame the losses on Kobe.

          Kobe is going to try to get good numbers, and it should be downright obvious by looking at the numbers those days where he did score 30+ and the Lakers lost, the rest of the team weren’t contributing. Team ball hasn’t always worked on this team. So Kobe tried to slow the bleeding. This isn’t just my opinion. The professionals say so as well.

          I’m all for the rest of the team putting up good numbers. I want D12 averaging 20 and 10. I want MWP averaging 15 PPG. I want Gasol to contribute. But it makes no sense to blame Kobe for trying to get points when the score is what wins games and other guys aren’t scoring.

        • Tired of Kobe

          I ain’t blaming losses on Kobe but he makes it unbearable to watch Laker games! They say Kobe shoots so much because he doesn’t trust his teammate’s?? What did Kobe shoot last night? Under 40%? It looks like his teammate’s should stop trusting him. I am a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and this dude makes it about himself all the time. I was hoping they would stop passing him the ball because other players were much more efficient than Kobe. He is the most selfish player in the history of sports! Not just the history of basketball but of all sports! This dude has Allen Iverson beat! I’m just tired of everyone making excuses for him and wish he could pass the ball sometimes instead of forcing up shots. I know of all his accomplishments and i do think he is a great player but sometimes he needs to just pass the ball. I was relieved when Nash shot the ball at the top of the key to put them up by 3 in O.T rather than passing it to an open Kobe behind the 3 point line. KOBE PASS THE BALL!!! I’m just saying


      trolol4life is absolutely right… Go follow Cleveland’s poster child; Chris Brousard and his insider BS crap… naive fans such as you are like sheep being led to the slaughter by this Kobe Hater/ Lebron Lover.

      • ARealisticLALfan

        Broussard has always hated the Lakers, and his sources are usually full of shit.

      • Michael

        The f…???? lol

  • lakers_824

    Steve makes a huge diff jus being on the court the only thing if like to see now is for kobe to shoot under 20 shots and for jamison to get into the rotation cuz i noe he can contribute

  • Jaster7

    This is why they shouldn’t trade Jordan Hill. Great to see Nash back!

  • Wayne Nagata

    Dantoni’s rotation still sucks. and Kobe and the crew pulled the win off
    regardless of the awkward substitutions.


    How many free throws was Kobe credited with ??? …technically speaking, NONE! …Many of those shot attempts that kobe took should have turned into free throws attempts, but these *&^%$#@! refs decided to swallow their whistle whenever Kobe got hacked…

    What will never change is the way Pau Gasol plays for this team… the same way he’s played for the last 2+ years for this team… He plays with no grit, no heart, and is the weakest link to a Lakers’ Championship.

    • Rasheed

      Go back and look at video clips specifically on Pau. “No grit, no heart, weakest link”, these baseless accusations are not acceptable. Lakers don’t give him enough touches yet he will willing to contribute as much as possible. Kobe has his agenda on MVP ladder. Pau is suffering because of that and coach not utilizing him to his potential. Despite all this, he is doing his best.

      I can’t believe who are these people gave you 4 likes and for what? Probably has to do with Kobe not getting FT attempts. I agree with this. Refs were bias.

      Lakers Vs Bobcats: Pau performace…your so called “no grit, no heart, weakest link.”
      1st quarter:
      8:02 Pau passes the ball to KObe. Kobe scores. (Bob 16/11 LAL)
      3:50 Meek air balls 3-pointer. Pau get the ball and passes to MWP. MWP SCORES 3POINTS.
      2:51 Pau blocks the shot.
      1:53 Pau gets the pass from Kobe (Pick n roll). Pau dunks the ball.
      1:11 Pau pass to Morris, Morris scores.
      50.2 Pau blocks twice. On the same play Kobe gives a bad pass. But Pau manages to get it and and score 37.2sec left in 1st quarter.


        You really need to get a clue, young fella


        You really need to get a clue, young fella

  • joe23

    gasol is slow, they should get rid of him, his trying to run to get back from transition D but can’t do it. Lee ball him out too. rather trade Gasol than Hill.

    • Prince

      You are an idiot, just stop already.

  • Prince

    Stfu most of you faker fans, when they lose you put so much blame on a loss. They are a new team and need time to play together! Stop with your fantasy trades they arent listening to you, your not a gm for a reason.

  • Leo

    Great game! Lakers came back when Kobe sit on the bench in the fourth… He should stop chasing Jerry West an Kareem with volume shooting, that hurts the team. MWP has been playing like mvp of this team lately. His effort is adorable. Jordan Hill is of great value, do not trade him. His energy is twice as high as of Gasols. Pau is still tired, should play less minutes with Jordan Hill replacing him. Go lakers!

  • Rasheed

    Welcome back Nash!
    Nash hits critical shots at crunch time.
    Lakers need fine tuning and it will have to come from Kobe. Kobe can make this team better as well.

  • hookedonnews

    Nash looked like he had never missed a game. It’s still a work in progress, but the team looks totally different with Nash at the controls. Hopefully Kobe will be putting up fewer than 41 shots as he becomes more confident in his teammates ability to play in this offense. The officiating was terrible, but what else is new? Great to see Dwight make those 2 FTs in 4th quarter. Gasol looked better, but I don’t really like running the offense through him. I want to see the ball in the hands of Steve Nash most of the time. MWP and Hill played great. Defense still needs improvement, but foul trouble didn’t help. Important thing–we won. Looking for more of the same on Christmas Day.

  • Crystal

    Best game this season so far. I hated how every time the Lakers would trim the lead, the Warriors would extend the lead because a lack of defense on the other end. But, I love how the Lakers rallied back and came back to win. Very proud of their effort and it was great to see Nash back. Even though Kobe didn’t shoot that well, he came up big like always. Metta & Hill (who continues to prove why he should NOT be traded) were key players as well. For the most part, everyone contributed and did what they had to do to get the win.
    I knew it would take time for the team to gel. And the best is yet to come. I wish them all the best throughout the season. GO LAKERS!!